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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 15, 2014.

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  1. Saw there wasn't a topic yet so after watching the episode I decided to take the initiative this week :jbl:

    Rate/Comment and overall discuss the WWE NXT 3/13/14 Show


    The Results will be posted in the spoiler below for anyone who needs a refresher or doesn't have time to check the show out!

    Show Spoiler
    Match #1:
    Paige (c) vs. Sasha Banks
    Winner = Paige (c)
    Didn't watch match, couldn't tell you the value of it just saw enough to give you the winner :emoji_slight_smile:

    Match #2:
    Tag Team Match

    The Ascension (c) vs. Travis Tyler & Cal Bishop
    Winners = The Ascension (c)
    This was a squashing, good teamwork as always from the Ascension but lets get these guys some legit contenders to showcase against eh?

    Match #3:
    Mason Ryan vs. Wesley Blake
    Winner = Mason Ryan
    At first glance I didn't really think much of this match, however when it was going on for a decent bit of time it seemed actually really well worked given the competitors. Mason Ryan is a beast though, reminds me honestly of a cooler version of Batista with hair.

    Match #4:
    Alexander Rusev vs. Xavier Woods
    Winner = Alexander Rusev
    Quick squashing for Rusev, Woods stood no match for the Accolade. It was over in a matter of minutes as Woods was left lying in the ring.

    Match #5:
    Bo Dallas vs. Colin Cassady
    Winner = Bo Dallas
    This was the main event of the night, it was a decently worked match that I think helped showcase Big Cass rather than hurt him in the eyes of the NXT Universe. Regardless if Bo Dallas won it was definitely a nice showing by both parties and an pretty good ending to NXT imo.

    Overall I rated the show a good 7.5/10, wasn't SUPER impressed, it wasn't bad yet seemed above average imo.​
  2. After Paige and The Ascension the rest seemed a bit less fantastic than is usual.
  3. I liked those and Ryan v. Blake
  4. It was an enjoyable show.

    Paige/Sasha was a solid match. Interesting to see Divas jerking the curtain. That shows they have some real faith in the NXT women's division.

    I figured Ryan/Blake would suck when they came out, but I was wrong. The match was decent for what it was and it showcased Mason Ryan (I didn't even realize he still worked for WWE in any way, shape, or form). I think they should bring him up either to team with or feud against Sheamus. That could be an interesting dynamic either way.

    The Ascension vs. 2 Jobbers was fun for what it was. They do need some competition for Ascension, if for no other reason than to get the belts off of them and put them on the main roster. These two guys are going to be a huge tag team on the next level.

    The Rusev segment (does it matter that Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze were involved?) was a showcase of the fact that Rusev just needs to be put on the main roster. There's nothing for him to do in NXT.

    Dallas/Cassidy was a decent match. I think it helped build some momentum for Dallas for his rematch in 2 weeks and it helped give Cassidy a little more credibility.

    Overall, 7/10.

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  5. My thoughts exactly; I almost went to take a piss during that match, I'm glad I didn't. When I heard Wesley Blake was his opponent I cringed but idk they both did a great job in the match with respect to their characters. I too think Mason Ryan could be a main roster superstar and a feud with Sheamus after Christian @ WM would be fun to watch :emoji_slight_smile:
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