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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. Go ahead and make your ratings, this one's difficult. :cornette:
  2. 4/10 for the Main Event and Taryn/Gail. Hated the rest.
  3. 5/10 -

    Mainevent was enjoyable with the typical Hardy holy shit moment (The swanton plus his ending bump was very close to the ropes which made it look a bit riskier than it needed to be.)

    Joey Ryan being on TV and in a match even though he jobbed justifies a point.

    I dug the H2, AJ, Storm and Bad Influence stuff. It wasn't great but AJ walking out was interesting and I'm curious whether they'll have him wrestle (I hope not however)

    KO's was decent nothing outstanding but good enough

    The tag was decent but the wrong team went over so I'll give it a point for A doubles and Roode's fall.

    It wasn't terrible but far from great either, the ultimate meh show if you will.
  4. [​IMG] / 10

    (namely because Chavo :downer: )
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  5. 4/10

    Know why?
    Because fuck you, TNA, that's why. :tough:
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  6. :robbie:

    Never expected to hear those words from you :nogusta:
  7. Yeah, I'll agree. 4/10, could have been better.

    Good match to open the show, horrible outcome. Great match to end the show, potentially awesome outcome. AJ Styles took a step forward with Bad Influence, but the lack of ultimatum was a step back.

    TNA will get it together next week as Raw turns back to trash. As always. :pity:
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  8. You can tell you weren't in the discussion thread long then because after the Gut Check decision I just shat all over them. :haha: I would almost feel bad for it, but I mean really? So much excitement going into this show, and THAT sorry excuse of a show is what they deliver? Had a couple of good points, but man, so much of the show was subpar. Not anywhere near as good as it could -- or should -- have been.
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  9. Spoilers say no.
  10. Despite the fact it was the worst part of the show by a mile for me, I can understand why they've given Mexibores the straps. They're obviously needing big crowds in the next few months and with them regularly being around the Texas area, having Chavo as champ sadly kind of makes sense. Really gutted they are dropping the awesome Aries/Roode Angle, and that we won't get to see Bad Influence vs them :sad:

    But yeah, pretty average show - expected better. The main event was good enough, Hardy took a few sick spots as per usual, and the ending was pretty dangerous. Was absolutely hilarious when Bully fell through the table lmao. The rest was okay, although there was too much KO stuff. Ryan was great as usual, Park promos are always fun, I like the Matt Morgan/Hulk stuff and AJ Styles continues to be the best booked thing in wrestling(that I watch) atm.
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  11. Really? :damn: Can't really tell from spoilers, though.
  12. Ugh. This kills me too. :downer:
  13. The spoilers I read make it seem like a complete clusterfuck.
  14. Surely Bobby or Aries draw though? Both former world champions -- people are going to want to see them. Anyway, I thought it was terrible. A harsh 3/10 or a generous 4/10. You choose.
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  15. Rating for this episode: 3/10. I'm going below Bret Hart levels.
  16. They'll probably just move onto other things I imagine, I'd rather them further up the card than Chavo.
  17. inb4 D'Z and Testify give it a 7+/10
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  18. Meh, maybe. I despise Chavo as much as I do Taz and Tenay. The thought of having those three on every single impact automatically makes the show unable to reach a 10/10 rating.
  19. I enjoyed the episode and don't mind Chavo/Hernandez being tag champs. Sue me.

    To me Chavo and Hernandez are the super heels of the TNA Tag division for the IWC. I hate them, but it only makes me want to see them lose even more to either Bad Influence or Aries/Roode. And isn't that a heels job? To make you want to see them lose? You can't deny that they are over in most places TNA travels to, and there are certainly worse teams that could be the face team in that division.

    I think you all think the Chavo hate meme is fun and just take it and run. The match was entertaining despite the outcome, so for anyone to take an entertaining episode of impact and make it a 4/10 just because Chavo won? lol, to each their own
  20. Wasn't really that entertaining for me. Felt like nothing really happened.
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