Money in the Bank Rate MITB 2016

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Jun 19, 2016.

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What would you rate the show?

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    Golden Truth defeated Breezango

    Kalisto and Sin Cara defeated The Dudley Boyz

    Main Show-

    The New Day retained against The Vaudevillains, The Club, and Enzo & Cass.

    Baron Corbin defeated Dolph Ziggler.

    Charlotte and Dana Brooke defeated Becky Lynch and Natalya. Natty attacked Becky post match.

    AJ Styles defeated John Cena with the help of The Club.

    Dean Ambrose won the MITB breifcase.

    Rusev retained against Titus O'Niel.

    Seth Rollins defeated Roman Reigns for the WWEWHC.

    Dean Ambrose cashed in and beat Seth Rollins to end the show as WWEWHC.
  2. DEAN MOTHERFUCKING AMBROSE, holy shit let's go! I legit marked out and thought that the last 5 minutes were a dream. Ohio is one lucky state today.

    As for the rest of the show, I really liked. Obviously MOTN was Styles/Cena but the fatal four way tag team match was good, the MITB match was great and everybody looked great and of course DEAN FUCKING AMBROSE!

    9/10, better ending than Dominion.
  3. I'm also giving it a 9. Although the show had its flaws, the good things that happened made up for them. TOOOO tired to fully review it now but I'll go in detail after some sleep.
  4. I think I got a few predictions correct, so 10/10 :obama:
  5. 9/10 as well.

    The fatal four way was really well, didn't expect it to be with the numbers. Solid opener.

    AJ vs Cena was decent, ending was predictable. Expecting their last encounter to be the best, so it doesn't really matter.

    MITB was alright, not the best. But my goodness, Owens needs something. Just so great. Predicted Ambrose, expected Del Rio. I'm not mad he won either, especially with the follow up.

    Reigns vs Rollins was my MOTN, even though it was pretty slow. Rollins hasn't lost a step, in fact, he's probably gained a few. That spear to catching Pedigree though.:phew: Spot of the night for sure.

    Rollins winning clean was a surprise, almost didn't want Ambrose to cash-in. But he did, and he won! Now Ambrose just got out of such a shitty feud with Jericho, and hasn't been interesting in months. But it should be going up from here. I'm just going to remain optimistic and enjoy his two month reign as champion.
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  6. The Good:

    The Tag team fatal-4-way was a fun match and the new day retained. Very unexpected but hella alright with me.

    Rollins/Reigns was better than expected and Seth looked great tonight. Glad to see he beat Reigns nice n' clean. Always fun to see a phoenix splash.

    Rusev beating Titus was both the saddest and greatest thing ever. That kid ( Titus' kid) actually looked kinda hurt. Good stuff.

    Tyler Breeze and Fandango are becoming my favorite things like ever.

    The Meh:

    Ambrose cashed in successfully and I'm slightly intrigued to see where that goes. I just hope this doesn't become a three man game of hot potato. If you're going to get behind Ambrose just keep him Champ at least past Summerslam. Speaking if Summerslam, I would've rathered WWE hold off a Shield triple threat until 'Mania33. It seems that's what they're going for at least.

    AJ Styles Vs. John Cena was a decent match until we got to the finish. The finish told me that WWE plans on dragging this to Summerslam where John Cena finally overcomes the big bad indy guy and his friends from Japan...

    The Bad:

    Pretty much everything else.

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  7. I voted 7. But I think I might have under voted a bit in hindsight.

    I loved the action of the fatal 4 way. Not too mad about new day retaining. Was hoping for enzo and cass (which, didn't they get that 3 count at one point?) But I'm just glad it wasn't the vaudvillians.

    Baron corbin ... so glad he's finally on the main card where he belongs. And so glad he beat ziggy again. He needs to be booked as a power house and eventually meet up with big Cass somewhere down the line.

    The women's match I was in the kitchen with the wife helping out with dinner (ironic isn't it? Lol)
    Really thought natty and beck would win there since the title wasn't on the line, guess that was the predictable route so I'm kinda glad that wasn't the case. And what the frig natty??

    Oh cena vs styles. Overall a slower pace match for the first half. So I did skip forward. A few times. Would stop at points when it looked like something was going to happen though. Not too bad of a finish I suppose. Didn't make cena look bad, but it also didn't make styles look much stronger than him either. All in all an ok match.

