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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Jun 14, 2015.

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  1. Pre Show:

    - R-Truth defeats King Barrett

    Main Card:

    - Sheamus wins the MITB briefcase after Bray Wyatt screws over Reigns.
    - Nikki Bella defeats Paige to retain the Diva's title.
    - Ryback wins via DQ after Miz interrupted, and retains the IC title.
    - John Cena defeats Kevin Owens to retain the US title in an AWESOME match.
    - Prime Time Players defeat The New Day for the tag titles.
    - Seth Rollins defeats Dean Ambrose to retain the WWE WHC.

    Full report here.
  2. Lame finishes/10
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  3. 5/10
    Loved the tribute to Dusty #ripdusty
    MITB Ladder match was good, ending was not
    Divas match was good, ending was not
    Owens/Cena was very good, ending was not
    Glad PTP won
    WHC Ladder match was good, ending was not.
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  4. I gave it a 6. I would have given it a 7, but as the previous posters remarked, there were too many lame match finishes.

    I liked:

    The Dusty tribute

    MITB was a good match. I am fine with Sheamus winning, but the way Reigns was put out of it made no sense.

    Nikki Bella vs Paige was actually a decent Diva's match, but with a lame ass finish.

    For the second time in two weeks, Kevin Owens vs John Cena was the match of the night. Cena winning was predictable, but I was still really getting into the match. I was jumping at each near fall. Even though Cena won, I loved Owens faking him out in the end. Owens is the best pure heel the WWE has had other than Brock Lesnar.

    The match was lousy, but was happy to see the Prime Time Players take the tag belt.

    Rollins vs Ambrose was a slow match in the beginning but turned out decent as the night went on.

    I didn't like:

    The finish to the Diva Match

    The finish to the WHC match

    The finish to the Ryback and Show match or the match itself.

    If the match endings were less lame, it would have been a 7 easily.
  5. *takes a deep breath*

    It's been a little while. Longest review ever in spoiler.

    Show Spoiler
    Anyway, lets start this rant off with there being a big difference between "a good match" and "a match you want to see." I'm sure in a vacuum, Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins was a pretty good match. Hell, I liked the finish of Ambrose getting ever so close to grabbing the title despite being buried in a pile of rubble with a completely broken body a few minutes earlier. But I don't care whatsoever about star ratings with shit like this. This is the biggest feud you've had other than WWE vs It's Own Fans for the entire freakin' Reality Era. These were the best buddies who we had so much fun watching destroy everything for over a year and a half before Seth Rollins doublecrossed his friends. Ambrose wanted to rip Seth's nose and move it to where his ears are and shove his eyeballs down his throat and GUARANTEED that Seth wouldn't cash in, until the day where he wasn't there to do it. And Ambrose even brought up getting screwed over by THE DEMON KANE on this day last year and the attack on the cinderblocks and the amazing brawls they had last year. This feud has been money! So good that I actually bought your stupid Network just to show my support for it. Now, you stick a guy in Ambrose who specializes in chaotic brawls and a Rollins who's great at fast-paced action and give them a Ladder Match which was built on the backs of guys like Edge and the Hardys doing death-defying shit off ladders and... Damn, I couldn't wait to see these guys go to war... and we got this?

    Fuck babyface fire! I don't give a shit about the heart of a champion! Take your "resiliency" and shove it up your ass! Forget storytelling! Time and a place for all of that, sure. Do that shit with Rockstar Spud while this dude gets his hands on that weasely motherfucker and unleash carnage for all the sick, twisted shit he's done! I wanna see these two guys throw bombs at each other! I wanna see backdrops off ladders through other ladders onto other ladders and backdrops onto ladders and teabagged faces! This was the place for intensity, not "A four-star match" Lets turn the tide from having to Meltzer-speak about everything to being kids again and eating this shit up without having to wait for Brock to come back because THESE TWO CAN DO IT. THEY DID IT BEFORE.

    Maybe it just went too long to have that kind of match, but whatever. Props to WWE, still, for paying off this "I can do it on my own" chat Rollins can't get away from. That, my friends, is a good thing. Still, so much of this match just had me checking my phone since WWE conditioned me to have expectations for this. Silly me...

