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  2. Was pretty average, there was some positives but there also was some negatives.. in this case I would say the positives slightly outweigh the negatives.
  3. 5/10.

    Cesaro/Sheamus was pretty awesome, even for a US title match. Stardust/Goldust and The Uses always deliver good, so the match was good as always. Dean Ambrose made me mark out for that segment, definitely enjoyed it. And then the rest of the event was meh. Divas match I wasn't interested in. The Intercontinental championship match was okay, but whoever the two country singers were just made it meh to me. And don't even get me started on that pitiful scene called the Rusev/Henry match, please Mark Henry is so much better than that. I fell asleep during the Divas match, so didn't catch the World heavyweight championship match, but from what I've heard Seth Rollins grew a pair and attacked both Cena and Lesnar. Props to him, even if he didn't walk out WWE Champion.

    Pay-Per-View wasn't the worst, but wasn't the greatest. I have to say, Cesaro and Sheamus stole the match, and it was for the United States championship, the lower midcard championship. I applaud them. :yes:
  4. 4/10 Liked two matches. Announcers didn't pay attention to zig vs miz so -1. Reminded me when in wcw the announcers wouldn't pay attention to great matches and talk bout nwo all night lol. Bury the jobbers
  5. Gonna continue watching where I left off last night... Y2J vs Orton, The Divas title match and WWE WHC match are left to be watched. This better be good! Will rate/review it later...
  6. Pretty lackluster PPV IMO, but they can't all be great. 3/10
  7. I give it a strong 6. I enjoyed it
  8. Sheamus vs Cesaro was MOTN.

    Usos vs the dust brothers was good.

    Ambrose returning was cool.

    was hoping seth would take the title off of whoever won but sadly no dice, gonna be interesting to see how that plays out though.

    Country singers florida and georgia or whatever ruined the IC match, fuck you Cole and Lawler, really. JBL is the only one who at least at times talked about the match.


    WWEWHC match was alright.
  9. Hey I won more bets than I thought I would! :woohoo: I had forgotten who I bet on lol
  10. 5-3 I'm a happy goose :letroll:
  11. 7/10 at best, I'm being really generous here.

    - Goldust & Stardust won! Yes, finally!
    - Sheamus vs Cesaro was awesome! Highlight of the night, definitely!
    - Rusev vs Mark Henry was meh. Knew Rusev would win, though.
    - Miz vs Ziggler was meh, the commentators not focusing on the match, WTF? Miz winning the IC title was even worse. I lost my bloody bet. Screw you, Miz!
    - Divas title match was meh, only because Titty Bella was in there. Good to see AJ and Paige exchanging titles every PPV, though.
    - Ambrose coming out was a mark out moment for me! Loved it, even though I think they should've just hit the music, instead of showing the taxi with Dean walking out! It's great to see him back, though... With so many guys out, hopefully he can save the WWE.
    - Lesnar vs Cena was great. Every moment served its purpose. I thought Cena would put up a good fight, just like he did, but would still fall short. Thought they were gonna go with Brock win in a clean sweep, too bad it didn't happen. When Rollins got involved, I knew they were gonna do it one more time, a final match between the two in Hell In A Cell match.

    Looking forward to watching Raw and seeing Brock/Cena segment, and hopefully Brock's reaction to Seth's actions from last night.
  12. I skimmed through the PPV and only watched the final minutes of every match aside for the tag title and world title matches (which were the only two matches I watched in their entirety... although from the sound of it, I should probably do the same with Sheamus/Ceasro later), but the finish to the main event just left a bad taste in my mouth. Yeah, seeing Rollins curb-stomp Lesnar (who sold that move like a champ) and try to cash in was cool, but having him interfere at the crucial moment when it looked like Lesnar was done for (complete with all three idiots at the commentary table constantly screaming "Cena had Lesnar beat!" at us) just irked me.

    Also, not to nitpick Ambrose's return (which was awesome), but there just seemed to be something very "un-cool" about him arriving in a taxi lol. I mean, would it not have been more awesome and in-tune with his character to show him speeding into the arena (and probably hitting something like a stack of boxes nearby or something) while being behind the wheel himself? But whatever. Ziggler losing the Intercontinental Title back to The Miz didn't set well with me either.
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  13. I don't get how people say Lesnar sold the curb stomp well. The whole hopping up to meet Rollins boot before crashing down again bamboozles me. Its not like Rollins is lifting Lesnar with his foot on Lesnar's neck. I've seen many other guys do the same thing for this move. I'm not just seeing things am I?

    Now afterward he stayed down for awhile so I can see if thats what you guys mean by Lesnar selling it.
  14. Brock wasn't in the right position to sell Curb Stomp like a boss. Guys that are receiving the move are usually bent over or on their hands and knees, while Brock lifted up to get hit. Judging from the position he was in, I ain't complainin' on how he sold it, it was pretty good.
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  15. 3/10 Shaemus/Cesar was good... the ending was shitty.. everything else was mediocre.
  16. Cesar? Cool name for Cesaro, bro!
  17. I guess the "O" didn't register when I tapped it.. oh well.. fuck it lol
  18. I think it's cool, though. Cesar sounds badass.
  19. i gave it a 5/10

    enjoyed the sheamus vs cesaro match :emoji_slight_smile:
  20. 7/10

    I went into this expecting it to be utter crap but was pleasantly surprised. I only skipped two matches- Rusev Vs Mark Henry and Jericho Vs Orton (Okay, so I skimmed through the main event). I really enjoyed every other match- even the Divas triple threat to some extent.
    Cesaro Vs Sheamus was my favourite match of the night. And most importantly was Ambrose returning :yay:
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