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Jacob Peabody

Quiet You
Rate Money in the Bank 2017 and leave comments to let us know what you thought of the show.

Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match

James Ellsworth grabbed the briefcase and dropped it to Carmella, giving her the victory.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: Champions the Usos vs the New Day

The Usos retained their title by count out.

Smackdown Women's Championship Match: Champion Naomi vs Lana

Naomi retained the title by submission.

WWE Championship Match: Champion Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton

Jinder Mahal retained by pin fall

Breezango vs Ascension

Breezango defeated the Acension by pin fall

MITB Ladder Match

Baron Corbin won the MITB ladder match.

Solid Snake

ɪɴғɪɴɪᴛᴇ ᴄᴀᴛ ʟɪᴛᴛᴇʀ
I wont vote because I didn't watch but I did watch a recap and wow. This PPV sounded awful.

For starts, the first MITB womens ladder match was won by a dude. What a slap in the face to all of them. Horrible. HORRIBLE.
Then Carmella comes out later to interrupt Naomi and Lana only it doesn't even effect the match at all and Naomi retains. What?
Randy and Jinder sounded like they had an "okay" match which would be fine for SmackDown but not a PPV.
Double count out for the tag match... eh.

The only part worth watching is the ladder match (mens) and specifically for that face off from AJ and Naka. That will be one of the best matches if not the MATCH of the year. I don't know when it is happening but that is honestly the only take away from this entire ppv and that is pretty damn sad. Yes Corbin won which is cool, he could use the boost from having the briefcase but it was painfully predictable.

So had I watched this PPV... 2 points for the main event, 1 point for Jinder retaining, and that is about it so 3/10.
Not the worst PPV of all time but it certainly sounds like it is in the top 5 worst of all time. Pathetic.


"Best Girl" regardless of gender.
LDW Management
For the Women's MITB, I feel as though if Ellsworth had simply knocked Becky off the ladder for Carmella and she'd grab the briefcase, that match overall would not have had so much backlash...
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Ricky Daniels

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
WWE was looking good for a moment with the womens ladder match looking like they were finally making women equal. A match on this magnitude should of been put higher on the card and also the finish makes women seem inferior to men as they couldn't win without them. The only good thing about The New Day is their jokes about prison. I don't get why they are still relevant and I gave up on their match before it started, Naomi's entranced just remind me of a kid who put the bogies of gooey Louie in their hair. The match itself was mostly decent, better then what i thought, however the addition to Carmella really spoiled the match personally.
For some reason the cheesy Breezango section was extremely funny, I loved the puns and the 80's vibe. The following segment isn't a miracle unfortunately. They made me think of brainwashed people involved in a cult so I am interested in their storyline over the next couple of weeks and months.
Jinder's first defense really got me excited. I'm entertained by the comedy behind his character mainly as it pisses people off. Jinder reminds me of Rafi from the league, nothing bad with that just I love both characters. Jinder was playing very smart in the match itself I thought. Not to the standards of Randy but that comes with experience. I am pretty sure there was a match that got people bared from the match instead of a dq. New Era Same Bullshit. Also where was Jinder during the beatdown of his henchmen?
Following the circumstances of the retain I hate it. But I get it. But the next match? The purpose of being that high in the card even if just a filler match? Pointless and a quick match.
The Men's match im not really bothered by but it looked good, bit confused where they're going with the winner but I kinda can justify it modifications are made to the character.
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The Showoff
Rising Star
6/10, the womens MitB match I really enjoyed- until the end, PPV never really recovered for me after that.

This was actually the 1st MitB even I have watched. Probably more of a 5 really its a toss up between this, Payback and Roadblock for shittiest recent event.
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The Lunatic Fringe
I watched up the the end of brrezango vs ascension (ok I watched that one in fast forward lol) and turned it off before the mitb match.

I personally liked Jinder vs Orton it was a nice setting and a decent pace.

But my overall favorite part about the ppv was.... Lana. She looked great in that outfit.

I was a little shocked that ellsworth got involved in the women's mitb match.

