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Kairi HoHo

Yeah damn good NXT this Week for sure homies. The Ladder Match was wonderful and I like to see anyone not give props to these ladies and what they did during this Match. The sacrifice of them putting their bodies on the line for us for our entertainment makes me appreciate even further what Wrestling is giving us in this time of the Coronavirus hitting this World like a Freight Train. The bumps with Nox going through the Ladder and Yim putting Raquel made me want to hold at my Back. Io Shirai winning it means I get that dream Match even Io wanted before coming to WWE, but I wonder when and where it happens? Charlotte is not done with Rhea just yet so they can stretch out the Match till Summerslam time if need be, but when it happens boy were in for a treat.

Rinku and Saurav didn't impress me at all with their Debut Tag Match and I have faith in Bivens, but I just don't see anything special with Rinku and Saurav. WWE has had plenty of big boi teams, but what is the thing that make them different than the rest? I haven't seen it yet, and if it doesn't happen soon this might fail, but it's still early so I'm not pumping the Brakes on them just yet.

Ciampa vs Gargano. It might of went a little too long for my taste, but I got all the entertainment I needed from it. I didn't expect Candice to get involved twice and does that mean she's a Heel now, or that she did it to help her Husband to truly end it? We don't need anymore Heels in the Division right now I hope it was the latter. I knew I wasn't the only one who caught that couple in the Car! For a moment I thought I was seeing things and dreaming on them wanting to be there, but I'm glad it was real and the thought of that feud happening is a Match made in Heaven and Hell. SING ME UP DADDYO!

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