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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jacob Fox, Oct 9, 2016.

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  1. Please rate No Mercy in our poll and let us know what you thought of the PPV in the comments below!

    No Mercy Results (open)

    John Cena vs Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

    At one point during that match, AJ Styles tapped out while in two submission holds from both Ambrose and Cena but the tap out was waved off. AJ Styles retained the title by pinfall.

    Carmella vs Nikki Bella

    Nikki Bella defeated Carmella by pinfall

    Usos vs Heath Slater and Rhyno for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship

    Heath Slater and Rhyno retained the tag team championship by pinfall.

    Jack Swagger vs Baron Corbin

    Baron Corbin defeated Jack Swagger by pin fall

    Dolph Ziggler vs the Miz for the Intercontinental Title

    Dolph Ziggler defeated the Miz by pinfall to become Intercontinental Champion.

    Alexa Bliss vs Naomi

    Naomi defeated Alexa Bliss by pinfall

    Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton

    Wyatt defeated Orton by pinfall after Luke Harper returned to the ring.
  2. Well...I'll never get to see the pay per I can't rate it...

    Congratulations are in order for: Dolph Ziggler, Heath Slater & Rhyno
    and the biggest relief is Bray Wyatt finally had a win!!!

    On the flip side...Carmella lost...and Naomi defeated Alexa Bliss...
    WTF?! Alexa Bliss is the Number 1 contender for the championship
    and you have her lose on pay per view. Way to keep her a viable
    threat WWE.

    Now...I don't have a problem with Naomi or Nikki Bella...but these
    ladies have been here for a number of years and don't really need
    the victories...Alexa and Carmella are both newly drafted from NXT
    and need to have a strong start to their main roster careers.

    Bad Booking WWE...No Soup For You!!!
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  3. This pay per view had a couple of good matches BUT it's set up was soooo poor that I cannot rate it very high. I gave it a 5. For the most part, I did my best to not fall asleep at certain parts.

    Now, if WWE put the World title match on first to avoid competing with the debate, it doesn't really make any sense. It's on the network and it shouldn't affect sales of the PPV. But for whatever reason they did it, it was a BAD mistake. Now, it COULD have been fine if they put the Miz and Ziggler match on last... but they didn't! They ended with Bray and Orton.

    The two best matches were the triple threat for the World Title which I would give ***. The other best match would be Ziggler and Miz which I would give ****. But the set up of the PPV just drained any excitement from the rest of the show. I could barely pay any attention to the Orton/Wyatt match. The Luke Harper return was anticlimactic... I mean what has Luke Harper done to make anyone excited for his return? Nothing.

    So, other than those two matches, I just couldn't get into this. But those two were quite awesome.
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  4. Didn't watch. I watched Cena vs AJ vs Ambrose and then tuned into the debate. Which honestly was probably more entertaining than this. I would of watched if Ziggler lost but sadly he didn't. Somebody needs to Make WWE Great Again :kiss::trump2:
  5. The show pretty good, I give it 8. But if it would feel like AN ACTUAL PPV it would get an 7, because this just felt like I was watching Smackdown on Tuesday night. There was legit no difference between No Mercy, Backlash and a weekly episode of SD:Live, the same colors(all blue everything:otunga:) and the same set. Be original WWE ffs... But the matches were great(at least the ones I watched, don't give a damn about the ones that didn't matter)
  6. Don’t necessarily want to come off sounding harsh or anything but I found it really difficult to go past a 5/10, which I consider fairly generous to be honest.

    - The pre show I didn’t even both watching and judging from the results and/or what took place, it ain’t like I missed anything special; if anything, I probably saved me a precious hour of my life so that’s that.

    As for the main show, kicking things off with the WWE World Championship has several interpretations. One could easily argue that switching things around every once in a while isn’t a bad thing for the sake of something different and then of course there was the matter of the presidential debate that apparently had a lot to do with this shuffling of the card; or so I heard, at least. Either way, while understandable, I’m personally more of your old school fan and the biggest prize should almost every time be featured in the main event, closing a PPV. Yes, there could be certain circumstances where perhaps a big time marquee match could close a PPV but for the most part, it should always be about the biggest prize of the company and in this case, I’m sorry, Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt does not fit the criteria of a big marquee match. It wasn’t even an important match to begin with, let alone one that had the weight to close a PPV.

