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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Swing Car, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. :facepalm1::facepalm1::facepalm1::facepalm1::facepalm1:
  2. needs more negatives.
  3. Given it a 5 seen far worse!
  4. 5 definitely. Lots of shit, lots of good.
  5. For my first one in a while not moaning anywhere near as much as normal so lol!
  6. This card was structured horribly. I was ready to give this an 8 or a 9 after the IC Title match. Dolph Ziggler did what he did best, steal the show. Christian and Rhodes tied them for the MOTN, and getting the first actually creative finish in a while gave the Tuxedo Match a plus. Then the rest of the show happened. The tag match looked exciting and chaotic, but was actually a typical WWE Tag Match borefest. Liked the angle at the end though. After Layla/Beth and Hunico/Sin Cara, the awesomeness of the PPV came to a screeching halt. The build really killed yet another WWE Title Match, as I was sitting on my hands waiting for the inevitable AJ interference, but the match was good nonetheless. SSDD with Ryback, I turned off the Main Event but that shit was retarded and sounded as boring as we all expected.

    WWE Logic has reached a point where not appearing on a PPV can be a push. Congrats to Tensai on being WWE's top heel next to Bryan.

    4/10. Closer to 5 than 3 for sure.
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  7. Pros
    - Sheamus vs Ziggler match was pretty good. We obviously knew Sheamus still had to win. Ziggler put up a pretty good match.
    - Cody Rhodes vs Christian - Another great match. IMO, this was probabaly match of the night. Didn't expect it to be this good at all. Lasted pretty long, had couple of finishers, lots of dodges and awesome moves.
    - Fatal Four Way Tag Team - Pretty good match. Glad to see O'Neil and Young won. Interested feud with Primo and Epico.
    - Triple H Promo - It was short!
    - Hunico vs Sin Cara - Random match but I loved seeing Cara once again. Hunico did pretty good and didn't get squashed.
    - Kane vs Cm Punk vs DB - Eh, it was ok. Pretty much how I expected it. Nice to see Kane still has it.
    - Ryback vs Jobbers - Always love his matches.

    - Divas match - Wtf was Layla doing?
    - Big Show vs John Cena - John Cena won. :((
    - Johnny got fired.

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  8. Who gave it a 1? It wasn't that bad and I slate PPV's when they are.
  9. Applause to you Crayo, for not shutting down his thread and going over the user. (As said in Wrestling terms)
  10. He beat be by a mile. Rate RAW is officially my territory. :bury:
  11. Crayo will just have to

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  12. Totally agree with Rainman. Seemed like we were getting a good PPV until the tuxedo match came around.

    Ziggler/Sheamus was a great opener and ahould've been later in the show IMO. In saying that it got the crowd pumped up big time. Again though, surely they have to listen to the fans and think "Hmm Smackdown's number 1 face is getting booed out the arena, yet his heel opponent is getting ridiculously loud chants.. Maybe we're doing something wrong here?'

    Anyway the match still confirms to me that Ziggler is in Bryan's league. That match was as every bit as entertaining as Bryan/Sheamus was.

    Christian/Rhodes was a great match, I would say MOTN to be honest. Really exciting ending.

    Tuxedo match - Should've been imbetween the main events IMO.

    The tag team match was pretty dull if I'm honest. That one hurricarana spot was fantastic but there should've been much more of that to be honest. Kidd should've been in the ring for much longer.

    Layla/Beth - Skipped, bad of me I know.

    Punk/Kane/Bryan - Was alright. They should have added someone who can wrestle at a faster pace than Kane though. I was fine with him being added as a filler to keep the fued fresh however that ending suggests to me that there could be more Kane involvement. Great.

    Cena/Big Show skipped a lot of it so can't really comment. The bits I watched were actually okay though apart from the fact super Cena cost me £45!!

    A decent PPV that went off the rails a bit after Christian/Rhodes. However there was enough good for me to give it 4/10

    (P.S I'm on my phone so can't be bothered to proof read, probably lots of spelling errors!)
  13. The paperview wasn't what I expected so I didn't enjoy it as much as I could've due to my expectations being high.

    - The opener was a great way to kick off the night with a fast paced, exciting and thrilling match, although the paperview should have been lower down the card, I think it was a great way to kick off the show.

    - The IC Championship was the match of the night, this match wasn't even pushed much yet it turned out to be the best match. Christian and Cody Rhodes are great wrestlers and they put on a great performance, really impressed with them.

    - The Ricardo and Santino "match" was awful and the crowd chanted 'boring' through-out the match, that pretty much sums that up. The tag-team match was great, it was packed with young talent and it was just something that's always nice to see. I love the way they ended the match and the storyline progresses.

    - I didn't care about the Diva's match however it was great to see Layla.

    - The CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane match was OK. Quiet clearly it could have been way better but I like how they ended it. Didn't want to see CM Punk retain the Championship, though.

    - Cena and The Big Show, was pretty much half a sleep through-out this match. It's sad to see that Johnny got fired and now that he'll be involved in a shitty storyline however hopefully he'll end up back to his RAW GM spot.

    - Others - Sin Cara's match was alright. Ryback, I like the fact that he's asking for three superstars and not 2, feed me three.
  14. Eh, I gave it a 6. Pretty predictable matches, but it had some good points. Maybe the next PPV will be better.
  15. I would rate it a 7, some matches were predictable but were some great matches. Not only is Ricardo a JB fan, he is wearing Alberto pants!
  16. 6/10 for me.

    Ziggler dragged Sheamus to a good match, too bad he lost.
    Santino vs Ricardo, eh..
    Cena vs Show. What can you say.. Johnny got fired.. :((
    Tag team match: Good match, but a fatal-4-way tag match would've been cooler imo.
    CM Punk vs Bryan vs Kane.. Same old shit, drop the belt and drop the elbow, Punk.
    Layla vs Beth: :gusta:
    Christian vs Rhodes: Didn't see it, Christian bores me.
  17. I only watched the opener and the ending of the triple threat match.. and based on that I'll give it a 0.
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