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  1. Post your ratings and opinions about this week's Impact in this thread.
  2. Really enjoyed about 80% of the show.

  3. I know it is just another power struggle angle in TNA which is like all they do, but I actually love the build for Team Roode vs Team MVP. The Aries recruitment was all great stuff. Love Gunner still. No Dixie was mint. Just a couple spots of filler like EC3 or Joe's pointless matches, but outside of that everything felt on point and was entertaining.

    One angle I wish they would kill with fire is Samuel Shaw in his Dexter outfit. Now Anderson is stuck feuding with him? Lame as fuck.

  4. Giving this one a 7. Looking back on most of the segments I just kinda say "eww", but it was a fun show to sit through and watch.
    Isn't that what matters?

    The biggest beef I have was with Bad Bones. That dude put on a really nice match with Daniels on Xplosion and showed that he's got a ton of ability, then he debuts after winning a fan vote just to get a nice hearty slice of death with extra murder. Where was Rob Terry during this?

    Best part of the show? It opening with Tenay saying "Dixie Carter is not here tonight". :yay:
  5. It's weird, EC3 is starting to grow on me.. Idk.. I never would've thought..

    Overall I give the show: 7.5/10
    I liked it, the recruiting segments for Austin Aries were pretty good and well placed.

    bahaha! I said the same thing.. "is this dude supposed to be Dexter?"
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