Spoiler Rate NXT 4/15/15

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 16, 2015.

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  1. You know the drill.

    - Full results below:

    CJ Parker vs. Solomon Crowe

    The NXT tapings are showing a little age, as CJ Parker left a few weeks ago. Crowe gives Parker a beating, sending him reeling from the ring. Crowe follows up with a suicide dive, as NXT chants start in the crowd.

    Back inside the ring Crowe runs right into a boot, and both men are down. A senton bomb from Parker only gets two, and he applies a chinlock. Crowe finally gets out, but Parker cuts him off with a big leg strike.

    Parker goes for another senton but gets kicked up in the air. Crowe locks on the Stretch Muffler for the win. Happy trails, CJ Parker.

    Winner: Solomon Crowe via submission (Stretch Muffler)

    - Rhyno vs. Sami Zayn, and the debut of Dana Brooke tonight.

    Baron Corbin vs. Steve Cutler

    Big punch, End of Days. Pin.

    Winner: Baron Corbin via pinfall (End of Days)

    - Sami Zayn says he won't let Rhyno use him to get to the top like Kevin Owens did.

    Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady (w/ Carmella) vs. Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

    These guys make Amore look tiny. He still manages to land a drop toe hold, but walks into a fireman's carry of Fulton. Dawkins and Fulton keep tagging, but Cass gets one of his own and clubs away at Fulton.

    Blake and Murphy come out and bring Carmella flowers. Enzo is getting worked over in the ring, but lands a jawbreaker and makes the hot tag to Cass. Big Cass cleans house and hits a spinning slam on Dawkins. He tags in Enzo for the assisted splash and the win.

    Winners: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady via pinfall (Assisted splash)

    Enzo and Cass aren't happy that Carmella got flowers.

    - Alex Riley calls out Kevin Owens for next week.

    Blue Pants vs. Dana Brooke

    Brooke hits a stun gun into the corner and lands some mounted strikes. Blue Pants fights back with a few kicks, but Brooke hits a Cradle Shock variation for the win.

    Winner: Dana Brooke via pinfall

    - Bayley vs. Becky Lynch vs Charlotte in a number one contender's match for next week is announced.

    Sami Zayn vs. Rhyno

    Rhyno powers Sami Zayn out of the ring early on. Zayn recovers and hits a headscissors that sends Rhyno outside, visibly frustrated. Rhyno hits the rings and attacks Zayn with a series of strikes before choking him over the top rope, and dropping Zayn with a clothesline as we go to a commercial. The Marine 4 doesn't look too great.

    Back from the break Rhyno is working a chinlock, but Zayn works his way out and hits a cross body press for two. Rhyno and Zayn duke it out in the ring, with Rhyno landing a nice spinebuster for two. He follows up by using the corner Gores for two.

    Zayn hits a Blue Thunder Bomb out of nowhere that gets a two. He goes to the top rope, but gets caught by Rhyno who lands a TKO that can't get the job done. The crowd is now chanting for Rhyno.

    Zayn slaps Rhyno, which sets the War Machine off. Rhyno ends up on the top rope and Zayn connects with an elbow that sends Rhyno to the floor. A huge dive doesn't do much for Zayn, as Rhyno hits a belly to belly suplex. Rhyno misses the Gore and Zayn lands the Helluva kick for the pin.

    Winner: Sami Zayn via pinfall (Helluva Kick)

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0415/592485/live-nxt-results/
  2. It was okay, I don't seem to be enjoying it as much as I previously did- but maybe I'll get the enthusiasm back.

    Quite enjoyed Crowe vs CJ Parker.
    Enzo and Cass Vs Dawkins and Fulton was decent.
    Sami Zayn Vs Rhyno was pretty good, too.

    Baron Corbin's 'match' was a total waste of like, ten seconds.
    Dana Brooke. Yay for yet another sports model... She was not good, they could have done with keeping her off TV a while longer.
  3. 6/10 - purely because I really enjoyed the ME and some other stuff, like Enzo & Cass' promos. :emoji_slight_smile:
    Other than that, it was a bit of a downfall from the previous 2-3 episodes.

    - Crowe vs CJ Parker was aight. It was a bit weird seeing CJP there, knowing he's left the company. Dat Senton counter by Crowe, tho! I loved how CJP went for that Senton and Solomon just kicked him up in the air. That was sweet!

    - Corbin vs Cutler was utter garbage and a total waste of time. When is this guy going to have a real match? Either give him a real match or he can frig off from TV for all I care.

    - Enzo & Cass vs Dawkins & Fulton was okay.

    - Dana Brooke's debut was nothing special.

    - Sami Zayn vs Rhyno was so damn good, I enjoyed it!
  4. Downloaded for Crowe.
  5. 6/10... mainly for how much I enjoyed the main event. Awesome stuff.
    Sami Zayn got boned by a agressive mf'er, so he comes back against an aggressive mf'er and takes it to the face. And gets back up. In a believable way. And proves he KNOWS how to take a beating and keep on eating. Owens, we're coming for you...

    They really do have a new top heel in Dana Brooke. She's was awful. So awful that I actually want her called up to the main roster.

    *sigh* fast forwarded through Enzo and Cass... :sad:

    Corbin and Crowe still exist, yay

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  6. So glad Crowe didn't use that stupid rebound splash thing
  7. Some sweet stuff right there!

    Loved this!

  8. Unacceptable
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  9. Was thinking more about this after you typed that... Snow, why is it acceptable that you'd fast forward through the Certified G's? Granted, I played the part between "How you doin'!" and the opening bell since that's the best piece of wrestling television since this

    They're two guys who do the impossible and make WWE-style tag wrestling fun, mostly due to Enzo's hilarious haplessness. :dawg: But think it was the shockingly dead crowd, two segments I couldn't get into, may have just been in a bad mood or something idk

    Also, I need to get all the years of Raw out of my mind when it comes to this. "Sami Zayn vs Rhino? Meh" should no longer be a thing. Yeah, Rhyno is no star in my eyes and it was clearly an easy way to get Zayn a win, but that's an outdated way of thinking when it comes to good shows. The main event may have been "too predictable" but it's the story that matters, not the match graphic. And the story was great.
  10. Ah, so you watched the entrance? That's really the only thing that baffled me :dawg: the match was nothing special, although Enzo and Cass are somewhat fresh as it's a different dynamic (ie Enzo will be beat up by anyone and lose unless Cass comes in). Main event was alright on paper for me, Rhyno had been built a bit and is a bigger deal in NXT than anywhere else for whatever reason, Sami's match back etc. Had a cool story with Rhino going for the "easy" title shot and all.
  11. Certified Gs and Vaudevillains are the only two teams I don't have any trouble watching on NXT, regardless if the match is low quality.

    Crowe's match was nice, hope to see more of him in the future.
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