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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 10, 2012.

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  1. Bobby Roode opening promo: Awesome. Roode getting his ass kicked by the 3 stooges: A lot less awesome. D-Lo Brown making an appearance: priceless.

    Hogan showing up: meh. He rambled on for too long, & RVD winning the ME is pretty telegraphed based on the match stipulations

    Velvet vs Tessmacher- I could complain about the match, or I could just say hubba hubba. I'll go with the latter. Come at me bros. I'll give Tessmacher this: she's not that terrible in the ring. she moves around pretty well, & looks good doing it. If nothing else, she is better than Velvet, and has a better ass. I'm *almost* looking forward to Gail vs Assmacher

    Bully attacking Morgan- okay? Bully gets some credibility I guess, plus it was the 2nd D-Lo sighting of the night, and that WILL be reflected in my final rating.

    Crimson's promo- I don't care what anyone says, Crimson is pretty good on the stick. He's very natural, and I thought he was funny. His look + above average mic ability + decent moveset = tons of potential. I know Crayo is on board, Crimson marks baby!

    Aries vs Ion- random, but nobody will complain about an Aries match, this much I know. Very enjoyable match, Ion is good IMO, and my feelings towards A Double are well documented. It was good to have him defend the X Div title because he hadn't in quite some time

    Daniels segment- Hush hush sad clowns- lmao. Daniels is great and so criminally underused by TNA. Daniels has pics of AJ making out with Dixie.. meh, whatevs. not sure what comes of it, but Daniels is still awesome.

    Robbie E vs Devon- haters can suck it. I enjoy Robbie E's antics, and I don't hate Devon either (he's buff!). TV Title on TV every week is a win any way you slice it. Basically a squash match followed by Bigger Rob getting some post-match revenge. I can dig it

    James Storm on the farm- meh. I love Storm but this didn't do much for me. I still 100% believe he is taking the belt off of Roode at Slammy

    Joseph Park- I'm proud to be the #1 Joseph Park mark of the IWC. I thoroughly enjoyed this segment start to finish. Joseph Park vs Bully Ray @ Slammy, book it.

    Enjoyable show pretty much start to finish. I thought the flow was good (I'll admit I skipped any time RVD was talking so that probably helped). I liked pretty much everything outside of the telegraphed main event with RVD winning, and Crayo has to love the fact that Hogan only made a single, one, count em one, uno, not 2 not 3 not 4 but ONE appearance.

    Good go home show for a filler PPV


    Abyss just showed up-- wtf? Not on board with this at all. LAME. Changing my rating to a 6 WTF

    post your rating
  2. I give it a 6 as well, D'Z. Unless Bully was owning Matt Morgan (that was priceless) or had a mic in his hand, the show was completely forgettable. Bully is easily the best thing in wrestling, and its not even close. Ion vs Aries was really good, every other match was meh. Not sure what to think of the AJ reveal. Bob Van Dam, get off my TV.

    The good: Hogan had one segment. Alex Silva disappeared, maybe Justin Gabriel beat his ass for stealing his hairstyle.
    And... 2 weeks in a row without Garett or Eric Young. THANK YOU! Cant give the show less than a 6 with these assclowns finally not leaving the product hamstrung by their suckdom! Instead, we get 537 Bully Ray Feuds. Happy days are here at last.
  3. The good:
    - Aries vs. Zema Ion (great chemistry once again)
    - Bully/Morgan/Crimson (Crimson is really a good heel)
    - Bully/Joseph Park (Joseph's mannerisms were tremendous)
    - Styles/Daniels/Kazarian reveal
    - Abyss Returns (facials by everybody were great)
    - BVD saying that no one gets higher than him (that made roflmao actually)
    - Bully Ray feuding with everyone bcuz that how it should be imo
    - no Garett Bitchoff #609
    - those Daniels' badass boss sunglasses ( :boss: )

    The bad:
    - Devon vs. Robbie E. (I see what they we're going for, but it didn't worked, at least for me)
    - no full PPV hype (it's like everything was in the first gear)
    - no other X Division guys like Nese or Williams
    - no Joegnus pre-tape or segment on the show (it's nitpicking but.... they're the champs)

    The questionable:
    - Tessmacher vs. Velvet Sky (they tried and I appreciate it, but meh)
    - the point of Anderson vs. Hardy at PPV, why?

    Overall: 6.5/10
  4. How is the return of Abyss a positive? It is going to suck the life out of the otherwise promising Joseph Park storyline. Abyss is fucking played out. We go from JP trying to find him, to Abyss showing up telling him to fuck off basically? Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. How are the two supposed to interact?
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