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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Roadster, Jan 4, 2015.

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  1. Vote above and give your thoughts below.

    Matches (open)
    IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title Four Way Match

    Six Man Tag Team Match

    Tag Team Match

    UWFI Rules Match

    NEVER Openweight Title Match

    IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title Match

    IWGP Tag Team Title Match

    AJ Styles vs.Tetsuya Naito

    IWGP Intercontinental Title Match

    IWGP Heavyweight Title Match
  2. Will watch and review it later.
  3. Watching it now, will review after I'm done.
  4. Fantastic show! Opening match was a great start to the show. I really enjoyed Kenny Omega's match with Taguchi and was thoroughly entertained by it. Possibly second match of the night actually. Match of the night definitely was Ibushi vs. Nakumura, like holy shit. Main event was alright, but I kind of thought Okada should have won?

    Anywho, doesn't matter. Great show! 9/10

    Show Spoiler
    This is my weird ass humour, no shots intended, C.M Bryan. :dawg:
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  5. vote:4/10:
  6. Great. Despite the streaming issues (which are in no way a problem from the show, but from my part), awesome.
  7. 10/10, up there with WK7.
  8. Despite missing the opening match and being stuck with an English stream it was pretty damn good. Ibushi vs Nakamura was definitely the MOTN, and it was satisfying to see Shibata finally get some gold around his waist. 10/10 easily.
  9. No worries, man. It's cool.
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    Guess I'll just copy my post from the other NJPW: WK 9 thread.

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  11. Almost perfect 9/10

    IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title Four Way Match Was okay, didnt steal the show. *** 1/2

    Six Man Tag Team Match Honma gettin the win>>>> **

    Tag Team Match It was just there. Nice to see TMDK in NJ **

    UWFI Rules Match Loved it. *** 1/2

    NEVER Openweight Title Match Brutal, freaking brutal *** 3/4

    IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title Match I cannot stand Taguchi. Omega is awesome. *** 1/4

    IWGP Tag Team Title Match Shibatuuu and Goto touching gold is just ashfasjga. Solid match *** 1/2

    AJ Styles vs.Tetsuya Naito AJ looked dominant. Great Match *** 3/4

    IWGP Intercontinental Title Match So Freaking insane. A star was made. **** 3/4 - *****

    IWGP Heavyweight Title Match Piece of art. When this two have a match, i remember why I love wrestling. **** 3/4 - *****

    So yeah, I'm proud of being a wrestling fan.
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