Spoiler Rate NXT 4/22/15

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 23, 2015.

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  1. You know the drill.

    - Full results below:

    Finn Balor vs. Tye Dillinger

    The two start out working each other's arms until Balor hits a big dropkick. Balor lands a series of forearms and a Pele kick, followed by a slingblade. Finn Balor with the diving stomp, and that's it.

    Winner: Finn Balor via pinfall (Coup de Grace)

    - Tyler Breeze is on the tron and says he isn't impressed by Balor.

    - Dana Brooke is being interviewed, and says she's the strongest diva, and this is her playground.

    - Kevin Owens says he beat Alex Riley a few weeks ago, and he will again.

    Number One Contender's Match
    Bayley vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

    Bayley and Charlotte go after Becky, but Bayley keeps Charlotte from pinning her. Charlotte chops Bayley, getting big "woo" chants from the crowd. Bayley quickly gets the crowd on her side, however. Becky hits a nice wrist clutch suplex on Charlotte as we go to commercial.

    We come back to Becky Lynch working over Bayley, but unable to get a pin, and throws on a kneebar. Charlotte is knocked off the apron again, but Bayley takes control by attacking Becky. It doesn't last long as Becky applies a leg lock, but Charlotte hits Natural Selection for two before Bayley breaks it up.

    The three tease a tower of doom, but Becky Lynch ends up eating a powerbomb/top rope back elbow. Bayley suplexes both girls, but Charlotte locks on the Figure Four. Bayley gets the to the ropes, but Charlotte locks on her Figure 8. Becky Lynch pins Bayley while in the hold.

    Winner: Becky Lynch via pinfall

    - We'll see Hideo Itami in action next.

    Hideo Itami vs. CJ Parker

    Parker has a headlock briefly, but Itami fights back and kicks Parker, who goes to the apron. A jawbreaker over the ropes regains control for Parker, as he continues to work over Itami. Parker lands a nice suplex, but it only gets 2.

    Itami demolishes Parker with kicks, finishing with the Shotgun kick.

    Winnner: Hideo Itami via pinfall (Shotgun Kick)

    - Sasha Banks confronts Becky Lynch backstage. They trade verbal jabs.

    Rhyno vs. Jesus De Leon

    Clothesline. Belly-to-belly suplex. Gore. The End.

    Winner: Rhyno via pinfall (Gore)

    - Blake & Murphy see Carmella backstage, but Enzo & Cass run them off. Cass & Enzo aren't happy she's wearing jewelry bought by Blake & Murphy.

    Alex Riley vs. Kevin Owens

    Riley hits several punches and a dropkick that send Owens reeling to the outside. Owens slams Riley's head into the ramp as we go to a quick break.

    Back from the commercial the two are brawling, but Owens gains control with a senton and rear chinlock. Riley fights back with RAGE, and scores a flipping neckbreaker before falling off the top rope. Owens follows up with a clothesline and cannonball before eating a pop-up powerbomb.

    Winner: Kevin Owens via pinfall (Pop Up Powerbomb)

    Owens continues the attack after the match, but Sami Zayn makes the save. They brawl, and then Zayn hits a huge dive on Owens and 6 security guards to close the show!

  2. 7/10

    - Bálor vs Dillinger was aight, could've been a bit longer, though.

    - Breeze's promo on Finn was sweet, looking forward to the feud!

    - Dana's promo was cheesy.

    - KO's promo was fine.

    - Becky vs Bayley vs Charlotte was good.

    - Itami vs CJ Parker was aight.

    - Rhyno's 'match' against that jabroni was a filler segment.

    - That whole Blake & Murphy/Carmella/Cass & Zo segment was hilarious.

    - KO vs Riley was decent.

    - That dive by Sami at the end of the show was nice!
  3. Fun show. An OK opener, looking forward to Breeze/Bálor. Dana's promo was meh. Girl's triple threat was quite fun, liked the finish. I thought Bayley was going to tap at the same time and Charlotte/Becky would settle it later but it was better this way. Rhyno was good, it's fun to see him destroy random people. Enzo's stuff good as usual. Riley being a geek always makes my day.
  4. The classic Impact 7/10. Nothing memorable, nothing to say "Go watch this!!!!" but a fun, enjoyable wrestling show.

    Guess I'm just not as into Finn Balor as most, but I was not a fan of the opening match with Gavin Spears... but Tyler Breeze mocking his name afterwards? Marked. A feud between the two afterwards? Marked. Only way this coulda been better is if he woulda found Devin Taylor and berated her mid-promo, haha

    speaking of things I'm not a fan of, hi Dana Brooke! "It's the rebirth of the Diva's Division!" oh so you're just outright saying you're on a quest to kill the women's division? At least she's honest.

    Never ever ever back up Dan... Actually, yes, always follow Dana Brooke being a jackass with Kevin Owens. Don't think I've ever seen a feud like this where it's "scrappy underdog challenger" vs "dude who doesn't give a fuck". Seriously, Kevin cares so little about Riley he could have been in the crowd during Raw

    AND THEN THE WOMEN I REALLY LIKE ALL COME OUT TO BE AWESOME TOGETHER!!!! I'm gonna be so sad when this inevitably ends. While having the same chicks over and over can feel repetitive, it NEVER ends that way. Charlotte is an absolute MASTER of in-ring storytelling, the best person (not just woman) in the company... combine that with the best weasel heel throwing beastly ass suplexes and the best non-Zayn babyface and everything fit together perfectly and IT WAS THE BEST. I cannot wait for Sasha vs Becky... or any match any of these four women ever have ever (well...)

    SHUT UP COREY GRAVES. Sheesh, can I have Alex Riley back? "Hideo Itami's on the ascent! He was at Wrestlemania! Hideo Itami was at the Showcase of the Immortals! He was a part of the biggest show of the DAMMIT THE DUDE GOT KILLED OKAY. Damn are they trying to develop shit commentary too? Guess Jerry Lawler has to go away someday but geez... Anyway, the whole "formulaic heat match" garbage we see during every match on Raw actually works when Itami does it for some reason. I love his firey comeback and when he starts kicking the living shit out of people, especially rejected Baywatch characters. Think this annoyed me more than anything about the Balor squash, felt like I saw the same match twice

    FEED RHYNO MORE. :lol1:

    And with the main event, I was totally going in expecting an even more one-sided shitkicking. It would either last << 2 minutes or Owens wouldn't bother going for the cover until Sami makes the save... but what they did was possibly better. Alex Riley actually showed underdog FU...RAGE and got a few shots in, made a few comebacks and I actually jumped up out of my chair cheering for him... for a babyface comeback you see in every single match... for freaking Alex Riley against Kevin MFing Owens. Then Kevin always put a stop to it and kicked him around like a ragdoll for a little while before just ending it with what felt like limited effort, then goes to put this stupid fly that won't stop flapping his wings in his face out of his misery before REVENGE SAMI IN LIKE A HOUSE OF FIRE BAH GOD KING HE'S GONNA BREAK HIM IN HALF... or kill like 20 dudes just trying to get his hands on him one way or another. That works, too. Owens runs, for the first time, with a character in which this actually means something! Great, great stuff.
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  5. 6/10 for me, not their best episode by any means but still nothing to be TOO disappointed in.
  6. If they want Riley to be taken seriously I would stop having him get destroyed verbally and physically by KO every single time they interact, but it's still fun to watch lol
  7. Lol pretty sure they don't want Riley to be taken seriously :otunga:
  8. If that was their objective they knocked it out of the park, looks more like a joke now than ever. :lol1:
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  9. No need to watch the video, it's irrelevant. Just the preview makes the message clear lol
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