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  1. 7/10

    Hardy vs. Kazarian was pretty hot, OK match.
    ODB vs. Gail 2/3 falls was fine enough.
    Styles vs. Roode was good with a surprising finish.
    Aries vs. Daniels in a main event was very good, stiff match.

    Bully Ray promo? Good.
    AJ Styles promo? Good.
    Daniels-Aries backstage? Greatness!

    HULK HOGAN PROMO? Holy fuck, two terrible mistakes made by him and a terrible rambling all the way. He also said "at the end of the day" for FOUR fucking times.
  2. Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe without the thread I was more prone to overanalyzing things, but really felt like a TNA hater this week. The show just had an air of apathy around it.

    Rant alert.
    Show Spoiler

    It's important to open the show with something hot... and this time the show opened with a close-up on Tessmacher's ass. I appreciate that. :gusta: Anywho, was great to hear little heel commentary from Taz in the first hour (more on that, trust me) so it was refreshing to hear shit commentary instead of dog shit commentary. Also there was a really good crowd outside of the one bitch behind the camera shrieking all annoyingly. She can stick a sock in it, the rest of this crowd Cleveland should be proud of.

    Obviously I groaned at the opening segment, dozed of as they talked about Devon, laughed at Garett trying to talk, etc. Then Bully namedropped Tito and Anderson lost his shit and the segment got awesome! They finally found a good use for the Aces and Eights: Looking like worthless jackasses that aren't worth Bully's time. Marked for the final four members of this group planning backstage to get their revenge... and it looks like Bully's finally away from this sinking ship. :yay: THANK YOU! Marked like crazy for this! Finally, this storyline is kinda over with! So my main complaint has been addressed. Shame the rest of the show has kinda-deteriorated around it.

    *Sigh* Holy crap did they ruin the BFG Series this year. Everyone feels like they're only at the top because of winning the big 20-point matches. It got virtually no focus and Magnus being the leader doesn't feel important. I doubt I'll take it seriously next year, hopefully they'll fix it like they did in 2011. And now it's still kinda meh since the winner's so obvious. Anywho, Jeff Hardy and Kaz was kinda meh. Not a bad match, but felt like it should have been better. Anyway the important part was that Kaz got in plenty of offense and had a competitive match. He certainly doesn't feel like a jobber any more. :emoji_slight_smile:

    By the way, TNA: You had Mike Tenay mention that EGO was banned from ringside here, and I barely noticed it. You suck Tenay. :facepalm1:

    I tried to watch Gail Kim and ODB, but I just couldn't do it. Don't care at all. Never thought I'd say it, but a WWE Divas division revolving around AJ Lee and a trashy reality show is kicking the Knockouts' asses, hope we get some Mickie promos because that's all you can care about with the current girls. Ohhh... look... Velvet Sky is back... and they're bringing up her and Sabin being a couple... Mixed tag with Bully/Brooke? Okay, whatever.

    So, this show's pretty much off the rails. Then Austin Aries and Christopher Daniels yelled at each other! :yay: Thanks for that one! :emoji_slight_smile: Awesome stuff.

    Then the Main Event Mafia show up, and I wonder why this faction still exists with the Aces imploding... speaking of that, I loved the AJ turn... but don't even pretend like AJ "saved you" against the Aces and Eights. Even with a one-man advantage you can't believe the Aces had any shot against this crew in or out of kayfabe. Blah, blah, blah, family, blah, blah, blah, Bellator... Oh, Hi, AJ! Not the best "pipebomb" here, but it was pretty good at least. You can certainly believe everything AJ said, and he was justified in saying it in and out of kayfabe... and AJ Styles being the Phenomenal Loner? OH HELL YEAH! That's perfect. Just a shame they tried to rip off the "pipebomb" when AJ isn't anywhere close to CM Punk in the mic skills/charisma department. Just made him look second-rate there.

