Spoiler Rate iMPACT 1/30/15

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 31, 2015.

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  1. You know the drill here. Vote above and give your thoughts below!

    Full Results here:

    * Bobby Roode kicks off the show. He has the World Heavyweight Title belt and admits it doesn't belong to him. He talks about how important the title is, how it was stolen from him and he wants revenge against Eric Young. Roode calls out Bobby Lashley and wants to settle it like men. Roode doesn't blame Lashley for any of this. Roode offers to give the belt back but wants a rematch. Lashley agrees and calls for a referee. Instead, Austin Aries comes out with a briefcase. Aries debates on cashing in his case but out comes MVP. MVP wants a title shot. Lashley agrees to put the title on the line against anyone tonight.

    * Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne vs. Taryn Terrell for the Knockouts Title is next. Taryn retained. It was noted that Taryn has received weak pops every night this week but got a better reaction after her win tonight.

    * Jeremy Borash comes to the ring and says we have a special visitor - Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer comes to the ring and calls out Eric Young. Young says this is none of Dreamer's business. Young says Dreamer is full of BS and goes into their history on the road together. Dreamer tells EY not to burn bridges. EY calls him a fat loser from New York. Those are fighting words and Dreamer takes off his jacket for a fight. EY snaps and hits Dreamer with a piledriver. He attacks a fan at ringside and takes his chair. EY goes to hit Dreamer with the chair but Roode makes the save. EY ends up hitting the kid at ringside again and then runs away.

    * Jeff Hardy vs Abyss in Monster's Ball is next. They start off fighting in the crowd. Hardy uses a chair and they brawl around the ring. Hardy tried jumping over the top rope off a steel chair but crashed into a table instead of Abyss. Hardy goes for a Swanton but The Revolution comes out. They attack Hardy. Matt Hardy makes the save but gets beat down. The Wolves run out next to clean house. Hardy finally sunset flips Abyss from the top rope onto thumbtacks. Hardy hits a Swanton for the win. James Storm was upset afterwards and slapped Abyss around some. Abyss did nothing in return and they walked to the back.

    * Mark Andrews and Rockstar Spud vs. Tyrus and Ethan Carter III doesn't happen as EC3 brings out The BroMans as his replacements. Andrews gets the win for his team with a Shooting Star Press. Tyrus and EC3 attack after the match. Ethan announces Spud vs. Tyrus for Lockdown.

    * Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries vs. MVP vs. Bobby Lashley for the World Title is next. It starts with MVP getting beat up by all three before turning into every man for himself. EY comes out and attacks Roode while the referee isn't looking. EY leaves as Roode is left laying. Aries goes for a dive but Lashley spears him to retain the title. After the match, The BDC come out and attack Roode, Aries and Lashley. Gunner and Kurt Angle make the save. Team Angle vs. The BDC is announced for Lockdown. Lashley turns down the team invite and says he will never team with Angle. Lashley leaves to end this episode.

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0130/589038/spoilers-tna-impact-wrestling-results/
  2. It was a solid episode. 6/10

    - The openning segment featuring Roode, Lashley and Aries was alright. I'm so freakin' glad the BDC weren't the ones to kick off the show.

    - Taryntits vs Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne for the KO title was decent for what it was, I guess.

    - Magnus/Bram segment was fine. Looking forward to seeing the babyface Magnus back.

    - Jeff Hardy vs Abyss in a Monster's Ball was a decent match.

    - Spud & Mandrews vs The BroMans was too short, but quite fun to watch.

    - Lashley vs Roode vs Aries vs MVP was pretty damn good.

    - Dreamer/EY segment bored the hell outta me.
  3. Rockstar Spud vs Tyrus at Lockdown, LETS GO SPUD!
  4. Why on earth is Dreamer still on TV? I mean, I get that he was able to job to EY, make him look like a more vicious heel but then again, Dreamer being on Impact so many times is a bit... bad. I hope they develop a few more of their midcard guys so they can job a bit, like Tigre Uno, but still be somewhat relevant and actually have a character.
  5. TNA sucks and Taryn not getting huge pops doesnt mean shit when NO ONE pops for shit in the crowd.
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    That crowd in Bethlehem was by far the most dull crowd I've heard/seen on a TNA show.

    Hopefully the ones from the UK tapings are gonna be good.
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  7. Judging by the crowds in the UK tour at 3 venues, it will be electric. They will probably also push all of the guys from the UK, so there will be epic pops and everything. Orlando needs to step it up and make sure they can keep momentum.
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