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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Mar 19, 2015.

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  1. You know the drill, ladies and gents. Vote above, give yer thoughts below!

    - Full results here:

    Tonight's show kicks off as one-half of the Lucha Dragons gears up for solo action.

    Kalisto vs. Tyler Breeze

    Breeze takes his time getting ready but eventually goes right into a lock-up with Kalisto. After some grappling, they break and then throw down again. Breeze tosses Kalisto but the luchador wows the crowd by taking a walk on his hands and then taking to the air. Breeze regroups outside but Kalisto is ready to rumble again ion the inside. Breeze counters a springboard move with a kick to regain momentum. He works Kalisto over on the rope and then on the mat, earning a near-fall. Kalisto stages a comeback but Breeze slows him down with a superkick. Kalisto stays in the hunt with some lucha moves but can't seal the deal with a 450 splash. After a bit more back and forth, Breeze finally puts Kalisto down for the count.

    Result: Tyler Breeze defeats Kalisto via pinfall.

    WWE recaps the Alex Riley/Kevin Owens feud and we also get a Flintstones commercial and some behind the scenes footage from the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

    Backstage, Finn Balor gives A-Ry some advice heading into his bout with KO.

    Wesley Blake vs. Big Cass

    Big Cass emerges with Enzo and Carmella for some classic mic work. Then he heads down the ramp for some ring work.

    Blake works the arm until Cass checks him into the corner. Cass keeps the upper hand with some big shots, punching and tossing Blake from pillar to post. Cass has the crowd on his side as they chant "How you doin'?" Blake comes back, delivering some stiff blows but Cass responds with power, slamming Blake on to the mat and then setting him up for a big corner splash. He hits a side slam next and looks to win it but Murphy provides a distraction when he gets into it with Carmella on the apron. Blake capitalizes with a roll up for the win.

    Result: Wesley Blake defeats Big Cass via pinfall.

    Alexa Bliss is out next for her match with The Boss.

    Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks

    Alexa wows her hometown crowd with some swift offense, driving Sasha's head into the canvas over and over again at one point. Banks roars back, putting the hurt on Bliss by driving both knees into her abdomen. Banks lands some high-impact moves on her opponent but Bliss manages to turn the tables, getting all over the champ. They end up outside and Bliss tosses Banks into the post. She then slides in to beat the count and win the match.

    Result: Alexa Bliss defeats Sasha Banks via count out.

    Backstage, Kevin Owens says he'll do whatever it takes to hold on to the title for the sake of his family. Alexa Bliss says she's stoked to win and Banks gets in her grill. William Regal breaks it up, announcing that Banks will now have to defend the title against Bliss.

    Alex Riley vs. Kevin Owens

    Riley is waaay fired up as this one gets under way. The initial collar-and-elbow is fierce. Owens strikes quickly, taking Riley down and then peppering him with shots when A-Ry returns to a vertical base. He puts Riley down again and tells the crowd, "That's why I'm the champ!" Riley gets back into it with a drop kick but he can't stay in control as Owens keeps up the rough-and-tumble onslaught. He works Riley down to the mat for a protracted stint and then stands up and delivers a vicious taunting. Riley catches Owens off-guard and puts him on the floor but Kevin comes back in looking like he's ready for the kill. Riley lands a big spinebuster, showing that he could still take this one but Owens responds with a trio of back-to-back sentons before dumping Riley outside. He bounces Rile off the fence at ringside and then puts him back in the ring, finishing things with a pop-up power bomb and the three-count.

    Result: Kevin Owens defeats Alex Riley via pinfall.

    After the bell, Owens looks to beat down Riley but Balor comes out to break it up. The champ and the number-one contender go at it until Owens retreats to the back.

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0318/591510/wwe-nxt-results/
  2. 7/10

    All the matches shown were really good, but it would have been better if they had included more matches. Since they only show NXT on the network I don't see why they couldn't have had a two hour special and included more matches and more expo stuff like try-outs.
  3. I had a good time watching the episode. 8/10

    - Breeze vs Kalisto was good, I really liked it. Seriously LOL'd when Breeze yelled at the ref saying DON'T TOUCH ME!

    - Liked the pre-match promos by Zo & Cass, they always amuse me.

