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Prince Bálor

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NXT Results:
- Charly Caruso is in The Dusty Classic control center. She catches us the road to tonight’s final, and reminds us about the news regarding Bobby Fish’s knee and the questions that raises about the title match at TakeOver. The Authors of Pain vs. Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne match will start this week’s episode.

- Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson and Mauro Ranallo welcome us to Full Sail Live and begin introducing that first match...

- Authors of Pain vs. Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne in the finals of The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic ends in a double-disqualification after Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly attack both teams.

The official can barely keep Akam and Rezar away from their opponents before the official introductions by Kayla Braxton, but Dunne and Strong don’t look intimidated in the least. Akam hurls Roddy across the ring right after the bell, but when Rezar comes in, Strong runs the ropes to get to his corner, where the Bruiserweight doesn’t hesitate to make the tag. When we return from a break however, Dunne is isolated and taking a beating from the former champs.

The assault includes Dunne almost being knocked cold by a big knee strike and taking an assisted stomp (among several other boots and punches to the face), but when Akam talks trash to Roddy, the UK champ snaps off his fingers to start a comeback that leads to tags for both teams. Strong comes in hot, and uses his speed to lay in strikes, eventually taking Rezar down with a dropkick. He boots Akam off the apron, then gets two off an Angle Slam. Tag brings in Dunne for some tandem offense, then an enziguri and a stomp off the top gets a nearfall.

Dunne gets a triangle, but Rezar lifts him up and back to the corner for a tag. Assisted neckbreaker gets two, but Strong breaks it up. They go on the offensive and eventually hit their joint Bitter End, but Akam makes the save. Dual knees from Roddy and Pete, followed by big boots by the Authors put everyone down, and that’s when the healthy part of Undisputed ERA hit the ring to pick the bones of both teams.

- That brings out General Manager William Regal. He gives Cole and O’Reilly props for being smart, thinking if there’s no Dusty Classic winner, they won’t have to defend the tag belts in New Orleans. But they weren’t smart enough, because at TakeOver, Regal is booking a Triple Threat! AoP vs. Strong and Dunne vs. Future Shock for the Dusty Cup and the Tag Titles!

- Hype video for the North American Title features brief promos from EC3, Velveteen Dream, Cole, Killian Dain, Lars Sullivan and Ricochet.

- Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa’s story gets a recap video to remind us why it’s fantastic.

- Kairi Sane def. Vanessa Borne via pinfall following an In-Sane Elbow

Things actually start out fairly technical, but after Sane gets a couple roll-ups, Borne takes control. She sends Kairi face first into the turnbuckle, but an interceptor spear puts the Mae Young Classic winner back in control. Low elbow in the corner, then she hits a forearm from the top. Sane climbed for her finisher but got cut off. Borne ends up in a tree of woe and takes a double-stomp, finally setting up the finish.

- Lacey Evans meets the press backstage. She says there’s nothing she can accomplish in NXT until Regal stops letting in human trash. One of the “reporters” asks about Nikki Cross, and Evans says she gets chances despite not being able to sit down for an interview. The First Lady says she proves a woman can be strong without jumping off the top rope like Ember Moon, then dismisses Dakota Kai. She’ll face Kairi Sane soon and try not to lose... her manners.

- Cole and O’Reilly run down Regal somewhere else backstage. They complain that there was no winner of the Dusty Finals and Cole has a different match already for New Orleans. The GM tells them they have three choices: The Panama City Playboy can do both, Kyle can wrestle the Triple Threat on his own, or Cole can pull out of the ladder match. He says they’re smart, they’ll figure it out. The ERA fumes.

- Closer look at the Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Aleister Black rivalry ahead of their NXT Title match on Saturday

- Recap of Moon and Shayna Baszler’s brawl last week, then an interview with Moon where she touts her credentials as NXT’s representative, and promises to end her issues with Shayna at TakeOver.

- Evans vs. Sane is announced for next week, which likely means its one of the dark matches on Saturday night.

- Lars Sullivan vs. Killian Dain ends in a no contest thanks to a bunch of run-ins

Big guy standoff as both men stare each other down through strikes. Killian sends Lars to the floor with a bicycle kick, but when he follows, he gets driven back first into the apron as we head to commercial.

When we return, Sullivan is clubbing a downed Dain. When he goes for a Freak Accident, however, the SAnitY member slips out and fires back. Belfast Blitz hits, but when he tries to follow up with a Vader Bomb, Lars gets his knees up. Sullivan climbs, but Dain catches up to him. They battle at the top, and a headbutt from Killan sends them both to the ground.

Dream runs in and climbs to the top, but before he can dive, Cole runs in. He cuts off Velveteen for a name-chanting pose off, then EC3 arrives. Those three jaw while Dain and Sullivan get to their feet. All five square off, then Ricochet’s music hits. He sprints in and springboard backflips into his pose as the crowd chants his name. His fellow North American title competitors surround him as we get the credits and a commercial for Saturday.


Grievous 3D

Is Currently In Stasis...
Let's have a look at the best weekly wrestling show...

+ Dusty Rhodes Classic recap & then straight down to business...with the
Authors of Pain vs. Pete Dunne & Roderick Strong...
~ The crowd is hot...
~ Pete Dunne takes a beating...&
~ Hot tag to Roddy & he's on fire! Angle Slam!
~ This match has been ELECTRIC!!! & the Undisputed Era show up to ruin it...
~ And here comes William Regal...& he always does the right thing. Best GM Ever!

+ And now we get a hype package for the 6 man ladder match for the new North American
title...and its going to be amazing!

+ And now a hype package for Gargano vs. Ciampa...& can you feel that? I feel a
5 star match approaching...

+ Alright Pirate Princess time! Kairi Sane vs. A Stripper? Oh wait..that's
Vanessa Borne...right...sorry...her music makes me think of a strip club.
~ I like Kairi's new/yellow ring attire...
~ Hey...a female referee! Nice...
~ Okay...Kairi is clearly on a different level than Vanessa...
~ SPEAR!!!
~ Kairi is Screaming & I love it!
~ Double Stomp!
~ The Insane Elbow is Epic! 1,2,3!
~ I have to admit I didn't think that much of Kairi originally...and I still don't
like her entrance music...but I like it when she darts around the ring hitting
high impact speed moves & screams like a banshee...

+ Lacey Evans...I mean she looks good...but I cringe when I hear her talk...or
as I like to call it...the "Natalya Factor"

+ Shut up Undisputed Era!

+ Hype package for Almas vs. Black...and I'm so hoping Aleister claims the top
title at TakeOver by kicking Almas square in the face. I'm actually curious to see
who (if anyone) comes out to cancel out the presence of Zelina Vega.

I know who I'd have in Aleister's corner...but I'm not here to give you my fantasy
booking ideas.

+ Hype package for Moon/Baszler...& I'm really curious to see how their third
encounter pans out. I will admit Ember talks too much...strong & silent suits
you better Ember.

+ And now we have the Beast vs. the Freak...Killian Dain vs. Lars Sullivan...
~ Killian Dain's theme music is so awesome...
~ Has Lars Sullivan shrunk? I remember him looking much "bigger" when I saw
him fight at a TakeOver a few months ago...
~ Its the Velveteen Dream! & Adam Cole...& EC3...& PRINCE PUMA!!!
~ And the show just...ends...okay.

All in All...another excellent episode of NXT & I'm so ready for TakeOver New

8 out of 10...
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