Rate iMPACT 20-09-2012

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Lacky, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. 6.0/10 for me.


    - Tara / Tessmacher build up for B.F.G
    - Roode & Storm
    - Angle and AJ vs Chavo and Hernandez


    Too much Hogan.
    Didn't like the Gut Check Match
  2. illl give it a 7


    bully ray winning dirty >=)
    aries bully and roode owning the crowd XD
    park looking like a psycho


    :hmm: not sure i guess too much hogan

    cant think of much else
  3. I was on the phone for quite a bit of the show. Even though she was watching iMPACT, as well, I just can't focus on it as well when I'm occupied on the phone at the same time. So I was a bit distracted and can't provide a fully accurate rating.

    I'll go with ..... 6.5 / 10. That may be too generous or may be a bit lower than it "should" be, really not sure. Just based on what all I saw and the gist of everything else I got, it was a great show, good matches, etc. Loving TNA.
  4. Probably not fair that I rate these due to the fact I don't watch them regularly, but I'd give that a 7. Really enjoyed Roode/Storm and Aries Bully at the end. Not sure what Bully beating Aries means but I did mark for it, not sure if it was just a way to get the whole Aries can't do what Jeff can thing or whether they intend on putting him in the title seen.

    Wasn't a massive fan of the Aces and Eights/Hogan thing. Think it was just the timing of it, but the segment coming on second last made it feel so out of place and random.

    Oh yeah and I enjoyed the tag team stuff at the start, even if the result was painfully predictable the second Kaz and Daniels walked out.
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