    As for the rest of the show... and speaking of having expectations: How about those Divas? That was easily the second best match of the show, and... Hell, Paige said before that she dedicated the match to Dusty... so then they pulled a Dusty Finish. If that was what they were going for here, who the hell are we to complain? Actually, you all didn't care about how this match finished anyway, so why get upset about it? Still, these two had a legit good match and deserve a ton of credit.

    speaking of getting upset about things... Sheamus... won... MITB... :sad:

    Anyway, maybe having Reigns winning was too predictable. Whatever, that was the way I hoped they'd go since there were so, so many interesting possibilities! He can betray Ambrose! He can ruin Seth's moment of glory! He can get his revenge on Lesnar! All of a sudden the guy who, at Wrestlemania, had no story at all besides being the NEXT TOP GUY had all these cool arcs he could go down! Granted, he didn't really need it and they need to get another strong heel going and Sheamus is the only one with any chance at this point, but... Who wants another Sheamus push? Put your hand down, no you don't. Even Dolph's would have loved to see Reigns here. And again, where was the intensity of this MITB? Maybe I've been watching too much LUG, but two matches later all I could remember was one powerbomb, the RKO barrage, and that awesome Zigzag. Typical Ziggler! The match was... good? But MITB is one of those shows we look forward to every year for utter chaos and wonder what kind of awesome, death-defying shit Neville and Kofi and Ziggler will pull out of their ass, or how the power guys will wind up punishing them, and it's become another annual staple where we just kinda nod at the end and say "Yep, that was pretty good" before we grab another Pringle and check our phones for any unread texts for the girls we pretend actually like us.

    Also, BRAY WYATT INTERFERES? Holllly shit where do I even begin. Reigns winning would have been so cool and so interesting! So now he's stuck with The New Face of Uninteresting. Randomly interfere in match. Talk a bunch of bullshit nobody listens to anymore in promos. Opponent wonders what the hell's going on. Have random matches that lead to nothing. Job. Job again. Leave for 2 months. Do the same shit again. Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Yeah, so much for those cool story arcs... but pushing that fresh new talent in Sheamus... that works too, I suppose. I still like the Wyatt character in theory, I'll just believe in it going somewhere when I see it. And no, putting Harper and Rowan with him won't fix that. Putting Bo Dallas with him won't fix that. Hell, I'd rather see Bo Dallas as the Awkward Fourth White Guy in New Day doing Clap-clap...Clap to their Clap...Clap-Clap and lovably screwing everything up at this point.

    Speaking of girls pretending to like someone: Hi, Cena!

    And with all this stuff that I thought was disappointing - albeit pretty good, and I don't really blame you for enjoying more - Kevin Owens vs John Cena had all the expectations in the world and wound up living up to every one. This was amazing! I loved every cocky Owens move. I loved every moment of frustration from Cena. I loved every big move and near fall and jumped out of my chair and... YES! If you didn't see this match, stop reading this and go back and watch it. You'll love it.

    Should Owens have won this match? Absolutely. However, Cena winning... Look at it this way. Their first match was these two just throwing all the biggest moves they could at one another until one of them got a pin, and Owens won. Clean. This match, they both threw bombs at one another, Cena had to try new moves, got visibly frustrated while Owens got more cocky, and Cena pulled it out in the end just like Owens did before. Owens lost NOTHING here. He's Cena's equal... possibly even better after the postmatch attack. That scares me, because Cena Wanting Revenge is WWE equivalent of Pickle Flavored Potato Chips.

    There ya go, guys!

    Don't have high expectations for anything / 10
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  6. I kinda figured that with the likes of Neville and Kofi that there would be at least some high paced action, but it didn't seem like there were any memorable moments at all. And I get that they tried to go the unpredictable route by going with Sheamus, but they really should've just let Roman have it.

    Besides the MITB match the most noteworthy thing worth mentioning is Owens/Cena. I figured that they were going to let Cena walk away with the win, but at least it took three AAs. The post-match beat down was nice though.

    The ME was really just uninteresting from the get-go. It heated up during the end but the finish just ruined it. I doubt they'd go with another one on one at Battleground, but I can't see anything else happening unless Lesnar returns.

    I'll give it a 4/10
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  7. Pretty sure Lesnar's booked for Battleground. Thank goodness.

    Man, I remember having Skype arguments during Hell in a Cell last year when we were passionately defending our guys. Miss those days.

