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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Sep 20, 2015.

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  1. Vote above and give your thoughts below, if you want.

    Night of Champions recap:

    *Stardust and The Ascension defeated Neville and The Lucha Dragons via pinfall in the Kickoff.

    *Kevin Owens defeated Ryback(c) via pinfall to win the Intercontinental Championship.

    *Dolph Ziggler defeated Rusev via pinfall.

    *The New Day(c) defeated The Dudley Boyz via disqualification to retain the Tag Team Championships. Xavier Woods got put through a table afterwards.

    *Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella(c) via submission to win the Diva's Championship.

    *The Wyatt Family defeated Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Chris Jericho via submission. Jericho walked out afterwards.

    *John Cena defeated Seth Rollins(c) via pinfall to win the U.S. Championship.

    *Seth Rollins(c) defeated Sting via pinfall to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

    *A Masked Kane stopped a Sheamus cash-in by attacking Seth to end the show.
  2. Despite some disappointing things, I actually enjoyed the PPV and give it a 7.

    I liked:

    Kevin Owens vs Ryback... I am much happier with KO as IC champ.

    Ziggler vs Rusev was actually a decent match although I really didn't care about it.

    I LOVED when Xavier Woods played the Final Fantasy Victory music on his trombone after they kept the belts.that was awesome.

    Charlotte vs Nikki was a decent match and it's good to FINALLY have a good Diva Champion.

    The Wyatt vs Jeri-Shield match was okay. Reigns got some very good moments in the match.

    Cena vs Rollins was probably the best match of the night. I am not too upset by Cena winning if he begins the US Open Challenge again... I enjoyed that.

    I didn't like:

    The Dudley and New Day match itself was boring.

    Stardust and Ascension vs Neville and LD match

    Sting vs Rollins match stunk.

    Jericho as the mystery partner stunk

    The MITB cash in tease stunk. There was no reason for Sheamus to not cash in as Kane SLOWLY came to the ring.
  3. It was a very so-so PPV. I don't think any of the matches are even worth a second look, even though I liked the psychology of the Diva's Championship match and thought the six-man tag delivered some pretty good action. The Tag Title match was pretty boring aside from The New Day's antics, the IC Title match was decent enough, Ziggler vs Rusev was just there, that was probably the least impressive Cena/Rollins match that I've seen thus far (it certainly paled in comparison to their Summerslam encounter last month), and Rollins vs Sting was pretty good I guess, at least considering Sting's age and the fact that he was reportedly legit hurt due to the first turnbuckle powerbomb spot during last night's match.

    The good thing is, I was content with all of the people who went over except for Ziggler beating Rusev, but I honestly don't care enough about that storyline anyway. Kevin Owens became the Intercontinental Champion, The New Day are still the Tag Team Champions, Charlotte won the Diva's Title and finally ended Nikki's long and dreadful reign, The Wyatts went over and remained strong, Rollins retained the WWE Title against Sting (with a clean victory, no less), and Sheamus didn't cash-in. I didn't mind Cena winning the United States Championship back either. I wasn't really rooting for it to happen, but I would have been fine with the outcome of that match either way.

    The best part of the PPV though, was that 90-second commercial promoting Brock Lesnar's Go To Hell tour, where we learned that Brock will not only be a guest on the Stone Cold Podcast, but will be facing The Undertaker inside the cell at next month's PPV! Awesome!
  4. lol I totally forgot about NOC...
  5. Night of Champions was a decent PPV. 6/10

    - Kevin Owens vs Ryback was a solid show opener. **½
    The finish was kinda a copy-paste of Jay Lethal vs Bobby Fish from ASE, but whatever... I am beyond happy KO is the new IC champ!
    Hopefully KO goes on a 6-8 month reign and murders everyone!

    - Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev was decent. **
    I didn't even care about this feud to begin with, so I am just glad it's over. DZ got the win with a Zig Zag after Summer accidentally hit RuRu with a shoe. Also, props to Rusev for selling that Jumping DDT like he was a freakin' tree!

    - The New Day vs The Dudley Boyz was decent for what it was. **
    Outside of The New Day antics, the match was nothing special. The Dudley Boyz win by DQ, of course, and that kind of finish begs for a rematch.
    Also, the pre-match promo from The New Day was gold... Aaand, Xavier's hair and him playing the Final Fantasy Victory and Rocky theme on a trombone was majestic.