    Come to think of it, wasn’t Miz vs. Ziggler the next big thing on the card? I mean, aside from it being for the IC belt (thus the second most important belt of Smackdown), there was also a stipulation of Dolph putting his career on the line so if you wanted to change things up, why not have this one close the show instead? It’s not like the stakes could have been any higher…

    - On to the show itself, AJ retaining was obviously the right move and Cena putting him over yet again just comes to show you how much faith WWE has in Styles and how important he is right now. Granted, it was somewhat of a dusty finish considering the use of the chair in the end but they did make it clear that there were no disqualifications right? And AJ is a heel, right? So...duh…

    - As it turned out, indeed Becky was scratched from the PPV and hopefully whatever the issue, she’ll be back soon enough.

    - In order to fill that “gap”, they elected to put Naomi against Bliss which was all fine, up until the finish which I feel most will agree made very little sense. I mean, one would figure Bliss should be the one winning here, only to look even stronger as the number one contender for the women’s championship.

    - Good showing, I felt, from Barron Corbin and another case this one where the right guy won. On a side note, that End of Days finisher is such a beautiful move and perhaps one of the few that looks legit devastating.

    - No surprise Miz and Ziggler stole the show and as it turned out, we had the “happy ending” finish, with Dolph finally winning a big time match. To be honest, I was a bit surprised but I guess we’ve reached a point where the Miz doesn’t really need the belt anymore or at least not for now. He got elevated big time throughout this thing and all I’m left wondering looking forward is whether these teases with him and Danial Bryan will lead to something major, like a match perhaps somewhere down the road. Now, I ain’t getting my hopes up and we all know the situation with DB but if this isn’t the end game, wouldn’t all these teases be for nothing, from that epic promo on Talking Smack to all the mocking in his matches?

    - Pleasantly surprised that Bray went over against Randy Orton, I wish however that for once it would have been totally clean, without the typical outside interference. Anyway, it’s good to see Luke Harper back…
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  7. It gets a 6 from me only because The face that runs the place is still running the place:aj:
    and Wyatt got a win finally:woo:but to Alexa Bliss losing :upset:
  8. No Mercy was a good show overall. 7/10

    It would've been much better if it wasn't for the order of the matches. The two absolute highlights of the show were the WWE World title match and the IC title match.

    Everything else (besides Naomi vs Bliss) was decent to good and easy to watch.

    - American Alpha & The Hype Bros vs The Vaudevillains & The Ascension was solid. **½
    It was a nice way to kick off the show. They showcased AA and Hype Bros against two heel teams that don't really matter and the right team (AA) picked up the win. All I can say, really.

    - AJ Styles vs John Cena vs Dean Ambrose was a very good show opener. ***¾
    While I wasn't a fan of them opening the show with a ME-caliber match, I thought to myself: "Oh, well. If this isn't going to ME or at least co-ME the show, then there's another high stakes match that will." And while that didn't end up being the case either, I was OK with the decision for this as an opening match because it was so damn good and fun. All 3 guys worked hard and at a good pace, had a hot crowd behind 'em and delivered one of the best PPV opening matches in recent memory. Cena was good here, Ambrose worked really hard (just needs to drop that silly Suicide Dive and goofy face expressions), and AJ Styles was AJ motherfucking Styles! I didn't mind the overbooking with Styles tapping out to both Cena and Ambrose, since it's going to continue Ambrose/Styles and Cena/Styles for later on, so no harm done, I guess. Styles retaining was the right call, as was Cena eating the pinfall (which is, like, amazing) and protecting Ambrose in the process. All in all, good stuff and the second best thing on the show.

    - Nikki Bella vs Carmella was decent. **
    Nikki was good here and Carmella's... Well, improving. Her heat segment was bland and all, but it wasn't bad. She's limited right now, but she'll grow as a performer in due time. Also, Nikki's Running Forearm Smash is a thing of beauty. I'm glad she won and finally did something good after her return.

    - Heath Slater & Rhyno vs The Usos was good. ***¼
    Well, I'll be damned! Beauty & The Man-Beast retained. Everyone thought they were set for the loss here, but this was a nice surprise. This was a good match, the crowd was into it and both teams worked well together. The Usos are killing it with their heel act and Rhyno and Slater are becoming a really good team.

