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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. 1st thing: The IZ crowd owned Nashville by a longshot.

    Opening segment: Bobby Roode = good. Asshole comes out, sort of meh. Hardy comes out, super meh. Overall it was okay, thanks to Roode. It set up the main event so I guess it did it's job.

    Bully/Crimson vs Aries/Morgan... too WWE'ish. I hate the Heel A is feuding with Face A and Heel B is feuding with Face B so let's throw them in a tag match idea. 80% of the match comprised of Morgan getting beat up.. Aries finally gets the hot tag and he comes in and is booked like a power house.. it makes no sense.. he was pounding on Bully and pounding on Crimson. Huh? It was honestly the most bored I've ever been with Aries in the ring, because he wasn't being his usual cocky, explosive, entertaining self. He was just punching and throwing elbows and threw in one suicide dive. And of course, the match ended with a roll up. Meh.

    Garrett/AJ/Anderson/RVD/Flair segment- fuck

    Angle/AJ match- only TNA could botch a match between these two. First of all, they randomly cut to commercial in the middle of the match. They didn't throw to it or anything, the feed went black for a second, then commercials came on. They come back, and we find Daniels and Kaz are suddenly ringside. They distract AJ and Kurt gets, you guessed it, a roll up victory. AJ Looks disinterested in the loss and only cares about this 'secret envelope' that he took from Daniels. Who. Cares? Terrible shit

    Joseph Park talks to Gunner- YES YES YES. I'm a mark for this storyline. He showed a bit of an edge instead of the happy go lucky Joseph Park, and he is finally being pointed in Bully Ray's direction. Can't wait.

    All champions + HOgan in the ring- fuck. This 'open fight night' shit sounds god awful. Fuck it. 0/10

    8 KO tag match- I'll be honest, I didn't really pay too much attention. It looked okay for the most part I guess. Tessmacher wins via :shock: roll up

    Devon vs Gunner- finally, something I can get behind. The TV Title being defended every week on TV! Would I rather the belt be on someone like THE FUCKING POPE?? who is never used? Sure. But Devon is over in the IZ, in good shape, and is known by most wrestling fans, so I'm all for this. He went over clean on Gunner, who not that long ago was being pushed like God. So, maybe they will actually start to make this a real mid card belt, which is great IMO.

    Storm- bewildered promo. Very good stuff, but when doesn't Storm deliver on the mic?

    RVD/Hardy/Anderson- Not bad.. I guess. RVD goes over (VIA F U C K I N G ROLL UP) to set up a filler feud for Roode until Storm comes back into the picture to win the belt at Slammy. I guess I'm okay with that since it's a fresh feud as long as RVD is willing to put on a good match and not half ass it, which considering they just dusted him off for this feud and likely this feud only, I wouldn't bet on it.

    Rating: 3.5/10.
  2. 7/10

    The good:
    - Aries/Morgan vs. Crimson/Bully
    - Hogan announcement of OFN
    - Devon vs. Gunner
    - Opening Segment
    - James Storm promo
    - censoring the Bi****f name
    - Flair short and sweet promo

    The bad:
    - RVD in the main event
    - Garett Bischoff exsisting

    The questionable:
    - Angle/Styles
    - RVD actually winning the main event

    All in all, very satisfied.
  3. Crayo, I hope you read that. 7/10. You can stop calling ME the TNA mark now
  4. Yeah Crayo, read. Color me afraid. :matt:
  5. 7/10?? You are really drinking that kool aid. What was there to like about Bully/Crimson vs Aries/Morgan? The match fuck sucked, terribly booked. Opening segment wasn't anything worth a damn after Anderson and Hardy came out, of course Roode was good though. Storm's promo was good, can't deny that.

    I can't see how any of this adds up to a 7. I started to give it a 4 and thought that was way too high
  6. 7/10. The show was forgettable, but it did more good than bad. Impact was starting to get stale (nowhere close to WWE, but still) and them shaking things up really upped the grade for me.

    The good: Impact Zone crowd is the best in the US, Roode and Storm can't cut a bad promo if they tried (although Storm's was perplexing), Hogan as GM without feuding with anyone is working really well, they're shaking things up in the company, love the Open Fight Night idea and the TV Title defended every week, B*******, the Joseph Park angle appears to finally be going somewhere, no bad matches.

    And, most importantly, the Knockouts. The T n' A of TNA is back! They have to do something different in that division other than Madison/Mickie/Velvet, so a Tessmacher Title Shot would be great!

    The bad: WWE-style tag match, not just in the booking but in the match itself, an Angle/Styles match should never be used as a vehicle to progress a storyline, the AJ vs Daniels and Kaz storyline continuing. RVD getting a title shot, we'll see what happens.

    And... Garett Bischoff did his best Michael McGillicutty impersonation.

    Such a fail promo... Garett continues to prove he shouldn't be on TV. Neither should Flair, watching him at his age is just sad.
  7. So you guys are cool with 80% of the matches ending with roll ups? I'm shocked at the high grades you guys are giving the show
  8. This week, enough of the issues with the show were addressed that I'll give it a pass. But if it continues, I'll be right here bitching about it.
  9. lol it is far from a one week issue. TNA is obsessed with roll up finishes. They like them even more than ref bumps
  10. Glad I didn't watch this episode. Can't rate but woah, it'd be a >3.
  11. .97 rating this week, worst rating since the summer of 2010 when they just moved back from Monday Night. Nobody watched it. It was a skippable episode since you read the spoilers. Hogan isn't as big of an issue at least, he's doing more than just masturbating over himself.
  12. ::clears throat:: I believe I tried to tell you guys Hogan was going to be fine as the GM
  13. He's not fine at all. Get off TV Hogan and retire.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. How is he any different than any other GM in wrestling history? You are just a hater.

    Don't patronize me dick.
  16. Ironically, the lowest rating since 2010. And what happened that night in 2010? On the same exact date? RVD won the World Title. Now, he won the #1 contendership. Tough guess, huh? :ace:
  17. Major coincidence. Everyone knows RVD is the whole F'n show.
  18. So glad the ratings are low, blame Hogan.

    Why would they think RVD would draw though? Put AJ in the main event for god sake.
  19. AJ has been in the main event lol. He's no draw.
  20. No but he's entertaining.

    Fuck RVD.
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