Spoiler Rate NXT 5/27/15

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, May 28, 2015.

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  1. You know the drill, ladies and gents! Vote above, give yer thoughts below!

    Full results are here below:

    - Kevin Owens comes out to Sami Zayn's music while wearing John Cena's shirt to a chorus of boos. He said he would make an NXT open challenge, but he's not insecure like John Cena. He thinks people should earn their title shots.

    Owens says the only reason he backed down from Joe was to give fans a positive note to go home on. Regal comes out and complains about Owens hurting everyone on the roster.

    Solomon Crowe comes out and calls Owens a piece of crap. Owens challenges Crowe to a match, and Regal agrees.

    - We see the footage of Itami being injured last week.

    Emma (w/ Dana Brooke) vs. Bayley

    Emma has a new song and entrance. She tries to bully Bayley around, but Bayley turns things around and punches her in the face. Emma quickly turns the tides and methodically assaults Bayley. Emma lands a ponytail snapmare, then pulls Bayley's hair.

    Emma taunts Bayley, but eats a snap suplex. Emma pulls Bayley off the top rope and applies the Emma Lock for the win.

    Winner: Emma via submission

    Emma and Dana attack Bayley after the match, and Charlotte makes the save. Brooke hits Charlotte with the Cradle Shock and they leave her laying.

    - We see a recap of Baron Corbin vs. Rhyno from last week. Rhyno shows up and says they should do it again soon.

    - They air the Becky Lynch mini-bio.

    Blake & Murphy (w/ Alexa Bliss) vs. Elias Samson & Mike Rallis

    After a Rallis headlock, the tag champions take over and work over the youngster. A slingshot senton sets up a rear chinlock and then a two count.

    Samson gets the hot tag and cleans house. He hits a nice discus forearm but then eats a brainbuster and a frog splash for the pin.

    Winners: Blake and Murphy via pinfall (frog splash)

    Blake and Murphy continue the beat down after the match, with Bliss hitting a Sparkle Splash. Alexa Bliss says she's going to send Carmella back to the dump she came from.

    Tye Dillinger vs. Finn Balor

    Balor hits a dropkick out of a sunset flip attempt, but Dillinger gets right back on the offensive. Balor breaks a rear chinlock and lands the Slingblade, then dropkicks him into the corner. Coup de Grace, that's it.

    Winner: Finn Balor via pinfall (Coup de Grace)

    - Jason Jordan is shown backstage and says he's found a new partner. Chad Gable throws his hat in the ring, but Jordan turns him down.

    Kevin Owens vs. Solomon Crowe

    Owens dips out of the ring and attacks Crowe when he gives chase. Crowe fights back and goes to the top rope, but Owens tosses him outside the ring as we go to a commercial break.

    We come back to Owens working a rear chinlock, and then cuts Crowe off when he tries to come back. Owens throws Crowe outside the ring and tries to get a countout, but Crowe gets back in and gets booted.

    Crowe gets to the apron and battles back with punches and kicks. A big running knee in the corner doesn't help, as Owens clotheslines, sentons and powerbombs him for the win.

    Winner: Kevin Owens via pinfall (pop-up powerbomb)

    Owens tries to attack Crowe again, but Samoa Joe comes out and gets in his face. Owens leaves and says Joe is warned.

  2. Decent episode. 6/10

    - Enjoyed the opening segment.

    - I'm glad Hitami's English/promo delivery is improving.

    - Emma vs Bayley was alright.

    - Blake & Murphy vs Samson & Rallis was OK.

    - Bálor vs Dillinger was an aight.

    - KO vs Crowe was decent.
  3. Underwhelming.
  4. Eh 5.. not sure why the f**k Tye Dillinger has any business working with Finn but that match was ery meh to me and that shouldn't happen with an entertaining like Balor.
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