    You never doubted Roode was anything more than token opposition, but he did his part fine... but in the middle of the match AJ went for a pin but then realized the pinfall victory wouldn't help him, so he and broke it up. This was smart... but then he won by pinfall anyway? You just screwed yourself out of the top 4! This didn't make any sense! Then you bring up the thing so Tenay can bumblefuck around and Taz talk about "He's not over the red line, what I call the Mendoza line, heheheh, it's the Mendoza line!" WTF! SELL THIS! AJ JUST LOST HIS SHOT AT THE WORLD TITLE, TAZ! STOP AMUSING YOURSELF LONG ENOUGH TO PUT THAT OVER YOU JACKASS! Ugh, this was irritating. The stupidity of this was magnified by idiotic commentary ignoring it. Get anyone else out there, Borash, Bischoff, Hemme, Sting, Hogan, Tito, Garett, BLFFL, anyone!

    *Pant, pant, pant, calm down...* Alright, TNA reminded me why I stick through this company despite this whole mess with some great stuff between Daniels and Aries! They set it up well, there's a tangible reason for each person to win the match, and they went out there and had the great match you'd expect Daniels and Aries to have. TNA was full of stuff like this last year, what happened?

    And, then Hogan came out... and the pop he got just made me sad, haha. Shame how relevant he is in 2013. He's usually inoffensive on the show and I don't have a problem seeing him, but him being a "star" is just silly. Then he sounded drunk and started throwing out the 20 point thing (retroactively explaining the AJ thing, I guess? So much for Must Win Thursday.) rambling incoherently, bringing up the "Aces of Eights", putting himself over... Even with Bully out there being a hilarious dick this wasn't good. Bully defending the title against an Ace? YES! :emoji_slight_smile: Bully's escape confirmed! After this segment this put a huge smile on my face.

    Then Sting showed up, and any interest I had died. No ranting, no rage, I just don't care.

    Guess a lot of my negativity has to do with WWE being on a roll making TNA look worse (just like the opposite was true last year), and you can't say there aren't any good things on this show. On the strength of Aries vs Daniels, the AJ Styles character, and the end of the Aces and Eights, I can't give this show less than a 6/10... but man-oh-man...
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  3. Man, I marked for hearing Hogan's theme again (just the theme obv) but I'll tell you, he screwed twice or three times there, lol. Think he said Sting was getting a shot and some other crap (I think it was that Sting was going to wrestle him this week, so much for kayfabe)
  4. Havent watched it yet but will watch it tomorrow and rate ir seriously/10
  5. Ill go 7/10, but i skipped the odb/gail kim match. Haven't cared since Taryn disappeared.

    I do have to say as far as the AJ thing goes, we all knew a full year ago what would happen, and i really honestly have enjoyed AJ's whole character since he's been back, and when Sabin won i became less interested. Now that bully is back holding the gold and the company hostage, i'm ready for AJ to "do whats best for TNA and more importantly, what's best for AJ styles, and im sure the matches will be great.

    My gripes with TNA lately havent been the matches, the BFG series is chalk full of "runs" that ended so abruptly it's like they never needed to happen. On that note, if i have to put up with a longer hogan promo with bully involved (and assmacher, good god assmacher) over having to see supermex/chavo/the same Joe Park match we've seen a thousand times/any of that? Ill take hogan all day.

    That being said, the matches have been great, we have had a LOT of BI/A double/Roode matches as of lately, and im pumped on that. Was confused as to why the MEM didnt even mention Magnus was gone or, more importantly, that he is first in line in the BFG series to take away Bullys title. Then Hogan comes out and announces the big match for next week. I think it will be a clusterfuck, and am not sure how well it will work out, but i can tell you im interested in seeing it.

    My main gripe? I raged for a few good seconds when Hogan screwed up and said Stings shot was for the title. Idiot.
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  6. After watching the show...

    Solid 7/10
    Hardy saying he would be on the top four this year was funny because I can bet you all my money that he won't be there... Anderson arguing with Bully was good too. And AJ's promo... FUCKING AWESOME
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