    - Charlotte vs Nikki Bella was OK for what it was, but definitely skip-worthy. *½
    The match was dull, as Nikki was working the knee of Charlotte for what felt like eternity and Charlotte basically won out of nowhere by channeling her inner John Cena, but I am glad Charlotte is the new Divas champion and Nikki's reign is finally over, nonetheless.

    - The Wyatt Family vs Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Chris Jericho was rock solid. **¾
    I was fine with Y2J being the mystery partner. I still mark for the guy. Plus, they needed someone whose presence wouldn't eclipse Reigns, and also a guy to take the fall and to try and solidify Strowman as a monster.
    I'm cool with The Wyatts winning, hopefully the feud is blown off at HIAC. The finishing sequence was interesting, when Reigns was about to hit another Spear on Strowman and Y2J tagged himself in, leading to The Wyatts eventually picking up the win...
    Post-match, Reigns and Ambrose checked on Y2J, who then decided to be a dick and shove his way through them and do the shoulder thing on Ambrose. There'll definitely be a change of attitude when it comes to Y2J, so I'm looking forward to that.

    - A video package hyping Brock Lesnar's "Go To Hell" tour was good. Brock wrecking Show at MSG could be fun, a podcast with SCSA and a HIAC match with The Undertaker could be fun, too.

    - John Cena vs Seth Rollins was very good and MOTN. ***½
    Rollins was the ultimate babyface here, having odds stacked heavily against him. Also, that white gear must be a tribute to Tanahashi.
    Overall, this was a fun back-and-forth match with no BS. It's exactly what the Title vs Title match at SS should've been.
    But, Cena regaining the US title is lame. Not because CENAWINSLOL and not like I'll lose sleep over it, but because this proves that giving Rollins the US title in the first place was unnecessary. Damn, Rollins could've just weaseled a win over Cena, or even an intentional DQ win, thus allowing Cena to destroy him post-match. Hopefully Cena is keeping that US title warm for Sami Zayn, though.

    - Seth Rollins vs Sting was a solid ME. **½
    Gotta give props to Rollins for being a machine, and also to Sting for holding his own. The man is 56 years old and him throwing caution to the wind by taking a table spot, hitting a crossbody to the floor and then eating a Buckle Bomb is admirable. That Powerbomb may've finished him, as the finish seemed hurried from there, so I hope Sting is okay... And the finish saw another Jay Lethal tribute (from ASE) and Rollins winning with small package. Yay!

    Post-match, an underwhelming MITB cash-in was gonna happen when Sheamus came out and Brogue Kicked Rollins, then... MASKED KANE returns to save the day and stop the cash-in... #ThankYouKane
    He'd proceed to Chokeslam Rollins, then do the same to Sheamus and ultimately hit a Tombstone on Rollins to close the show.
    So, there it is... The obligatory Kane match against the WWE champion that no one wants to see, but WWE never fails to put it each year.
    I was actually expecting it, so nevermind, Rollins is still the WWE-WHC and at least they'll get that out of the way, 'cause they've been having a hard-on for Rollins/Kane for a while, so Rollins retains at HIAC and we're good!
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  6. I think the funniest moment was when a fan got in the ring with roman and dean. He was like "yeah I'm the guy" lol before he got tackled.
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  7. Seriously, what's up with all these dudes jumping over barricades as of late? Do they think it's cool to do so?

    Back in the old days, douchebags who hopped the barricades would get their ass beat and then be escorted from the ring.
    Nowadays, that's not the case. But still, you're a fan, you don't belong in the ring.
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  8. 2/10.. Maybe the lowest rating i've gave them in a while. Did not enjoy anything about the show, none of the matches or story development.
  9. Just want to say that during this show, between Charlotte's win and Cena's, NXT "graduates" had all the titles in the company for like 30 minutes. The youth movement is real, and it's awesome.

    Now lets forget this Kane thing ever happened. :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins was the Match of the Night. These two have been putting on great matches for the last month or so. They really mesh together, even though they have very differing styles.
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  11. Yep, Cena/Rollins was good. Owens/Ryback was kewl too. Reigns as always is awesome..
    Otherwise, nothing crazy exciting. 5.
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