    Rollins vs Ambrose and we're hoping Lesnar can save us from it...
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  8. Both guys are just stuck in character purgatory. Ambrose is getting love for going against the grain and as long as he's over they won't let him flesh out his character anymore. And Rollins is hated for being a snarky, cowardice dick so they don't bother making adjustments with him either. Just hoping as they draw closer to SummerSlam they'll do something to let both of them come off as fresh and exciting as they were a year ago.
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  9. The show was meh because of all the lame finishes. 4/10


    - MITB Ladder match was a decent spotfest. Highlights of it were RKO and Powerbomb City.
    - Nikki vs Paige was OK.
    - Cena vs KO was awesome! For the second PPV straight, Cena vs KO steals the fucking show! I'm not even mad Cena won, it took him 3 AAs and that post-match Powerbomb on the apron was sweet!
    - While I didn't like the tag match, we have #NewTagChamps, so... Yay, I guess. It could be fun.
    - Rollins vs Ambrose was decent.

    - The finish to the MITB match. I'm actually cool with Sheamus winning, but Wyatt getting involved was lame.
    - The finish to the divas match.
    - Ryback vs Big Slow was meh, as well as the finish.
    - PTP vs The New Day was meh, boring. And on top of that, it should've been longer.
    - The finish to the ME could've been better... But at least Rollins did it on his own. So yeah, that's at least made the finish not as lame as in the other matches.
  10. Eh, I don't mind Ambrose's character all that much right now outside of a few tweaks here and there, and luckily for Rollins it looks like help is both on the way and already come. :otunga:

    Thanks for the reminder, Balor: Gotta give a shoutout to Ryback. That dude really seemed like he wanted to try to get chicken salad out of that chicken shit of a match last night.
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  11. pickle flavored potato chips are the fucking bomb.
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  12. Watched Cena/Steen 2. Meh. wasn't as good as the first match, just a bunch of Cena kickouts. Pretty boring honestly. KO better go over his ass next month.. but the post-match has Cena rising above written all over it. Pathetic.
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  13. Anyone catch the Ambrose promo after the cameras shut off? Decent

  14. So much sloppier than the first match too
  15. I was wrong about every single match, lost $150
  16. Decent, indeed.
  17. Decent is pretty much how I would describe Ambrose in WWE
  18. I really, REALLY hope they switch the tag team titles back to The New Day either tonight or at Battleground, because I'm really enjoying their heel act and was hoping they would keep the straps for a lot longer than just two months. What good could possibly come from a PTP tag title reign anyway? Them versus The Ascension? Yawn.

    I had a gut feeling the Money In The Bank match would turn out similar to 2013 where everyone was expecting a certain guy to win it (Bryan then, Reigns now) but then they gave it to someone else instead and threw everybody off. I can't really see what good can come out of Sheamus winning it though, considering I doubt anyone really believes he's actually gonna cash in and become champion, especially with a heel carrying the title around at the moment. I guess Brock vs Sheamus or Reigns vs Sheamus are both viable programs if either of them takes the title from Seth within the next year, but meh. Maybe Ambrose will challenge him for the case at either Battleground or Summerslam and win it from him then. One can only hope.

    And I'm not even about to complain about Kevin Owens losing to Cena. Not only was it expected, but Owens took Cena to his limit (again) and even had him in denial when he kept maneuvering and kicking out of his finishers, and it took Cena three AA's before he could finally put him down. The match itself was fucking awesome (not that I expected anything less), and while time and repeated viewings will only tell for sure, I probably liked it better than their first one. Furthermore, Owens won the first match clean and he'll hopefully walk away from the whole feud as the new United States Champion when it's all done and over with (and hopefully without needing to resort to cheating to beat Cena again), so Cena picking up one win over Owens is cool with me.

    Everything else was fine. You can tell Paige and Nikki were putting forth a hard effort to have a good match and the finish was fine to me. Ryback and Big Show had a nice little powerhouse match-up going before Miz jumped in and ruined it. Ambrose vs Rollins took a little while to get going and even then left me feeling slightly underwhelmed by the end, but it was entertaining enough and at least Seth got the clean victory for once.
  19. They do that? Guess I've never seen it
  20. Yeah Ken Kennedy (Anderson) lost his contract to Edge. I also recall Sandow having to defend his against Cody but retaining it, though I might be wrong.
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