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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Nobody, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. What say you WWEF universe?

    I'm giving it a 7/10, it was pretty damn good. Shorter matches, but they were all great in my book, and the betting with @Suici
  2. Thanks for my shoutout too, :lady:

    Episode was 8/10 I really like it. Shorter fast paced matches, It didn't seem to drag on like E' does. And that's why I like watching it. The BFG series has finally kicked off so we're in for a few months of top draw matches. Plus we got to see Roode which is always nice. :sandow:

    M.E.M has started, and recruited a new member, hopefully we'll see a couple more next week.
  3. 9/10. Brooke Hogan appearing is the reason I won't give this show a 10/10.
  4. 7/10 - Bully, Hulk, Brooke segments were dull. Some nice matches such as AJ / Joe, Aries / Bradley, Hardy / Roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (not as good as I'd hoped but good enough) and Magnus / Kaz, plus Kaz's promo put Magnus over nicely whilst being hilarious. Even Hernandez vs Daniels was pretty good, wasn't keen on the KO's address though, although the ladder match has me hyped and they've finally got rid of the tag straps. The Mafia segment was a bit dull for me and Kurt being brought in makes little sense given he could have helped Sting last time, although the Godfather kind of had to be in. Next week judging from the spoilers looks better.
  5. 6/10

    Could've been much better show, but it was good overall. BFGS matches mostly delivered and right guys won, except for the main event and that jerkoff Jeff Hardy, but whatever I guess. He ain't winning the Series so that has me calm.

    Wierd opening segment, mostly because Hardy has terrible mic skills and stupid timing, not to mention "deep" choice of words for his promos.

    Good overall, just good.
  6. Do your sources at TeflonTest.Com predict a better show next week? :isee:
  7. 8/10. I loved the matches that took place, all were great. I like what they're doing as far as storlylines go. Oh and dat new Mafia theme. :yay:
  8. MEM is back baby! Sting, Angle, who'll be the next?! (I know who will be the next but I won't spoil the next show)
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  9. Well, in these past 3 months of TNA being on the road, for me, the taped shows have been mostly better than live shows, so I guess next week's show will continue that pattern.

    And btw, where have you been, welcome back jack.[​IMG]
  10. I'm curious, I predicted Angle as the first member and was correct.
  11. Who would you say is going to be the next one?

  12. - Couldn't access the forum regularly because I didn't have my laptop for a couple of months, and mobile browsing sucks. But I have my laptop, and I'm back, Brother. Dude. Jack. Hulkamania gonna' run wild all over this forum brother!
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  13. I'd give it a 6.8/10,the matches were good,but, Hardy going over Roode was completely pointless. Also,loosing the final bet was a downer,now I have to rock this gay ass sig for a week.
  14. Eh, I guess I'll predict Hardy.
  15. Ugh, lets hope that doesn't happen!
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  16. It's not Hardy. He comes from an isle
  17. Eh can we keep spoilers out of here, I know you're hinting but you're probably making it too obvious lol.
  18. I said I wouldn't spoil. You said it. Also yeah, maybe it's just too obvious but it can be at least two guys. Tune next week to know who will be
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  19. 6.5/10. This'll be the episode Crayo uses to explain his opinion on the TNA Product
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