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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. Rate the new NXT out of 10 people!
  2. 8/10 from me. It lost 2 points because I felt like they could easily add a little length to it. At least one more match. Also seeing a NXT Diva debut on the first episode would also be nice (Shaul Guerrero :gusta: )
  3. Honestly, it's an odd show to grade. Again, really don't like seeing so many squashes on one show, just like with Smackdown, but it's a great way to display new talent. Not that excited about Bo Dallas, but The Ascension... :fap:

    Yet again, the Match of the Week was a Tyson Kidd match nobody saw. This is becoming a trend.

    JR and William Regal on commentary is just perfect. Neither one is incompetent or a blabbering idiot, and that's all we can hope for for commentary nowadays. Not to mention they've got such great chemistry, and added quite a bit to the show!
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  4. 8/10 good but Riley should have been on it.
  5. Actually watch it.
  6. 6.5/10

    Once again I find myself agreeing with Rainman. I can't think of a better commentary team that I've seen in WWE than Regal/J.R? They are so epic and add so much to every match, plus it's obvious they actually care about what they are watching. So refreshing.

    The matches were pretty cool, still undecided on Dallas however the Ascension are fucking awesome.

    Kidd/Michael was a really great TV match, Tyson Kidd needs to be called up to the main roster ASAP. It's a disgrace that he's anywhere near NXT.

    Good show, looking forward to more.
  7. I think mine would be a 7, only because of the squash matches but they were needed so I'm not sure. Everything else was spot on. Bray Wyatt next week and Seth Rollins who looks like a better version of Punk atm.

    Ascention was my mark out moment of the week.
  8. No thank you.
  9. Why? I'm curious, because if a non-TNA fan said that about TNA you would be ranting at them.
  10. Rollins isn't that great on the stick sadly if I remember correctly from his ROH run, he's more a cross between Gabriel and Punk IMO. Great worker, probably passable on the mic, just about.
  11. It's not on TV, it doesn't build towards anything, and I don't feel like it.

    No thank you.
  12. Not sure if you've seen this NXT but if I were a casual who's never seen Rollins I would rate him awesome on the stick judging from his promo/segment/package thing that aired. I hope he's that good actually in the ring on the mic.

    It will be on TV, it has more storylines than RAW and that's lame :emoji_slight_frown:
  13. That's what makes the webshows great. Creative can't screw them up.
  14. Hype videos are easier to look good on.
  15. 6/10...It just felt a little rushed for me.
  16. I've only seen him in FCW and he seems pretty good on the stick there. He feuded with Ambrose for a while and kept even steps with him on the microphone.
  17. So he doesn't still have those awkward pauses ?
  18. I'm sure he's had some pauses but not that many. He is able to hold a promo with Ambrose and make himself look good so I bet he has improved since ROH.
  19. It was alright
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