Glad baron corbin won the briefcase, I hope he has a successful cash in. But something tells me that if he used it against Jinder he won't win.

Aurtle the Turtle

The Rainmaker
Money in the Bank 2017 Rundown


  • Men's Money in the Bank ladder match was a real display of how dangerous the match type can be and AJ, Zayn and Owens especially put in great performances.
  • The Kanellis' gimmick will get over if given enough time and it's perfect for these two who are average wrestlers but great heel promos.
  • FaBreeze were as entertaining as always, even if their following match was medicore.
  • Ladies Money in the Bank ladder match felt awkward at best and the finish was a huge spit in the face of anyone looking forward to building the women up to be main event level talent.
  • Jinder vs Orton has the exact same match they did at Backlash, move for move and the finish was identical, just different lackey killing spots from Orton. Shit champion. Shit match. This is meant to be the most presitigious championship in the world WWE but it's not and this feud has made that clearer than ever.
  • Naomi vs Lana was incredibly poor and Carmella was there for no reason.
  • Poor kick-off match
  • A double count victory does no one any favours in the The New Day vs Usos feud, no one gets over.
  • Baron Corbin is a future world champion but he's far too under-developed still as his feud with Ziggler showed.
  • There was no point to the pre-match attack to Nakamura other than to draw some basic heat, Nakamura still continued the match fine, it's not like Corbin screwed him over completely, more of a minor annoyance.
  • Roidy Mahal is still WWE Champion.
Match of the Night: Men's MITB Ladder Match - 8/10
Performance of the Night: Sami Zayn
Final Rating: 4/10
8 segments, 3 enjoyable. 100 divied by 8 = 12.5 x 3 = 37.5 = 4/10

WWE should be ashamed.
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The Showoff
only watched the main MITB match in full, saw the clip of the ending of the woman's match which I feel rendered the match pointless to watch from start (even if there were good spots, i just couldn't enjoy it having seen the ending now)

I had little interest to watch any other matches on the card other than the main event which I enjoyed. I did at one point sit thinking "so what's wrong with nakamura for them to keep him out of this" and then he came back. Great to see him and AJ going at it in ring. Some good spots through the match, felt they wanted to get the crowd behind Sami winning it but I'm actually happy for Corbin to win it because he can Heel up off the back of it. Crowd didn't like him winning it and if they want to escalate him then this is the way to do it. From Squasher to Mr Money in the Bank, he is on the way up.

As for my opinions of Corbin holding the briefcase in terms of cashing in. If Jinder hadn't happened then I would be sitting here typing that I don't believe he will have a successful cash-in BUT we live in a Jinderful world where anything is possible so I actually think he can win the title, just a question of who now.

Koko B.

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
I may be the only one with this view, but I actually liked the end of the women's MITB. If a heel was going to win it (and let's face it, the briefcase suits a heel best), then why not have Ellsworth do the dirty work? It's memorable, it's shocking, it gets people talking, and we'll all tune in on Tues to see how Shane / DB address it.

There will be another women's MITB, and someone will win it clean. But I thought it was funny how the first one ended.


WWEF's Resident Hologram
Women's ladder match was a joke, the first ever women's mitb and they have a man take the briefcase? Good going WWE.

The MITB match itself was great but predictable from how smackdown ended, Nakamura's attack made it obvious he was gonna come out but as soon as AJ and him locked horns, I was sure neither would win. Glad I picked Corbin lol.

It was an 'okay' PPV. I'm hoping another challenger steps up for WWE title because I can't watch that same match a third time.


