Spoiler Rate iMPACT 3/6/15

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  1. You know the drill, boys and gals. Vote above, give yer thoughts below!

    Full results here:

    This one gets started with some recaps and the Beat Down Clan's music commences. MVP comes out with his BDC bros and says he's tired of Drew Galloway horning in on his proverbial racket. After some more yelling and posturing, MVP calls on Drew Galloway to show himself. Drew finally shows up in the stands and says he's at home there because he's among pro wrestling fans, as opposed to those "sports entertainment" types. Kenny King says that Drew can either fight or the BDC will pay his family a little visit. Galloway says he'll fight King right now and it's apparently on like Donkey Kong…

    Drew Galloway vs. Kenny King

    Galloway steps in and King nails him with a dropkick. MVP is back in the ring before you know it and he joins in thumping Galloway. MVP slips out, leaving the two opponents to go at it. Galloway gets back on top, putting King down with a snap suplex. King slides outside, so Drew follows him and continues the fight on the floor. King returns fire with a kick to the gut and then rolls in to stop the count. The battle continues with some back and forth and a few impressive moves, including a high cradle suplex delivered by King. King gets a near fall but can't quite seal the deal . Drew hits the Future Shock and covers for the victory.

    Result: Drew Galloway defeats Kenny King via pinfall.

    After the match, Drew Galloway celebrates amongst the fans, out of the reach of the BDC.

    Commercials follow and then Bobby Roode strolls out and says he'll be the number-one contender after tonight. Kurt Angle emerges to beg Roode's pardon. He says it's go time and then Eric Young gets involved and they all start a-brawling. The row subsides and then we go backstage to see Bram and James Storm talking in the shadows. Looks like an alliance might be brewing.

    More commercials follow and then we get back to the ring.

    Matt Hardy vs. Bram

    Hardy scores some early points with a strong offense. Bram gets tossed outside and the fight continues on the floor. They make it back inside and exchange blows until Bram gets an advantage by chucking Matt on to a turnbuckle. Bram follows with a lateral press and a cover for a near-fall. Hardy dodges an elbow drop and stays in the fight, landing an elbow drop and a side effect. He covers after a moonsault but Bram kicks out and gets the pinfall after hitting a DDT.

    Result: Bram defeats Matt Hardy via pinfall.

    Post-match, Bram grabs a turnbuckle to do in Matt Hardy and Magnus runs in to break it up. Magnus knocks Bram for a loop and then grabs a mic and tells Bram the fight has just begin.

    Backstage, Rockstar Spud tells Ken Anderson that his feud with Ethan Carter III ends tonight. Commercial sign.

    The big program resumes with the news that Kenny King needed some medical attention after his bout with Galloway. Drew talks backstage about standing up for wrestling and then we get a recap of the Rockstar Spud/EC3 feud, featuring appearances by Mr. Anderson.

    Spud comes out and tells the fans that they've gotten him through some tough times over the past few months and he's ready to bring this chapter to a close. He calls out EC3 to the ring for a showdown. Spud says he wants to fight and Carter says Spud is just a little boy. Spud cuts EC3's rant short and assures Carter he's down for whatever. They agree to a hair vs. hair match in London.

    Knockouts title match: Taryn Terrell vs. Awesome Kong

    Terrell pulls a Cat Zingano and runs right at Kong from the bell. Kong tosses her for a loop and then dominates the match from there. She stomps Terrell in the corner and then clubs the champ in the brain with a flurry of forearms. Terrell mounts Kong on the corner and peppers her with punches to the head. Kong reels from the assault and Taryn capitalizes with a flying cross-body but Kong kicks out at one. Terrell struggles from there, missing a neckbreaker and absorbing a lot of punishment. Hebner tries to break up some of the fight on the ropes and Kong pushes him away, prompting Earl to call for the bell.

    Result: Taryn Terrell wins by DQ.

    After the match, Kong works Taryn over some more. Gail Kim comes out to reign it in but she ends up in her own fight with Kong. They fight all the way to the back. Despite the fact that there are cameras all over the place these days, TNA doesn't follow the fight any further.

    Tag title match: The Wolves vs. James Storm and Abyss

    Sanada, Manik and Khoya ambush The Wolves outside before the bell. The Wolves get rolled inside and are in no shape to compete but they ring the bell anyway. When things settle down, Storm squares off with Richards and then he tags in Abyss. Abyss continues the punishment and then brings storm back in. Eddie Edwards is out of action for a spell due to thanks to some extracurricular activity by Storm earlier in the bout. Davey tries to turn it around and eventually tags in Edwards who gets fired up and puts Storm down for a near-fall. Storm comes back and puts Eddie down with the same result. Matt Hardy emerges from the back to run interference on the Revolution guys outside. Storm puts Edwards down with a neckbreaker and brings Abyss back in who gets double-teamed by The Wolves. They go on to clean house on multiple sides of the ring with a series of suicide dives. Edwards and Storm end up inside and Sanada and Manik enter the ring to try and take out Edwards but their efforts fail. Abyss goes for the cowbell and Matt Hardy slips in and knocks him around while the ref isn't looking. The Wolves end up putting Abyss on the mat and Eddie covers for the win.

    Result: The Wolves defeat James Storm and Abyss to win the titles.

