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Killer Orange Cat

Quiet You

Rate Slammiversary and leave a comment to let us know what you thought of the show!

Rascalz vs the Motor City Machine Guns

The Motor City Machine Guns won by pin fall

Self Proclaimed TNA World Championship: Moose vs Tommy Dreamer

Moose won by pin fall

Knockout Number One Contender Gaunlet:
Alisha Edwards vs. Havok vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Kimber Lee vs. Kylie Rae vs. Nevaeh vs. Madison Rayne vs. Rosemary vs. Susie vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Taya Valkyrie

Kylie Rae won by pin fall

X Division Championship: Champion Willie Mack vs Chris Bey

Bey won the championship by pin fall

Impact Tag Championship: Champions the North vs Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan

The North retained by pin fall

Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo won the title

Impact World Championship Fatal Five Way: Trey vs Eddie Edwards vs Ace Austin vs Rich Swann vs Eric Young

Edwards won the championship by pin fall

Killer Orange Cat

Quiet You
This was a good show. I know Jeffry Fucking Mason Jeffry Fucking Mason and J. C. Wilde J. C. Wilde probably think I just enjoyed it for the cute boys, but that was just a plus. There were some great surprises, including the return of my favorite tag team of all time, the MCMG. Eric Young returning was great too. All in all, this was just an excellent show.

I would have liked it more if they had a partial audience, like AEW and WWE have been doing. But it worked even without that.

Jeffry Fucking Mason

WWEF President & Outlaw Admin
LDW Management
The Moose/Dreamer match and the gauntlet were rather weak points, but the rest of the show was filled with pretty much everything someone could ask for from a wrestling PPV. Knockouts title match was way above my expectations, X Division title match was awesome as expected, the surprises in (and after) the title match were all phenomenal (I may not care much for The Good Brothers, but they made a compelling angle out of it and they're not bad as characters, so at least it's not all bad). OH and if the PPV wasn't big enough... MACHINE GUNS VS THE NORTH THIS TUESDAY fucking hell I'm hyped for that. All in all great show though. Now onto the Road to Bound for Glory!

J. C. Wilde

The Tennessee Outlaw
10/10 for me. The Dreamer match was slow, but what do you except, and the Gauntlet match had its moments, but overall the show was great. MCMG vs The Rascals was a great match. TWDTT vs The North was better than I thought it would be and Page's overselling was great.Deonna vs Grace was a great match, and I am glad Deonna won, which is nothing against Grace. The main event was great. EY returning was amazing and Eddie winning with the Diehard Flowsion made it even better. Heath Slater being there and The Good Brothers returning to be a team with Eddie was great, and that ending shot of EC3 was right on the money.


Chillin' with the snowmies.
Man, I'm looking into this Impact show, ya know the company that really made me love wrestling, and I'm here seeing some of these guys I loved from Lucha Underground are still over there and that's cool, if I check out a few clips there's some guys like Ace Austin that seem pretty impressive, why am I not watching this?... Lets give Slammiversary a sho...


YESSSSSSS!!!! LETS GO BOYS. 2 damn minutes after the opening package and this show's already a 10/10. MCMG IS BACK BABY! The one nostalgia act I'll still pop for. Hail Sabin, bitches.
These Rascals are cool though, gotta love the athletic era of wrestling, but the pioneers made short work of these noobs and onto THE DAMN TITLES ON THURSDAY. TAKE. MY...well it's on TV so hey, good enough right?

Moose is that kid in school that could recite all the state capitals and then somehow fail the test. Next.

Who's this Johnny Swinger douche. Idk but I wanna change the channel.

The Knockouts Gauntlet was a total disaster lol. Very little action, random twerkoffs, Johnny Bravo, and Taya getting pinned in like 15 seconds. Were they crunched for time? Did the opening package go too long? Minus five stars here

I get the feeling that upon going back and watching, when I'm more familiar with Chris Bey and the North, that the X-Division and Tag Title matches will replay better. But as it is, the faces gave some awesome offense - Shamrock is still freaking terrifying at his age - and he was throwing some brutal strikes and Mack was explodering dudes into ringposts and... Willie Mack really needs a crowd, man. Hell this whole show did.

The last 2 matches were really good though. Didn't get the hype for Deonna at all, but she came in and instantly made an impact. Winning the title in your first match is fine but it's the way she did it, with her combination of old-school realistic offense and her knack for controlling a match and never letting it get dull. Almost Revival-esque. Grace fighting back with more and more effort made the story work really well and she's a total powerhouse of a competitor. It's my first time seeing both, so Grace felt like she lost nothing in defeat...

And I'm glad to see Eddie Edwards with the title and not one of the rejects. Trey and Ace Austin are stars, man. These guys kicked ass out there and Rich Swann was unfairly athletic like he always is. Not much to say here, just a fun spotfest, a great outcome and a mostly fun way to kill a few hours.

I'll say 6/10, but that's knocking 2 points off for the crowd

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