The Artiste
I give it a 3/10, and that's being generous. Orton vs Jinder was ok. Not as good as their last match, but good enough. The mens MITB was by far the match of the night. The PPV reminded me of late 90's WCW booking. WWE is too good to be going that route. Apart from the two matches I mentioned above, the whole PPV was disappointing. Very lazy and cheap booking for the most part.


ur booty is heavy duty like diarrhea
  • the women surprised me, I expected this match to be awkward and nothing more than a clusterfuck but they actually put on a good match. I get that the ending isn't very woman empowering but then again, the difference wasn't that James is a man and Carmella isn't but moreso that Carmella just wrestled in a ladder match and Ellsworth was still fresh. So let's not get offended by something like that, ok? It's just for heat, don't get worked over it guys
  • the tag title match was great, but the ending was kinda iffy for a PPV. Then again, it's worth 9.99 and I think that justifies it if you look at what we got later on
  • Mike and Maria Kanellis making their surprise debut was interesting. I don't really like their presentation tho. The hearts, the touchy song.. I get the gimmick but it doesn't really feel like a wrestler gimmick I'd take serious
  • Jinder vs Orton is facing the exact problems I was expecting. Jinder isn't inexperienced but he's nowhere near to being a flashy performer. The only thing that got the crowd pumped up was when Orton was kicking the shit out of the Singh Brothers, but they're not the champion and neither is Orton. I get the argument of "Orton's boring" and stuff but Randy can put on a great match with the right person. Jinder should have his best matches right now and he's not performing to World title standards which just tells me that he's not getting better than this.
  • the mens mitb match was awesome, I think the right guy won as it's a very heelish stipulation, a heel should mostly take the W on these things and Corbin is destined for something big anyways.

Jacob Peabody

Quiet You
This was an awkward PPV due to lousy booking. The women's MITB match was great, and they tarnished it with a shitty ending. I am not a fan of tag team wrestling, as most of you probably know, but I really enjoyed the tag championship match... and it had a shitty ending.

I find myself somewhat indifferent to the results of the men's MITB match. It was a good match. I like Baron Corbin. But I don't think I see him as main event material just yet. I think it would be better served to have him hold a midcard title and then build up.

Based on matches alone, I may have given this an 8. Due to crap booking, it gets a 4.
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Jacob Peabody

Quiet You
Oh and moment of the night was when, I believe Tyler Breeze, was talking on a 1980's cellphone that had tape on it that said "Property of Paul E." Nice nostalgic moment.
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The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
Out of respect to almost all the superstars last night that really busted their asses (several of which took some sick bumps), I gave this show a 5/10 cause otherwise it would have been an easy 3/10. Quick thoughts/notes:

- Pre show I skipped (as I normally do) and from what I've heard, didn't really miss out on anything important so that's that...

- So, the historic first ever WOMAN'S MITB ladder match is won by a...MAN. Granted, it was pretty much a given that Ellsworth would play a significant role in this match but to actually win it I find rediculous. Even more rediculous was the fact that you had the referees arguing on what to do and when...Ellsworth himself took the mic and announced Carmella as the winner they went like "oh, ok, ring the bell".

I mean, how many times have we seen in simillar conterversial situations a GM come out and order the match to restart or simply not approve? Anyway, given the tweets later on, there's apparently an angle in all this, though I doubt they will take the briefcase from Carmella. If I were to take an early guess, I say DB comes out on Tuesday (he apparently tweeted that he will address the issue) and makes a match between Becky (who seemingly had the match won) and Carmella with the briefcase on the line, only for Carmella to eventually win again, perhaps with some more shenanigans....

- With the momentum they had, I feel the Usos could have picked up the first win in what should be a rather long feud with the New Day that will most likely culmunate at Summerslam. I guess the idea for the count out is that in WWE's eyes it was a win win situation for both teams but, Idk, don't think New Day would have suffered any damage had they been pinned...

- Woman's Championship match was rather sloppy but hey, wasn't expecting a five star match out of them to begin with so can't really be to harsh in judgement.

- To Maria Kanellis: I'm sorry girl but as far as I'm concerned (and I'm sure most of the old school fans will agree) the only FIRST LADY there is was Elizabeth....

- Absolutely love what they are doing with the Fashion Files, now turning it into Fashion Vice. Awesome stuff. Here's to a spoof of the X-Files or McGyver or even CSI down the road :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

- WWE Championship match was an almost identical copy of the Backlash match. Whatever, the right guy won and hopefully we are done with this and move on...

