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  1. Overall a solid show from me bar the knockouts, they were terribad. The opening promo was good, especially Aries. Roode's announcement was another solid promo, AJ and Daniels tore it up and the Clair thing was minimal finally the main event was solid also, Jeff picking up the win the way he did was pretty cool and Bully was great pointing the fingers at Storm.

    I'd give it a 7/10 solid show as said before.
  2. It was my first iMPACT viewing and I was very impressed, It was not what I expected. I really liked the opening promo. The match between AJ & Daniels was the best thing of the night. (Apart from Brooke Hogan falling over), I don't know much about the Aces and Eights, but now I know James Storm isn't working with them. The Knockouts match was a let down, and Madison Rayne speaking on the mic is enough to make me click mute.

    I really enjoyed my first iMPACT show, and I'm sure I'll watch next week.

    A very positive 7.5/10.
  3. Will watch the rest when I can. So far from what I saw it was an entertaining Impact Wrestling, I'll give it a 7/10 right now, after I watch the rest I'll give it a final rating.
  4. Gotta agree with Punk above, 5.5. Usually this would be a 7.5 show (solid and entertaining throughout but forgettable) but that disasterous Knockouts segment drags it down at least 2 points. (I typed a big long rant here, but really, what's the point?)

    There weren't any good matches (Styles/Daniels was subpar by their standards) but they all accomplished something, so you can't take any points away for that. Take a hint, WWE. Magnus's burial has resulted in him getting really frustrated and he's about to lose his mind, good. His character has direction. The Aces and Eights have revealed that they aren't tied to Storm, about damn time... And finally, FINALLY, there is the light at the end of the tunnel, the Claire Lynch storyline is ending soon!

  5. Agree with all of this, though I'll put it to a 6.5. I think it's too soon in aces and eights story for all the superstars to suddenly merge together to fight them, that's lazy booking imo. Also, Hogan is returning next week to also help "fight them" so I'm preparing for a 2/10 episode.
  6. I skipped over the KOs match. Who cares if a 5 minute KO match was bad? Taking 2 rating points off for that?

    I knew you would be pissed about H Double coming back though
  7. I will give this show a 7/10 just for bully ray alone :emoji_grin:
  8. I like your style, and he has a funny accent. :obama:
  9. Naturally so. I was just getting into aces and eights as well.
  10. Figured there will be a swerve next week, every time Aces and Eights showed up they haven't shown up. There may be a massive brawl or something, but there's not going to be a full-on-match. No way.

    If there's one thing TNA needs to do, they need to figure out what they want to hype up. Hyping up the return of a 70-year-old man who can barely walk, much less fight, as someone to fight off the Aces and Eights? No. Hogan's not even drawing ratings!

    Dolph's, I expected the KO's segment to be bad, so that probably wouldn't have affected the ratings so much, but I sure as hell didn't see TNA pulling that level of idiocy off. This was the payoff to the Earl Hefner storyline?
  11. I've never given two shits about the Hebner storyline so it didn't really bother me.
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