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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Lacky, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Well what would you rate the 18-10-2012 (tonights) edition of iMPACT?
  2. It was alright.. 7/10
  3. Perfectly OK episode. Featured a lots of good matches and overall was an entertaining show. TNA is on a role. 7.5/10
  4. Solid show. Nothing special, but fun to watch. Lightyears better than RAW/SD. 7/10.
  5. Completely agree.
  6. Wasn't that great. Hated when Hardy was on the mic though with the cheesy "Man it feels good to be in the Impact Zone!" I was tempted to change but knew Aries would come out. Same as others 7/10.
  7. Yeah Hardy's promo work is sadly never going to improve. And the part you mentioned felt so cringeworthy.
  8. His heel mic work was tremendous in 2010 though. Very cool promos. His sucks as a face, but has had some nice lines to Angle earlier this year and to Aries when he said "My nuts hurt" lol.
  9. I was underwhelmed by it. Maybe 4.5 or 5/10

    Aries was great, Bully was great, Joe was good, triple threat was fun... but I wasn't feeling Sting/Devon getting so much time to end the show or the brawl to end it. Wasn't feeling Hardy. Not feeling Team Chalupa. No Kaz : (. Storm/Roode was a little meh as well.

    Watchable, but not memorable or all that fun really.
  10. Went back and watched this, fully expected a terrible show like most post-BFG episodes. But this wasn't bad.

    Heel Devon is awesome, Joe looked like a monster with a squash that accomplished something (take a hint, WWE), Good tag match, Aries being a smart heel, there's a storyline dedicated to the smart-marks, and Storm and Roode mic time. Oh, and Joseph Park still exists. (Btw, him breaking those handcuffs and running after dude was a mark-out moment)

    Then again, there's the Aces and Eights still existing, the Knockouts still existing, Jeff Hardy bringing back his ugly ass title belt, and virtually no story progression at all. And we get 2 BFG Rematches next week... yay?

    Giving it a 5.5/10 since this should have been better, but the good still outweighed the bad.
  11. Now this is called HQ poster. :testify:
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