- Men's MITB ladder match by far the match of the night and once more hats off to all six of them for busting their asses and taking some serious, sick bumps. No need to go through all the good spots, great stuff overall, the winner was also very predictable so all I'll add as a note is my great satisfaction for WWE planting the seeds in regards to the money match I've talked about and one that I am sure every single one of us wants to see. If those roughly five minutes of what we got between AJ and Nakamura are any indication, I cannot wait for Mania next year. I just hope WWE are patient enough with this and wait for the grandest stage because this is a match that simply can't happen anywhere else. They ain't stupid so I have enough faith they will do the right thing here....

Prince Bálor

I'm kind of a big deal
MITB was a decent show. It would've been much better if it wasn't for some of the finishes, but oh well. 6/10

- Carmella vs Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Natalya vs Tamina was a solid show opener. ★★½
All women involved were working hard in order to make this historic match a very good one, but the ending ruined it. Not because Carmella won, because let's face it, most of us predicted she would win it, but the execution of the finish came off poorly. Sure, it'll give them some much needed heat because Carmella gets none when she comes out because she's not very good, but that's besides the point. The point is, this was a historic match and the ending should've been Carmella grabbing the briefcase, maybe even on top of Ellsworth's shoulders. That way you still get heel heat, but this way... Well, I can't say I liked it.

- The Usos vs The New Day was pretty good. ★★★½
Both teams played their roles well, they worked at a good pace and put on some fun action from start to finish. It's a shame the ending itself was a bit flat, though. I didn't hate it or anything, The New Day definitely didn't need to win here and yes, it extended the feud, but it just fell flat.

- Naomi vs Lana was decent. ★★
Well, it was much better than anticipated. Lana's debut match was actually OK, she still has ways to go, but this wasn't bad.

- The Fashion Vice segment was fun. The best part was Fandango holding a phone with "Property of Paul E." written on the side of it.

- The debut of Mike & Maria Kanellis was alright. So, the power of love gimmick, huh? Alright. We'll see how that goes, but I thought the debut went well.

- Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton was rock solid. ★★¾
It was slighly better than their Backlash match. I mean, the crowd was invested and Jinder was much more aggressive and the crowd was really into Orton, but the ending was exactly the same as it was in their previous outing, which is kinda lame. This match would've been better with less shenanigans and a different finish, but oh well.

- Breezango vs The Ascension was OK, but skippable. ★½
It was a filler match. And The Fashion Police won. It's all I can say.

- Baron Corbin vs AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler was a great ME. ★★★★
It was great and MOTN, as expected. Everyone worked and bumped their ass off and they created some great moments. They have a lot of interesting match-ups coming out of this, so I guess I don't mind Corbin winning (as most of us predicted), even though I would've preferred Sami winning. But, oh well. It was still a great match.
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Mustafar Reginald

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
Money in the Bank Review

So Did Anyone Hear That The First Women's Money in the Bank Was Won by a Guy?
So at this point I assume everybody already knows 100% where they stand on the finish. Either you hate it, like what seems to be majority, or you're cool with it. Honestly, I'll fully admit that it's kinda shitty that a landmark for the women in WWE is forever going to be defined by the actions of a man. But to be honest, I like the finish. Partially because I always wanted to see a finish like this for Money in the Bank. I'm not saying a would've booked it that way, I think there were plenty of other ways to do it that would've been better but I'm not super bothered by it. To be honest, what happened to Bayley at Extreme Rules is far more of a shot against the Women's Revolution than Ellsworth winning for Carmella. Because Extreme Rules was character assassination match that barely got a sneeze of time. Conversely, this was the third longest match on the card, everyone got time to shine, and the scumbag finish is being presented on every level as a scumbag finish.