    That ladder match was entertaining as fuck. I didn't even think about skipping anything in there. I was rooting for cartman, I mean Kevin, thought he'd make a nice briefcase holder. Having dean win it made so much more sense though for sure! They all took some pretty wicked bumps too. Was ADR hurtin at the end? They got him out of there quickly. And don't know how owens back didn't break after that slam onto the ladder turned on its side.

    Finally onto the title match.
    I thought both men went out and gave it their all. 100%. Reigns did look legitimately dazed there for a minute after running into the barricade and landing on his head (it looked like). Was psyched that rollins won. And what a reversal near the end! Spear- nope right into the pedigree. Fuckin eh. Then just as expected...dean ambrose runs down, hits rollins in the face with the briefcase, cashes in.. and hits dirty deeds and pins.
    Which at the end of the day makes 100% sense. Can't go into the brand split with a mitb briefcase out there. And not only that, all 3 shield members were the champ on the same night.

    All in all, after spending that much time, I change my vote unofficially from a 7 to 9. Good showall around.
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  8. 6/10

    Only match I thought was great was Rollins vs Reigns. It's good to see Rollins back. And of course the cash in was epic.

    The rest of the event was slow. I thought Aj vs Cena and MITB match were both underwelming
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  10. Hopefully this'll make Dean Ambrose a proper lunatic. Not some tongue waggling prat
  11. He'll still be Dennis the Menace
  12. Might have to watch the last match/cash in. Crazy stuff.
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  13. 9/10 NAILED IT
    Rollins won CLEAN
    Ambrose is champ
    All 3 Shield members were champ on the same day
    One flaw which is why it's not 10/10, Styles' win, that was just a usual nobody can beat Cena clean gimmick. But GREAT none the less.
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  14. 9/10 as mentioned above. I didn't have time to review last night as I had been up for nearly 24 hours and the show lasting past 10PM (Central) was killing me. Fortunately, it was worth it.

    I liked:

    The opening tag match. *** 1/2 It was just an all around fun match. It's neat how the New Day were just this go nowhere tag team that suddenly became the most dominate tag possibly since Demolition (in the WWE). I assume that they'll just break London and Kendrick's 331 day reign since Demolition's 478 day reign was TECHNICALLY a different title. I honestly really thought Enzo and Cass had it, especially after Cass cleanly pinned Karl Anderson... I kid though, when I watched it again, the referee's hand only hit the mat two times because he balked on the first and the crowd counted it. But it was a good match and loved every bit of it.

    Nattie turning on Becky.. I don't know if I liked this really, but it was something I did not see coming so I appreciate it.

    AJ Styles vs John Cena ***1/2 I probably would have given this match four and maybe four and a half if not for the ending. I don't mind a cheating ending, but it just seemed completely out of place for some reason. Plus JBL's bitching about the cheating just really got on my nerves. He's one of the biggest cheaters ever and he ALWAYS praises cheating but in this match it was the worst thing ever. And yeah, I know he gave his reasoning as it being a match fans have wanted for "15" years and the cheating ruined it, but still it's JBL. This is a man who was both okay with CM Punk cheating to beat the Rock at Royal Rumble 2013 AND Vince McMahon restarting that match so the Rock could win. He praised BOTH decisions even though they were contradictory... so yeah, they might have thought having JBL be the one to bitch added credibility to the supposed disgust around the win (because a heel commentator/cheater complaining about a heel cheating must show real contempt for the cheating), but no, it was annoying.

    MITB *** This wasn't the most memorable MITB and it had some really awkward moments. But it was still a fun ladder match and I'll never forget Kevin Owens lying on his back, bent backwards over the ladder. Yeah, Ambrose was predictable, but I like Ambrose so it doesn't bother me.

    Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins. **** I was surprised I liked this match as I was expecting it to stink. And no, I do not mean I just liked it for the outcome. This was a very entertaining match to me. It didn't come across as slow to me, I was focused the whole match. It had some great moments and I'll likely watch it again today. Seth Rollins winning clean was certainly a surprise. Funny thing was that when he won, I didn't think it was real. Even when the referee called for the bell and Lilian announced the victory, I thought maybe something would happen and it would be called off. It was a very surreal feeling. But I was happy because Seth Rollins is personally my favorite of the Shield so I was in a good mood.

    Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins I can't give this 9 second match a star rating, obviously. I liked the moment because it accomplished so much. In a span of a couple minutes, all three Shield members were champions. We got the MITB briefcase storyline out of the way. Ambrose won the world title.

    But the most significant thing about this match is that it ties up the loose ends of Rollins' injuries. Rollins was never beaten for the belt. If he had lost to Reigns, he could still say that he was never beaten for the belt. It's supposed to be harder to win the belt than defend it, so he would still have that claim. But since Rollins won the belt and than subsequently lost it, that claim can't be made anymore. He was beaten for the belt and the only way to nullify that claim was to have him win it and be beaten. So it made sense to me.

    Rollins is still my preference, but Ambrose is acceptable to me even though I am sure he won't be champ long.

    I didn't like:

    Fabreeze vs Golden Shower.... I didn't see it but the clips from it were annoying.. the sunburn thing was stupid.

    LD vs the Dudlez was boring.

    Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler ** was boring for the most part.

    Charlotte and Dana vs Becky and Natty *1/2 Looks like the WWE is making the Women be another version of the Divas but with a different name. These women were capable of SO much better.

    Rusev vs Titus O'Neil. *1/2 Couldn't get into it.

    The good FAR outweighed the bad so that is why I rated it this high. I haven't been a fan of Roman's "The Guy" gimmick so glad he doesn't have the belt. Nothing against him, really, but still just don't like the way he is being pushed. Plus even though I love Seth Rollins, I won't forget that his title run was pretty dreadful as well. Interested in seeing where it goes with Ambrose.
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  15. The funny thing is, I was actually thinking about that ending before it happened. I was like "you know, I think Seth will win and Ambrose will cash in on him so all 3 shield members will be champ in the same night..." And IT HAPPENED. And I'm happy with Ambrose's cash in, but what makes me more happy is Rollins won with NO SHENANIGANS, that has to be a face turn and Reigns the heel with Ambrose maybe as the tweener, Ambrose should be the tween in this feud, it's the best for him.
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  16. After watching this I can see him maybe turning on Ambrose on Raw tonight and cementing this long coming heel turn.

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  17. I have it a 10/10... Had to. I mean think about it.

    We've all been bitching that since Rollins won MITB, he's been made to be a pussy contender. He had to cheat literally non stop in order to get the upper hand on anyone. Not only did this all change last night, but he legit pinned reigns clean after 2 pedigrees (the one pedigree off the spear was amazing). I didn't expect that. I could see Rollins winning, but not like that. I expected a cheap win, honestly.

    Rollins beat reigns clean. Then, which this shocked the shit out of me, Ambrose not only wins MITB, but he cashes in and beats Rollins after the match. We got to see the 3 top guys in WWE hash it out in an amazing fashion, but Dean actually came out on top this time. It was brilliant and not expected given their history with Dean.

    On top of all that, the cena and styles match was awesome. Sure, the ending kind of sucked. But the match itself was great and crowd was beyond into it. I wish styles would've won clean this time, but hey that's just me.

    The MITB match had some great moments with all guys standing on the ladders and beating the shit out of each other and then having Dean win was fantastic. Otherwise, have KO win would've been awesome as well.

    I have to give this PPV a 10 simply because everything that a lot of us have been bitching about was resolved with this PPV. Dean was actually glorified for his skill and dominated the whole PPV, reigns lost to Rollins clean, and we got to watch cena and styles beat the hell out of each other (which will result in a great feud). Solid 10. Good job WWE
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  18. I was working a late night shift so I missed it. But this is one PPV I may need to at least find a way to see, or at least catch the main points of it.
  19. DEAANNOOOOO:ambrose:
  20. Not so long ago, I made my case as to why I felt Dean Ambrose needed to win the MITB ladder match and hold the golden briefcase, basically opposing most that thought Kevin Owens was the man to go with. While I certainly understood the argument, I felt that Ambrose needed it more simply because his stock had dropped a lot ever since Roadblock and that great match with HHH. With meaningful feuds against Lesnar and Y2J that served little purpose, this looked like the ideal opportunity to get him hot again, given how over he is with the crowd.

    Well, apparently WWE thought the same and not only did they give him the briefcase but took it a step further, having him cash in just about an hour or so later and becoming your new champ. Did I mark out? Abso-fuckin-lutely !!!!

    Giving it a 9/10 myself and will come back later on for more thoughts...
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