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Killer Orange Cat

Quiet You
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Cruiserweight Championship: Champion Lio Rush vs Angel Garza

Garza won the championship via tap out.

Camerine Grimes vs Mendoza

Mendoza won by pin fall

Jackson Reicher vs Travis Banks

Banks won by pin fall

Mia Yim vs Dakota Kai

Kai won by pin fall

The two brawled after the match.

Breezango vs the Singh Brothers

Breezango won by pin fall

Kayden Carter vs Bianca Bel Air

Bel Air won by pin fall

NXT Championship No One ContenderTriple Threat: Keith Lee vs Tomossa Ciampa vs Finn Balor

Balor won by pin fall and will face Adam Cole next week.

Jeffry Fucking Mason

WWEF President & Outlaw Admin
LDW Management
With the exception of Ryker vs Banks, every single match on this show fucking delivered and then some, and I still think that might be an understatement. Even the Ryker/Banks match wasn't bad, it just wasn't on par with the exceptional quality of all the other matches on this show. My only problem with the entire 2 hours+ was the winner of the main event, but with how damn good that main event was, I can't even be too too upset about that (minus the fact that now I have to watch Dynamite next week. Thanks, Finn :emoji_angry:)

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