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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. You know what to do.
  2. 7.5/10

    - Opener X-Division
    - Aces and Eights/Team TNA spot
    - Taryn's spear
    - Bully is Champ
    - Roode :yay:
  3. 4.
    Roode and Aries looking weak again compared to Chavo/Hernandez.
    A&8's crap continuing.
    Just poor all round really.
  4. It's a meh 5 IMO.

    It had some good spots such as the tower of doom thing in the lethal lockdown, EY's elbow spot, the powerbomb, the ending of the mainevent, the ending of the tag and the X divison match. However Angle / Wes jut horrible, the tag title match was ridiculously paced and had too much Chavo and Hernandez working everyone over, KOs were bad but Gail saved it, Robbie T wasn't any good my dude, LL was terribly paced and the Main Event was decent at best.

    I'll probably get hated but nothing is really memorable bar the tower and Joey Ryan rubbing lotion on his chest.
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  5. Agreed. ^
  6. Thanks for the kiss of death, I'll get hated by association now.
  7. Only agreed so Testify would come and slay you.
  8. [​IMG]

    Hoping this saves me, anyway people get back to rating.
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  9. I wasn't really expecting great things from this PPV which is good, because it was pretty disappointing to be honest.

    - The opener was great, entertaining match and that King botch looked brutal - really fortunate not to hurt himself badly there.

    - Park/Ryan was fun, but I'm still pissed off at it not getting any build. The promos would have been pretty funny IMO.

    - Rob Terry/Robbie E was pretty meh but necessary I guess, really not a fan of T though, his moveset is so generic and he looked pretty clumsy I felt.

    - WTTCOTW/Los Stereotypicos/Team Aroode was, again, pretty disappointing. There was hardly any action that didn't involve Chavo or Hernandez who were pretty much dominant throughout. Ofc the other four were fantastic as usual, Aries saying 'Ahh my eye' after headbutting Roode in the balls was hilarious.

    - Kurt/Briscoe was awful. Briscoe is just absymal. I honestly prefer Garrett to that guy, his facial expressions make Big E Langston's look good ffs.

    - Team TNA/A+8s Actually quite enjoyed this one. Thought I was gonna detest it when I first seen it on the card, but up until the last 2 or 3 entrants it wasn't too much of a clusterfuck. Not really seen much of EY but nice spot at the end, but still spot of the match has to go to that suplex/electric chair/powerbomb thing. Was nuts.

    - Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy this match sucked. I'm sorry but it was just awful. It was pretty slow paced, no interesting spots, annoying punch for punch thing that went on forever, as well as Garrett and Briscoe's interference which totally killed any sort of momentum the match had built up so far. It just seemed so redundant. I'm guessing it was to try and swerve the smarks into thinking Bully wouldn't turn? W/E, it still seemed retarded to me. The ending was awesome. The swerve was predictable but Bully's lines were hilarious, especially 'LET THE STUPID BITCH CRY' getting a pop from the crowd. The trash was so blatantly done by plants but it was pretty cool tbh, left a great picture to end on.

    Crap PPV overall, still positive though as heel Bully is champ.

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  10. This was a disappointing PPV.

    - Opening match was the best match of the night in my opinion. It showcased what TNA used to be about with the now all but destroyed X-division. King's botch was brutal though.

    - Park is entertaining and Ryan is a reasonably funny dude (I don't find him hilarious but he works) but as others pointed out that match could have used some build.

    - Don't care about the knockouts, badly paced match which is odd considering Gail is usually such a good worker.

    - Terry and E don't mesh well in ring. I think Terry needs either big guys like Morgan who can work, or guys like Joe to get the best out of him.

    - Too much Mexican in the tag match, very disappointing match considering two of the teams.

    - Wes Brisco needs to go away and never come back. Kurt worked well and made him look okay but it was obvious that Wes wasn't ready.

    - The lethal Lockdown match was a total burial of Aces and Eights. Yeah Bully is with Aces and Eights now but the rest of the gang have zero credibility now and risk being a anchor around the neck of possibly the best heel in America.

    - Never put bully and Hardy in a cage again. Such a bad match. Slow, oddly paced and scripted. Add to that that Bully turned about six months too late and I was not pleased. Yeah Bully is champ now which he deserves but he is stuck with a stable with zero cred. Ending promo and reaction was good but smelled too much of Bash at the Beach for my liking. Still very well done.

    Add to that a lazy crowd who seemed dead for a lot of the show and I'll give it a 5 tops and that is being generous. TNA just didn't deliver on all cylinders.
  11. Didn't see the tag match which probably really hurt my grade, but 2/10
  12. You didn't miss anything. It was dominated by the Mexicans to get home town pops.
  13. It'll have probably helped it bar the finishing sequence, imagine Chavo dominates for 20 minutes and you have this "classic".
  14. You haven't been destroyed yet for me agreeing with your rating. Turns out a few people seemingly agree.
  15. I'm the anti Crayo, we balanced each other out.
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  16. Anti-Crayo my ass.
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  17. Ehh, Lockdown..... I expected more tbh.

    A bit dissapointed with the opener and fucking Kenny King botching all over the place, and with Angle-Brisco and Ray-Harvey. The rest was good.

    MOTN goes to 3 Way Tag Titles, and as much as I hate to admit it.... Chavo Jr. and Hernandez were the best team in that match, tbh. I LOVE Aries, Roode, Kaz and Daniels, but they were outshined Sunday night.

    And kudos to Eric YOung insane move.:obama:

    Loved the ending, though. LOVED.

    Would've been 5/10, but I'm giving it a 6/10 just because of motherfucking BULLY RAY won. It was a long overdue. Congrats.

    Not a bad show, but average with some poor few elements.
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