Like, I heard people compare this to Santino's run as Santina and no, that was far worse. Because when Santina won, it was presented as a punchline. And Santina just became a running gag. Ellsworth winning, was presented as a screwed up moment that everyone was treating seriously. 2/3rds of the referee's were calling bullshit on the finish, 2/3rds of the commentary team were calling bullshit on the finish, just about everyone one on twitter not James Ellsworth or Carmella were calling bullshit on the finish. This is the story, the controversy and heat from this finish, that was the point. That was their intention. And it feels like a big deal. It feels like a bigger deal than if say Becky won because Becky's pretty great. It's the topic of conversation leaving MITB, and I don't think that would've happened otherwise.

But that being said, I am NOT saying that anyone's anger is invalid and that you should just tip your hat to WWE for trolling you hard. You're suppose to want to watch the next show from PPV's. If this decision made you mad enough that you're not going to watch, then yeah, WWE went too far with and it was a bad decision. And your feelings aren't invalidated by WWE's intentions, so while I may not feel the same way, it definitely runs the risk of pissing people off in the wrong way. I do kinda like the WWE are doing risks. And personally, if I was booking, I would've used this as a false finish and re-started the match with Ellsworth ejected. Honestly I don't think lingering on the ref's arguments for so long was a good idea if they weren't going that route. Made the finish seem sloppy.

Ignoring the finish though, what about the actual match? Well, it was good! Surprisingly, they manage to tell a mostly cohesive story, you know for a five competitor ladder match, and everyone got their moment. I really liked the start of the match, focusing on Tamina cleaning house after the other four women ditched the ring for the ladders. Nice use of the numbers they have and it got Tamina's spotlight out of the way (that Samoan Drop she did to Carmella, I think, looked terrible). The "Let Go of Ladder" spot lasted way too long though. Charlotte and Carmella were actually the highlights for me. Charlotte's moonsault was a thing of beauty and Carmella had some pretty fun spots. Like her using the support hinges to switch sides of the ladder or her struggle to pick up the ladder was pretty funny. Though in hindsight that kinda makes the finish worse. Anyway, it was good. A little upset that there was no dive off a ladder or anything but I'm glad that they utilized the gimmick and it was an interesting bout with a controversial finish. I'm fine with it right now.

Match Rating: 7/10

Tag Team Excellence
Going into Money in the Bank, I had a sneaking suspicion that this match might actually steal the show. It didn't of course but it was definitely the second best bout of the night. Just a lot of solid tag team wrestling. The Usos had a lot of great tag team moves, especially those targeting the leg of Kofi Kingston. And New Day had a lot of great moments in the match, Big E's apron spear and suplex dominance, Kofi's trust fall and weird super-kick counter. It was great really entertaining and once again, I liked the finish. Of course it's a bit of blue balls but I thought the match effectively built the match to the point where the countout victory felt earned in a way. Like after that Big Ending break up, the pull-away then walk away just made sense. And as much as I still like the New Day, I really didn't want to see The Usos dropping the titles so quickly so yeah, good story progression here and I'm really looking forward to the rematch.

Match Rating: 8/10

I Mean it Was Competent
To be honest, my title kinda expresses my sentiment exactly. This bout wasn't really entertaining but it worked well enough as a showcase for what Lana can do while keeping Naomi strong in defending her belt. For Lana, I liked those suplexes into the ropes, especially the first one she did since Naomi's under knee area hit the ropes directly, looked pretty cool. I also liked that, ass on rope then kick swipe move Lana did. The match will be docked a point though for the superfluous briefcase flaunting of Carmella. Like, it didn't really cost Lana the match from my memory, it just, killed up time. Fun fact, I watched this after work and all my friend told me was that it was really weird, like above No Mercy 2007 weird (and no, it wasn't even close to that, I doubt that'll be topped for a good while) so when Carmella came out I briefly thought she was actually going to do a Rollins. Once I got over that, I knew she wasn't going to cash-in. I was steadfast going into the PPV that the Women's MITB winner wouldn't cash-in quickly because WWE's going to want to milk it but I thought, hey if there's a chance she might be stripped of the briefcase, why not cash in now and avoid that possibility. But alas it didn't happen.

