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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 30, 2015.

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  1. You know the drill.

    Full results below:
    - Kevin Owens comes out, and the crowd chants for Sami Zayn. He challenges Zayn to fight right now. William Regal comes out instead, and says Owens will not use NXT to further his own agenda. Owens says he doesn't care what Regal has to say, he wants to fight Sami Zayn.

    Zayn obliges and comes to the ring, but Regal doesn't want them fighting right now. Regal sets a title match for NXT Takeover. Owens doesn't think Zayn deserves a title shot. Zayn goads him into it.

    - Carmella, Enzo and Cass are backstage arguing. Cass and Enzo leave and Murphy and Blake come by and try to hit on her. She won't have any of it and makes them leave. Alexa Bliss comes by and tells her to be more classy and gets pie faced. Blake and Murphy then console her.

    - Sami Zayn is backstage signing his contract. Alex Riley busts in and says he wants another crack at Owens. Regal says no. Zayn tries to talk to Riley but gets cut off. Zayn says he'll face Riley if he wants a match.

    Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady (w/ Carmella) vs. Blake & Murphy

    Enzo gets attacked early on, and the crowd is on his side. He's double teamed briefly, but Cass gets the tag and takes both opponents out. Cass side slams Blake, but Murphy breaks up the count.

    Enzo comes off the top, but eats canvas. A big boot from Cass sets up the Rocket Launcher after Carmella distracts. Pinfall for Enzo.

    Winners: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady via pinfall (Rocket Launcher)

    - Bayley is backstage being interviewed, but says she can't find her shirt or headbands and leaves. Emma pops up and has them.

    Bayley vs. Dana Brooke

    Brooke has control early, but Bayley smashes her face into the turnbuckles. The crowd is going crazy for Bayley, but she gets slammed to the mat. Brooke chokes Bayley several times, but no DQ. She follows up with a Wasteland and a modified half crab.

    Bayley fights back with knees and a big suplex. She goes up top and her music hits, and Emma comes out with her gear on. Emma is taunting her, and Brooke hits the Cradle Shock for the pin.

    Winner: Dana Brooke via pinfall

    - William Regal announces Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Finn Balor in a number one contender's match at NXT Takeover.

    Hideo Itami vs. Adam Rose (w/ Rosebuds)

    Itami gets a quick two off a running kick, but Rose fights back and hits a suplex. Rose isn't in control long, as Itami fights back with several kicks before finishing him off with the Shotgun kick.

    Winner: Hideo Itami via pinfall (Shotgun Kick)

    - Bayley is backstage looking for Emma. She's confused about Emma taking her stuff.

    William Regal announces Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Finn Balor in a number one contender's match at NXT Takeover.

    Becky Lynch vs. Sarah Dawson

    Lynch hits her leg drops early on, but gets a two as the crowd chants for the newcomer Dawson. Lynch chokes her and is warned by the ref. Lynch applies the armbar, and that's it.

    Winner: Becky Lynch via submission (Armbar)

    - Rhino is backstage and challenges Baron Corbin

    Sami Zayn vs. Alex Riley

    Kevin Owens joins the commentary team, and now there are four guys in the booth who sound almost exactly alike. Riley and Zayn trade chain holds until Riley drops him with a big dropkick for just a two count. He follows up with a flipping neckbreaker for two, and Owens is tearing Riley to shreds on commentary.

    Riley hits a TKO that gets another two, and he's visibly frustrated. Zayn moves and sends Riley outside and chases him with a dive. Owens runs and attacks Zayn, then apron powerbombs Alex Riley.

    Result: No contest

    The show ends with Owens standing tall.

  2. Decent episode. 6/10

    - The opening segment was good. I mark so hard for Zayn, Regal and KO.

    - Zo & Cass arguing with Carmella was hilarious.

    - Zo & Cass vs Blake & Murphy was aight. Next tag champs, baybay!

    - That Baron Corbin vignette was nice. Too bad he hasn't cut a real promo or had a real match yet.

    - Dana vs Bayley was meh.

    - I enjoyed seeing Hideo Itami beating Adam Rose. Gotta love those kicks!

    - Becky Lynch vs Sarah Dawson was a waste of time.

    - Sami Zayn vs Alex Riley was turning out to be a decent match till KO attacked them.
    Also, LOL'd at the announcers sucking up to KO during the match.
  3. I don't kow what's going on with NXT, I'm still not enjoying it very much.

    Most of the guys matches this week were decent, especially Enzo and Cass Vs Blake and Murphy. The only thing I really enjoyed this week was Kevin Owens on comentary being his wonderfully douchey self.

    What the hell is going on with the divas? Dana Brook is awful, probably shouldn't have rushed to debut her. Sarah Dawson looked a little hesitant in places during that waste of a match. And where is Sasha? I swear Charlotte was constantly working during her reign, but Sasha has pretty much vanished since she got the title.
  4. Charlotte = A Flair, gotta push a Flair. Especially in a Triple H run company since Flair is HHH's rolemodel.

    Sasha = The cousin of Snoop Dog, aka she's not a flair aka "lol why would we push her?".

    Sad but true.
  5. Fun show. Quite a good opener with Sami talking KO into the match. Not sure why have Enzo and Cass beat the champs here, maybe we're gonna get a swerve at the Takeover show so they wanted Enzo and Cass to pin the champs once before that, idk. Bayley vs Dana was meh, yeah. Besides the distraction finish and all, I think this Emma/Bayley storyline had a good hook but it's not that over yet. Rhino vs Corbin sounds good. Riley being a complete geek and a fool and Owens burying for him at every chance he gets is great to watch, so was Kevin on commentary in general. ME didn't get a finish but at least there was a point to the Owens attack.
  6. Ugh, them making me want to hate a Bayley vs Emma feud is completely 0/10 worthy. Lol

    Wasn't feeling this episode - outside one of the best opening segments on any show in ages - even when I didn't fast-forward past Enzo and Cass. NXT's in a bit of a lull but it'll get back up :emoji_slight_smile:
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