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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Trip in the Head, Mar 21, 2014.

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  1. Thought I would take a stab at this since I watched it last night.
    Rate/Comment/Discuss WWE NXT 3/20/14

    Matches (w/ spoilers!): (open)

    Match #1:
    Mojo Rawley defeats Bull Dempsey via pinfall following Hyper Drive
    Match #2:
    Tyler Breeze vs. Sami Zayn never starts due to the heelish actions of Corey Graves
    Match #3:
    Adam Rose defeats Camacho via pinfall following his finisher clothesline (Choo Choo!)
    Match #4:
    Bayley defeats Sasha Banks via pinfall with a roll-up
    Match #5:
    Sheamus defeats Aiden English via pinfall following a Brogue Kick

    Was a "meh" show IMO. Maybe a 5.5-6/10.​

  2. Overall I'd give it a 5. It was poor in comparison to other episodes of late.

    However, I did love the Bayley Vs Sasha Banks match for the comedy. Especially:

    Show Spoiler



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  3. In regards to Bailey:
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  4. Yeah those were good times. Nice gifs btw.
  5. I want to claim credit for those but I just got them from Tumblr. The video I watched wouldn't allow me to turn it into gifs- I did try!
  6. inb4 SomeoneUsesOneAsAnAvatar
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  7. Ok, Mojo needs a different finisher, I'm sorry. How many people can he hope to actually defeat with his ASS? His real ass too, not just me calling him an ass.
  8. Adam Rose - 10/10 :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Enjoyed NXT as I do every week. Enjoying the push of people like Rawley and Rose atm both gimmicks need some tweaks but there is lots of potential. Great show still my fave WWE program and its not even close.
  10. I almost hate to say this, but I actually like the fact that we don't see the same talent every week on NXT (and not just because I'm not fond of Mojo Rawley).

    Having said that, I felt like this was the weakest show they've had since NXT on WWEN started. I didn't like the fact that Sheamus was on it (as much as I do like Sheamus) because I felt like it detracted from the folks that are down there. If it had been Big E or Cesaro or Sandow, I think it would have been alright, but having a main event level WWE guy show up on NXT just took away all the speculation and killed any hope you might have had for seeing Aiden English (another guy I consider not to be one of my faves in NXT) get put over. Obviously, he wasn't going to beat Sheamus. Had that been one of the aforementioned, it would have been merely unlikely, but it being Sheamus made it next to impossible for him to get the win. Now, having said THAT, I thought Sheamus did a tremendous job of selling English's offense and making him look strong. If you didn't know Sheamus' background, you might have thought English had a chance just from what happened in the match.

    As far as the rest of the show:

    Divas match between Bayley and Sasha wasn't bad. It was a decent comedy spot and got Natalya on TV (just as a reminder that she has those NXT connections).

    I didn't like the way they handled the Sami Zayn/Corey Graves segment, as they just kinda left Tyler Breeze standing in the ring with nothing going on. I was waiting for some kind of appearance by Xavier Woods, even if just to chase Breeze away. Although, I do like the "grudge match" feel we're getting about the relationship between Zayn and Graves. I'm dying to see these guys go at it.

    I've already spoken about Rawley. I don't know why, I just don't care for his character at all. And watching him go over the other guy just didn't do anything for me.

    The Adam Rose segment/match was basically the highlight of the show for me. Rose is a hell of a wrestler and the match was decent. Also, the commentary discussion between Renee and Regal was hilarious. All in all, it was quite entertaining.

    Rating: 4/10

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