Rate Jericho's run out of 10.

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  1. Someone had to make the thread:

    How much did you enjoy the run of Jericho this year, or how effective was Jericho this year? (Either one's fine)

    We all were captivated by his debut, and the star power that made him a sure-fire winner of the Royal Rumble... making Sheamus an underdog overcoming the obstacle (seemed like the right choice at the time tbh). Then they had the epic feud with Punk going into Wrestlemania (feud of the year?) even though it lost steam after that. Then he was filler in 2 Fatal 4-Ways (the WHC match at OTL and the Raw MITB before Miz was added) which seemed underwhelming... but adding Jericho made the IWC actually watch those matches because if you take out Jericho, those two matches look (or feel) absolutely dreadful. Then he gets his "thank you, here's proof that you aren't a jobber" win, and then he gave a pretty good rub to Ziggler on the way out the door.

    Don't see how you can't give his run less than a 7 tbh. It doesn't feel like he did much, but if you take out Jericho from everything he's done this year the product looks a hell of a lot more worse than it does now. What do you guys think?
  2. 5. He was pretty good, and I liked his feuds with CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler, but other then that I didn't really notice him that much.
  3. He livened everything up I agree, but still failed in comparison miserably to his last amazing run.

    Probably a 5/10. Good matches, but that's about it. Got out of a feud when it was just about to heat up.
  4. 7. He put on lots of good matches, good feuds, but not that big enough of an impact and started to get buried undercard a bit after his Punk feud but he came back eventually.
  5. No one had to make this thread.....

    But if I were to rate jericos run....

    It was good
    He didn't disappoint me.
    He didn't screw Kelly Kelly. So he won't die from venereal disease...

    All in all not bad
  6. 6. I really enjoyed his feud with CM Punk.
  7. In terms of serving its purpose - 10

    In terms of satisfaction based on what I would want with him - 4

    He was brought back as a temporary -- yet amazing -- solution to help get people over. His promos with Punk, Dolph etc helped both of them. That's what his run was for, putting over the guys who were sticking around and are the future. As Jericho fans we don't enjoy that really, as we'd rather see him on top, but either way he's treated us to some amazing promos this year as we'd expect, so it can't be too bad.
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  8. 7 it was typical Jericho in the way you'll not notice how important he is until he isn't there. He's capable of doing more sure but it wasn't needed at this time as Crayo said he's here to make others look great not himself.
  9. 4 or 5, and mostly only for the first few appearances/trolling

    Those abysmal return vignettes and then doing nothing with them puts a weird cloud over this 8 month run to me.

    Anyway he will be back soon, probably after Ziggler wins the title and then they will pick up the feud for the WHC
  10. You weren't a fan of those epic vignettes?
  11. Probably a 4 or 5. I haven't watched anything he's done since around June because I haven't watched since then, but in the first half of the year, he lost almost every match he was in. His return was underwhelming and didn't feel special at all. And I don't think he gave Punk any kind of 'rub', as Punk didn't need it and nothing against Jericho, but he's not exactly the kind of huge legend who can help give a huge rub just by losing to someone. Punk walked away from the feud with no more credibility than he already had before the feud started (not saying he didn't have credibility as a champion as he obviously did, but he really wasn't perceived as a bigger star in the eyes of the casuals just for beating Jericho, Jericho seemed like just another opponent for him.) I only give him a 4 or 5 for at least having good matches and promos.
  12. 8/10 for me.
  13. until i found out that he purposely came back to put punk over i rated it like a 3.. but he's done some great matches.. so i think a 6.9
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