    - Blake vs Big Cass was aight.

    - Alexa vs Sasha was okay, but should've been a bit longer.

    - KO vs A-Ry was good.

    Looking forward to next week's episode!
  4. Is that back at Full Sail or more from Columbus?

    I noticed they did a 'coming up' for Dana (the new diva) but nothing actually got shown.
  5. I believe it'll be from Full Sail. This event from Columbus was said to be taped for WWE Network and something like it'll be put out on DVD at the end of the year.

    They could've easily aired this event from Columbus and have it be a 2-hour special, but oh well... Guess they're saving it up for the Network/future DVD release.
  6. awesome televised road event for NXT!
  7. Breeze continues to show why he's one of the best on the NXT roster. He really ought to be in a program for the NXT title, Breeze/Owens would be make for great program. Even if it'd be a heel versus heel thing. Alexa versus Sasha was good, the ending seemed kinda rushed though.
    Owens just destroying Riley was definitely satisfying, if only Finn didn't come out at the end.

    I'm gonna go ahead and give the show another 8/10, NXT on the road holds a lot of potential.
  8. Alex Riley getting a shot! Jesus remember the day when Tyson wouldn't get anywhere!
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  9. All for it even if it goes nowhere he's still a vet! Good experience for the indies boys to learn the WWE style!
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    I gave it 7. Not going to go into detail because I'm late to the dance (am I fashionably late? Not sure if I want to be, might imply way too much) .

    It was a good show, not great. I thought the main event was more one sided than it had to be but that was expected.

    I loved t crowd taunting Owens with the Ole chant but the best was Balor wagging his finger at Owens and then taking him down. Their match next week is going to be incredible. Some of Balor's matches with Okada Kazuchika were phenomenal and Steen is definitely in their league so it promises to be magnificent.

    Btw Owens stomping Riley on the way out... priceless. I like Riley but I like a good heel move more.
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  11. I was going to bring this up because I laughed so hard, so although Jacob already mentioned it I'll say it again anyway. Owens running away from Bálor but just making sure to stomp Riley once more was priceless. Already a legend in my eyes solely for that.
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  12. 8/10 from me, too. Pretty amusing little on the road debut from NXT.

    Love the "on the road" atmosphere. Them kinda-sorta trying to be the Cult of Full Sail but in the end, not. All the cool autograph sessions and celebrations with the fans. Kevin Owens as a special guest of a bodybuilding convention. It was all great!

    Obviously my biggest bugaboo in pro wrestling are pointless matches, but NXT can kinda convince you that those were okay. Maybe they just wanted to try Kalisto out as a singles guy so Hunico can rejoin the Crew and all the Sin Cara gear can burn? Anyway, they had a fantastic match! Handstand headscissors takedowns, springboard cross-bodies being met with brutal kicks of death, that awesome SDS counter... This was great. It's just a shame this was... *pretends it's 2011 again* Yay, great wrestling on TV!!!!!

    Also awesome: That time in-between "Badaboom! Realest guys in the room!" and the opening bell. Still after 2 years the best thing ever. There's nothing else in wrestling that puts you on the edge of your seat as "omg omg omg what's Enzo and Cass gonna say next?" Anyway yeah, fun to watch Cass improving in the ring, and I thought the finish was "an effective way to get heel heat" instead of "a Raw finish". Seeee? Not watching Raw has multiple benefits! :yay: SIGN LEVA BATES

    Oh, and that Australian dude was also there. As for Sasha and Alexa... okay now THAT was a lame ass finish.

    Main event had me laughing out loud. It was almost the NXT version of Cena vs Lesnar on a much, much smaller scale... but Owens does have a lot of Brockness about him and it's getting better every week so him ragdolling the crap out of Riley was hilarious! Loved the beatdown at the end with Balor showing up just for Kevin to be like "whatevs dude, Riley's still getting the ACK!!!" *run run run run kick run run run run* :lol1:

    Between marathoning this, Lucha Underground, Impact, and the New Japan show in one night... OH MY GOODNESS WRESTLING IS AWESOME RIGHT NOW!!! Feeling crappy about this Wrestlemania coming up? Eat a Snickers, fuck that show, and have a ball watching everything else!
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  13. Such a happy man.
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