    Number-one contender's match: Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young

    The match doesn't officially start at first because Roode and Young start scrapping outside. All three guys make it inside and Angle and Roode briefly double-team Young. Then they circle the ring and go at each other as Roode quickly falls to a German suplex by Kurt. Roode strikes back and puts Angle down for a cover, which is broken up by Young. Young stays on Roode for a while, keeping Angle out of it by knocking him outside. Roode and Young battle for a lengthy stretch, ending up on the top rope in a corner. Angle sneaks in and takes them both down and then he zeroes in on Young, delivering 10 consecutive German suplexes. Roode injects himself into the fray, working Angle into a protracted crossface. Young breaks it up but pays for his actions with a spinebuster. Angle gets on top of things, putting EY in the ankle lock. After Young gets to the ropes, Roode falls to the ankle lock next but he doesn't tap. The ref is momentarily knocked aside and Young hits Bobby in the face with a chair. Angle lands an Angle slam and covers, getting the win.

    Result: Kurt Angle defeats Bobby Roode and Eric Young, earning a shot at Lashley for the title.

    After the bell, Lashley walks out to face down Kurt Angle as the show fades to black.

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0306/590111/tna-impact-wrestling/index.shtml
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  2. it's 3/6/15 you jabroni not 2/6/15

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  3. LOL, genuinely haven't noticed the date till you pointed it out now. Guess I'm still in the month of February.
  4. It was an okay and watchable episode for the most part. 5/10 for me.


    - Galloway vs King was alright.
    - Bram vs Matt Hardy was okay.
    - Magnus' promo was fine.
    - The Wolves vs Storm & Abyss was okay. Glad to see The Wolves as the tag champs again!
    - Angle vs Roode vs EY was solid.

    - The openning segment was meh.
    - Taryn vs Kong was meh, too short and it ended in a DQ.
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  5. EC3 and Spud are pure, pure gold. Whether allies or enemies they're my favorite part of the show always. I shed a tear when they broke up but this rivalry is so awesome.
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  6. Spud's promo on EC3 was the icing on the cake, and now I'm more excited for Spud vs EC3 in London than the main event of WrestleMania 31. Like, seriously - a year ago when WM30 ended, if you told me that I'd be more excited for Spud and EC3 than a Lesnar match at WrestleMania, I'd probably call you crazy. (Then again, it was a no brainer that Bryan would main event this one...)

    Magnus' promo on Bram was great and gotta admit, Magnus vs Bram is gonna likely be awesome and I'm loving the Magnus face push along with the several midcard rivalries behind Lashley, the BDC, Angle, Roode, EY and Aries. Speaking of that, apparently Destination America aired a spoiler promo where they teased Lashley vs Angle, which is hilariously bad. TNA and D-A need to fix that...

    Galloway's promo sounded good but then again it was a lot of the typical ex-WWE guy promo and I hope he gets more to his character, I can see him being a lot like CM Punk's "Voice of the Voiceless" thing. Oh, and he beat Kenny King who is so good at being a heel now. Makes me instantly like his opponent, he's that good at it. But Kenny needs to be a bigger part of the BDC going forward, especially with Joe leaving/gone.

    The Wolves being tag champs is good and hopefully this means The Revolution fix up and Storm could even let in Bram, leaving to Storm and Bram vs Magnus and tag team partner vs The Wolves at Slammiversary, perhaps. Get rid of Abyss, maybe (probably), and then turn Manik face. So the Revolution could be Storm, Bram, Sanada and Khoya with Manik being the face of the X-Division, because I think Manik has the potential to be a big face.

    Oh, and Matt Hardy vs Bram was surprisingly good despite it looking like one of those throwaway midcard matches to fill time and advance storylines.
  7. I ended up giving it a 6. I only got around to watching it this afternoon.

    I liked: Kenny King vs Drew Galloway was a decent match.

    Kong vs Taryn was a fun match until the bullcrap DQ. It was fun watching Kong just completely (wo)manhandle Terrell.

    The Kong and Gail Kim aftermath was awesome. I know I've seen these two wrestle many, many titimes but I still look forward to their future matches. These are two of the best women wrestlers in the world and definitely the two best in TNA.

    EC3 and Spud promo was very good.

    Wolves winning the title

    Angle number 1 contender

    I didn't like:

    The DQ in the Knockouts title match

    Tag title match

    Listening to MVP and the highly annoying BDC bullcrap.

    Everything else I was mainly indifferent to.
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  8. Yo Prince Balor can you do Rate NXT threads?

    Legit forgot TNA existed / 10

    GO SPUD GO / 10
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  9. I'll do it if he doesn't do it, I usually watch the show as it airs so I guess first come first serve.. didn't think anyone wanted it but I'm willing to contribute in that way too.
  10. Gladly, my brotha.

    Been meaning to do something like that for quite some time now, not only 'Rate NXT', but 'Rate ROH' threads, too.
    I wouldn't wanna see just 2 people replying to it (b/c 'Rate TNA' draws MILLIONS AND MILLIONS! lol) and perhaps the mods wouldn't like threads with only 2-3 replies cluttering around.
    But, we'll see.

    So yeah, I'll start doing it this week.

    Stay tuned.
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  11. I really like where they're going with EY. The main event scene in TNA is really solid right now. Better than I've seen it in years.
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  12. Drew vs Kenny, being a new match up and all, was really quite decent and helped put Drew over to the TNA audience as a legit threat. Kenny could do with a few wins, though.

    Matt vs Bram was actually better IMO, and Bram's finisher is quite cool.

    2 decent midcard matches, I hope TNA is able to do more like those. Helped to advance storylines and we hadn't seen them before.
  13. I wasn't sure about Drew in TNA, but it's very positive. I want him one day to be WWE champ. Being TNA champ, ROH champ, & maybe an IGPW reign before returning would really be nice for the old resume.

    Drew is a very special talent and deserves success. After all he IS THE FUCKING BUSINESS!! :emoji_slight_smile:
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