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  2. 0/10 and you fucking know why
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  3. 6/10

    some good matches but pretty lame results. I puked when Henry tapped
  4. 7 or 8/10
    Didn't watch Divas match and Cena and Henry had a somewhat lame ending.
  5. 7.5/10 loved the 2 MITB matches and the outcomes the WHC match was great but AJ costing ziggler the match made it shit the remaining matches were solid for the most part but Henry taping was ridiculous
  6. 8/10 loved everything but the WWE title match which had me yawning for the most part
  7. 9/10. People need to relax a bit before rating. Everything was great, just wasn't really into Jericho vs Ryback. MITB still my favorite PPV.
  8. Cena vs Henry was lame
    Y2J vs Ryback worked well as a toilet break
    Awesome Preshow
    Meh DIvas match. Expected more
    Ic was okay
    WWE MITB the outcome fucked it all
    We got this awesome Filler segment
    WHC was a good match. FInish was fucked
    WHC MITB was awesome. MOTN.
    5/10 + Cody turn /10
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  9. Okay i'm calm. 5/10

    Pre-show I'm not putting on the card because I didn't PAY for it.

    WHC MITB = MOTN 10/10 Awesome
    Filler= wtf 0/10
    Divas = boring as fuck/10
    IC 6/10
    ryback vs jericho was terrible. School boy pins beat jericho.
    Ziggler vs ADR 8/10 good match. -1 for aj coming out +1 for ziggler leaving her hopefully
    Cena vs Henry 7/10 I liked the match

    WWE MITB match was good but not as good as the WHC one. I hated the outcome but i'll admit that last RKO was awesome. He's just so damn boring to me when he talks and is a natural heel because of it. 6/10
  10. Solid 7. The non-sucky matches were absolutely great. A lot of things are being setup for greater things, Zigs/AJ finally breaking up, Rhodes being a top face, etc. so I can't really complain all that much.
  11. 5/10 is probably better than 6. Pretty disappointing all things considered. Orton, meh. Henry tapping? gross. Ziggler/ADR ending was cringeworthy, but hopefully spells the end of AJ/Ziggler. IC title match was weird, but had some decent parts. Divas could have been better.

    Only slam dunk awesome match was the opener
  12. 7/10 Only because Bryan and Henry didn't win. Change those results and I would have given this a perfect 10. The Ziggler loss made me mad, but I guess I can see why he lost.
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  14. 7/10 There were some good and bad. The reason it's not a 6 is because that pre-show tag match was the greatest tag match I have seen in months, if not years since the division started dying. The IC match and Ryback matches were dull imo. The MITB matches were good, but didnt live up to my expectations. The WWE Championship match was too slow, but there was an attempt at storytelling so it was alright. The WHC match probably one of the better matches on the card was great, i just didnt like the ending with AJ and all her emotions
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    *Dumb. Sorry, just had to.

    Kickoff: The Shield (Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins) (c) vs. The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) - WWE Tag Team Championship.
    Solid 7/10. Best pre-show/kickoff match since they started doing it at 'Mania 28. Some nice spots and actually thought The Usos were gonna win at one point.

    Match 01: Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Wade Barrett vs. Fandango vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter vs. Antonio Cesaro w/ Zeb Colter.
    9.5/10, great match. Loved The Usos getting involved attacking The Shield, also loved the unpredictable ending. How Swagger and Cesaro worked together the whole match, and Swagger even held Cesaro up to grab the briefcase, but Sandow pushes Rhodes off the ladder and grabs the case, great ending. Hopefully this is the beginning of a face turn for Cody.

    Match 02: Curtis Axel (c) w/ Paul Heyman vs. The Miz - WWE Intercontinental Championship
    6/10. Decent match, liked the submission moment when it looked like Axel was gonna tap and then he turned over and put the pressure on Miz.

    Match 03: AJ Lee (c) w/ Big E Langston vs. Kaitlyn w/ Layla - WWE Divas Championship
    4/10. Their match at Payback was 10 times better. Way too short. An interesting feud that ended in a 4 minute match, mmm.

    Match 04: Ryback vs. Chris Jericho
    Didn't catch much of this match but from what I saw, 5/10. Average match with a predictable ending.

    Match 05: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler - WWE World Heavyweight Championship
    7/10, good match but fuck you, AJ, fuck you.

    Match 06: John Cena (c) vs. Mark Henry - WWE Championship
    The match was probably 6/10. Typical Cena match. Dominated for 15 minutes and then wins with one or two movs. Also, making Henry tap? That's 17 years down the drain. Cheers, Cena. Cheers.

    Match 07: Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Sheamus vs. Christian
    9/10. Both ladder matches were great. Didn't expect Axel to interfere but marked out when he did. They Heyman attacks Punk, great stuff. Also I have no problem with Orton winning. Bryan will probably face Cena anyway. Orton hasn't exactly been doing much for the past 2 years. Kinda wanted Christian to win, though.

    Overall 8.5/10. Two awesome ladder matches, best pre-show ever. Would have been 10 if Cena didn't make Henry tap and the divas match was a bit longer.
  16. The first MITB was the only really good match on the card and even that wasn't anywhere near as good as last year's SD one. The All Stars match was just a let down if I'm honest, RVD's frogsplash as well as some of Sheamus's bumps were the only decent spots really, Heyman's turn on Punk was alright, but it was a bit of a letdown if you were hoping for Lesnar. The rest of the matches were all decent at best, why did they have to fuck up Ziggler/Del Rio though?

    But yeah, what promised to be an exciting PPV turned into a pretty average one with crap outcomes. A generous 5/10 from me.
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