Also, what the fuck Naomi!? That entrance was just . . . and you gave some guy your ass rag.

Match Rating: 4/10

Here She Comes Again, Like Good Medicine
I loved this. I loved everything about this. I love that they weren't using WWE mics, making them seem more like teleprompters [of love]. Like if they're weren't going to show me the power of love, they'd at least show me a good deal on coffee makers. I love that both are going by Kanellis. Because their love is clearly the focus of their gimmick so having them share last names highlights that nicely. I loved that it's Kanellis too. It's probably because she's the one that's spent years in WE but also hopefully it indicates that they'll be focusing more on her than him. I hope both do good mind you, I just haven't seen Bennett's work. & considering she did most of the mic work, I am assuming Maria's going to be a focus. Love that Maria doesn't age because I mean fuck it didn't even seem like she wrinkled or anything. She looked exactly the same from when she left, minus like maybe a tattoo I think is new, and the dress is new. & the guy on her lips is new. And I loved the song. It compliments the gimmick so well and those cheesy semi rock ballads (as in semi rock, cause it's the type of song a rock band would put out to seem sensitive) are great. Totally fine with losing Legs Like That which I didn't think I was going to be able to say. This won't count towards the final rating but I just have to throw this out here because I have my own personal bias involved here.

Promo Rating: 10/10

Was Ric Flair Only Out There For Orton's Match? Bad Father
They gave them twenty minutes. That was way too long for this match. I liked the match better than their Backlash match but I can't really say much more than it was competent. I liked the idea behind the match with Orton dominating until he lands badly and then Jinder takes over. I don't really remember how that transitioned into Orton regaining control because twenty minutes was too long and my interest waned fast. The finish was really stupid. Like, point off for it just being a blatant repeat of Backlash but why was the ref's natural inclination to DQ the Singh Siblings rather than eject them? Like if they attacked Orton I'd get it, like when Dean had to beg the ref on Maryse but all the did was move Jinder's foot on the rope. I don't get what Orton had to make a case to not get DQ'd. Of course Orton fucked that up and the Singh's didn't even listen to the ref in the slightest. Cool that the crowd was into it, and basically the whole show, I guess though.

Match Rating: 3/10

Fashion Police Keep You Warm at Night & Makes You Feel Nice
For starters, I still hope/believe American Alpha are the true culprits and this Ascension thing was a bait & switch. For seconds, Fashion Vice was awesome. My three favorite jokes were, III. The Southpaw reference, II. "Is it Coliseum?", I. They couldn't afford the rights to U2, so they just plastered the lyrics on the screen. But this isn't being graded by Fashion Vice, which also be like 9 or 10, but instead by the match. I was more entertained by the commentary than the match itself.

Match Rating: 4/10

If You're Not in The Ring When The Bell Rings, You're Not in The Match. This is a Minor Nitpick And of Course Gauntlet Style Matches Are Excluded Here But Shinsuke Should Not of Legally Been Allowed to Enter The Match, He Was No Longer Participating in it. For an Inverse Example, When Hornswoggle Won The Cruiserweight Championship And My Soul Died a Little, Pun Intended, he Wasn't Even Scheduled in The Match he Won it in. He Just Ran Through the Ring When The Bell Rung, Which Made Him Officially a Part of The Match, Allowing Him The Sneak Win. They Also Have to Be Standing in The Ring While The Bell Rings, Hence Why Bryan Had to Forfeit One of His Money in the Bank Cash-in's Because Henry Was on His Knees When it Happened. Anyway, I'm Bringing This up Here Because Clearly Nobody Except me Cares & I'm Aware it's Not a Big Deal in The Grand Scheme of Things But it Bothered me so I'm Acknowledging it. Also Titles Are Hard.
I promise I'm going to stop with the super long titles eventually. Anyway, for the first while of this match I wasn't really feeling it, and was even thinking that I'd end up preferring the Women's. It just felt like an cluttered mess of spots, there wasn't much in terms of progression or story to it. There were some cool spots, I liked the Dolph running up the ladder to stop the Forearm, and the Deep Six was awesome just for how Baron Corbin almost knocked Dolph straight into the camera. But for a good while I was just kinda bored while it seemed like they were going through the motions. The only moment I thought was bad though was Dolph instructing Corbin on how to use the ladder and then patting him on the back like Dolph somehow doesn't understand big meanie beanie Corbin's character yet. JBL's there talking up Dolph's experience factor and yet he makes the dumbest mistake in the match. But in terms of complaints, they all end here.