    - Baron Corbin vs Jack Swagger was a good hoss battle. ***
    I didn't really care for this match up until last week's SmackDown where they did that unique and "controversial" finish. And I thought "Well, this little feud's got something interesting going on right now!" Swagger and Corbin worked the right style here and the match was so much better than the one before. Also, Swagger took the End of Days like a MF.

    - Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz was great and MOTN, I loved it. ****¼
    This was their best match yet and I was so disappointed it didn't get to ME the show. I mean, Title vs Career match should definitely be a reason for a match to headline a show. Plus, The Miz and Ziggler deserved it, alright! They'd fucking earned it with their matches and promos beforehand. This was by far the best feud on both RAW and SD and I really cared about it. And once the match started, oh man... They killed it with their performance. Both guys were great and played their roles well, the match was full of little callbacks to their previous outings and when it was all said and done... The Miz finally got his comeuppance and Ziggler finally got his redemption and saved his career. Great, great stuff.

    - Naomi vs Alexa Bliss was boring. *
    I wasn't a fan of the wrestling here, nor did I like the booking. Okay, now, if the Women's title match wasn't cancelled due to Becky's injury, Alexa would've lost anyway. But, she didn't have to lose here, especially to someone who isn't even in a feud (even though they made it seem like that Nattie/Naomi thing was happening). And I get that it was a fluke finish and doesn't hurt Bliss, but Bliss had some momentum and had she defeated Naomi with the Dis-arm-her (mocking the champ by winning a match with her own finishing move), that would've been glorious. Oh, well.

    - Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton was a decent ME. **
    Needless to say that I found myself not giving a fuck about this feud, this would've been much better if it didn't go on last. Plus, the match felt like an eternity. It wasn't bad, but just felt lifeless and couldn't follow The Miz/Ziggler, ya know. In a perfect world, the show would've went off the air after that Miz/Ziggler match. But, oh well. At least Bray Wyatt won a match and I'm happy Luke Harper is back.
  9. 7/10, on the "I saw Naomi come out as a replacement and it was being followed by a Wyatt match" scale. Assuming that I didn't miss anything here, but it was a really good show just being dragged down by that Swagger/Corbin match

    Also I realized during the tag match that I may be one of Slater's kids.

    It's amazing how Smackdown is doing really good stuff with such a bad talent roster, while Total Stephanie on Monday Nights has the best roster in the world.
    Come on, give us something good! Just bring the entire NXT roster up to SD, please and thank you!
  10. I didn't watch it, I basically read recaps. I wont vote in fairness but I think it was okay... Well, it had okay parts. I mean in terms of being unpredictable and such. Still though, they could have done things slightly different and it would have made this 4/10 PPV become an 8/10 for me.
  11. At least go watch Styles/Cena/Ambrose and The Miz/Ziggler. It's well worth your time.
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  12. It kind of reminds me of MITB. After that show, I thought "Cena vs AJ, Reigns vs Rollins, the tag title Fatal 4-Way, and MITB in a 2 hour show" was better than 3 1/2 hours of a bunch of other matches you don't even remember now. :dawg:
    This... Prince Balor put it perfectly, and that's what we felt going in. The show will be okay without Corbin vs Swagger. Seriously, the world won't end.

    (Enjoyed Nikki vs Carmella though, but much of that is just watching Carmella really get better at her natural heel tendencies and viewing her as a "prospect"... also lol'ing at Nikki learning the old Cena thing of trying springboard roundhouses she can't do)
  13. I know the Ziggler/Miz is good, I don't even need to see it to state that but the other one ehh, not really a fan of any of them dudes. I
    Yeah it seems like these mid month PPV's will end up having one or two matches. I mean I shouldn't be expecting THAT much from them but ehh. Bring on Hell in a Cell please.
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  14. You're not a fan of either Styles, Ambrose and Cena? Wow.

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  15. They can wrestle but I am not invested in them gimmick wise. I didn't say they sucked lol
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  16. Miz lost his title and Ziggler's still around so i give this a 2/10 or something like that.
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  17. It is a sad day.

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  18. Wait, what happens to Curt Hawkins? lol
  19. Umm, he'll FINALLY (re)debut this week on SmackDown and then proceed to become a jobber in two months' time? :nakamura3:
  20. I figured he was gonna lose his debut :dawg:
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