The match began turn around for me when AJ, Dolph, and Sami (I believe) were all trying to get the briefcase, with AJ using the support hinges to stand on there. But it didn't truly kick off until Sami's fantastic outing basically eliminating everyone. I became really invested and actually thought Sami might win here, despite logic dictating that Shinsuke still had to come out. And before I get to that, I just want to talk about a splatter of great spots outside of Shinsuke. Sami's suplex (I can't think of the name, it wasn't a tiger suplex but that's all that's coming to mind) on Kevin was fantastic and then EVERYTHING AJ STYLES DID. The AA was awesome but of course the best was his incredible hang and drop. That was absolutely sick and even though he needs the briefcase the least of everyone, in that moment I wanted him to win.

But anyway, Shinsuke comes out and then we get some of the best camera work in WWE's entire history. They did an unbelievably good job here though I do have some criticisms in that regard. But anyway, Shinsuke comes out and clobbers everyone, he then goes to grab the ladder but somebody else grabs it and the reveal, unless I'm just remembering wrong, was done through face close-up. Even if that's not how they revealed it was AJ, the close-ups spoke volumes and the two moving the ladder to the side with the fans erupting, it was beautiful. AJ's Forearm was my favorite part of their exchange. But I also, absolutely loved the slow sweep shot of AJ & Shinsuke battling on the ladder with backdrop being all the fans on their feet. That was such a fantastic shot, I can't believe WWE kept changing the angles up. None of the angles match the impact of that shot. I'm expecting Shinsuke/AJ at SummerSlam. And it seems apparent now that Corbin taking out Shinsuke wasn't to give Corbin some heat but it was to keep Shinsuke and AJ apart as much as possible until their singles match. Separated for almost the entirety of the match, tease at the end, big one on one at SummerSlam. It's fantastic.

Corbin winning was safe and predictable but I also thought he was the best choice. It was either going to be him or Sami, I don't think anybody else would've truly benefited from it like those two would've. Having another announced cash-in, which is how I think it would've went with Sami would've been great but Corbin needed the win more (especially with Sami trouncing him). He now has an attached purpose along with him and they can use this, to build him up to the point where a cash-in will feel more credible. Not that credibility matters much when Jinder can just win it but still. Awesome match.

Match Rating: 9/10

Show Rating: 5.8/10


I. Payback ~ 6.4/10
II. WrestleMania 33 ~ 6.1/10
III. Money in the Bank ~ 5.8/10
IV. Backlash ~ 5.1/10


I. WWE Title, John Cena vs. AJ Styles (c): Royal Rumble ~ 10/10
II. WWE Title, Bray Wyatt vs. AJ Styles vs. The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin vs. John Cena (c), Elimination Chamber: Elimination Chamber ~ 9/10
III. Money in the Bank, AJ Styles vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn: Money in the Bank ~ 9/10
IV. Raw Tag Team Titles, Sheamus & Cesaro vs. The Hardy Boyz (c): Payback ~ 8/10
V. CW Title, Austin Aries vs. Neville (c): Payback ~ 8/10
VI. Raw Women's Title, Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley (c): Payback ~ 8/10
VII. Raw Women's Title, Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax vs. Bayley (c): WrestleMania 33 ~ 8/10
VIII. Universal Title, Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg (c): WrestleMania 33 ~ 8/10
IX. AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon: WrestleMania 33 ~ 8/10
X. CW Title, Jack Gallagher vs. Neville (c): Fastlane ~ 8/10

I still haven't seen that Takeover event yet, and I skipped Extreme Rules entirely. So yeah. Also, remainder that there's no weight to my score, a twenty minute match impacts the PPV Rating the same as a one minute match.


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I pretty much have to echo the thoughts of Fox on this one... but not necessarily the booking of the show itself but where it's going.

Glad I didn't have to squint too much at the women's match! Laughed at the Ellsworth thing thinking it was a comedy spot, then rolled my eyes and stopped myself from turning the TV off.
But as much as I hate main roster tags, I love the Urban Usos and really liked that match! Great job keeping the action pretty exciting, y'all. Best main roster tag since the Shield days, maybe? The action here was so good that I didn't really mind the non-finish - plus it felt earned and even to my jaded ass it felt like the Usos doing a dick move
Naomi and Lana was fine among predictably no expectations
Jinder and Randy was predictably garbage but they knew how to get the crowd into it but if they have to do this much to get a second star in your rating then why is this a title feud
Main event was the typical fun you'd expect from MITB

That's most of the thoughts, but... It's more about watching cowardly heel title reigns for Corbin and Carmella after more of this Jinder Mahal title reign. Sounds like a lot of skipped Smackdowns for me. All this great talent on the roster we'll never get a chance to truly appreciate.

All the indy stars bowing to the muscleheads, even.
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Chillin' with the snowmies.
Also, it struck me it's been one year since MITB 2016 and Dean Ambrose's WWE title win... Outside of Balor's initial win with the Universal Title, the only babyface title win since Daniel Bryan. Crazy to think. I understand heat draws money, but eventually we could use a happy moment or two.

(though SD has had other satisfying championship wins with the other belts)

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Well...better late than never...

~ Missed the kick off show...but I was hoping Ryder would turn on Mojo...but he didn't...
~ So the main show opened with the Women's Ladder Match and my Bae Charlotte
came out first...which was awesome. I was happy the booking team decided to open
the event with this match.
~ The match itself was...okay? I think? It only went for 13:20...which was way too short
and the ending was terribly booked. I think the WWE realize that with them basically
hitting the "reset button" and stripping Carmella of the briefcase.

Hopefully the ladies will get 30+ minutes and a proper ending to the rematch on SmackDown
coming up...but it doesn't change the fact the WWE really fucked up with this one.

I is not happy.

Also Charlotte looked amazing and Tamina was shockingly the standout in the match.

~ New Day vs. Usos was great...but the ending was bullshit...
~ Naomi vs. Lana was...alright. Lana was better than I expected but I honestly think Carmella
should have cashed in and won the belt...and that way setting up a 6/or 7 woman ladder match
at the next SmackDown pay per view.

But...a large part of me is happy Naomi retained and has won a couple of televised matches

~ Maria Kanellis & her husband showed up...and that's okay I guess. I don't really have an

~ Jinder retained...and the match was okay I guess. I'm kind of over Orton and I'd rather see
Jinder feuding with someone Sami Zayn. Better Jinder be champion than Orton.
~ Breezango vs. Ascension was pointless...and it was time that should have been given to
the women's ladder match.

~ The Men's Ladder Match was great...but I didn't like the booking of Nakamura...he
should have been out there the entire time. Corbin won as I was hoping...and hopefully
which ever face defeats Jinder will be attacked by the Wolf as he claims the WWE title. seemed a fairly uneven pay per view...and I was extremely pissed by the
booking of the Women's Ladder Match which ended in the way I was most dreading
while teasing me that Becky was going to claim the case before that fucking, chinless
idiot ruined everything.

Heel heat or was complete and utter horseshit booking the WWE realize that by
hitting the reset button as quickly as they possibly can.

Of course...after watching Money in the Bank I was in hospital within a couple of hours
and having surgery the next day.

This pay per view will always be a tainted memory for me...because of the booking and
because of my health failing me again.

Also...I think Kevin Owens should have defended the US title against Tye Dillinger and
Luke Harper should have been in the ladder match.

Just my opinion...

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