Spoiler Rate NXT 5/6/15

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, May 7, 2015.

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  1. You know the drill.

    - Full results below:

    -Emma comes out rocking Bayley’s t-shirt and headband.


    Emma with some disrespect, throwing her headband at her. They lock up with Charlotte taking control; Emma counters with a headscissors and they face off again. Charlotte wins the second lock-up, and Emma ditches that game and starts beating down on her in the corner. She continues the attack onto the apron, bouncing the former champ’s leg into side of the ring over and over again. Emma remains in control for several minutes, heeling it up and working over Charlotte with rest holds and a half crab. Charlotte kips up and throws a few knife-edge chops, following up with a neckbreaker and a mid-section tackle (wasn’t quite a spear). Natural Selection connects for the 1-2-3.

    Winner: Charlotte

    -Bayley comes out and shows some respect to Charlotte before entering the ring. She tries to help up Emma, who plays nice and comes in for the hug. Bayley smiles and won’t let the hug go, then plants her with the Bayley-to-Bayley before ripping off her shirt. Charlotte has to hold her back and Bayley celebrates with her reclaimed headband.

    -They air a Becky Lynch video package with her talking about the NXT Women’s Championship at Takeover.

    -It’s time for our previously recorded sit-down interview between Michael Cole and NXT Champion Kevin Owens. Cole asks the obvious question – “Why did you do what you did to Sami Zayn?” Owens repeats that he did it for his family, as winning the title means a bigger name, which means more money and a better life for the people he cares about. Cole says he doesn’t believe that was the real reason. Owens is pissed off now, saying it’s been two months with him as champion and nobody has even congratulated him and showed him the respect he deserves, because they’re too busy talking about Zayn. Cole says respect is a two way street so he pats Kevin on the back for winning the title, but wants an honest answer about how he could stab a man who stood up at his wedding in the back. Owens calls him a “silly journalist” that’s just looking for headlines, and everyone wants to hear those words out of his mouth, but the reality is – juicy story or not – he puts food on the table for his family. Great interview.


    Big staredown to start this one off. They start trading tackles trying to knock the other down. Eventually Rhyno throws Dempsey over his head out of the corner and follows up with the Gore for the quick win.

    Winner: Rhyno

    -Rhino gets on the mic and says people call him an “unstoppable force”, but they also call another man by the same title. He calls out Baron Corbin for a match at NXT Takeover.

    -Sasha Banks is backstage looking at photos on the wall of some of the all-time greats. She says Fabulous Moolah was the greatest name in women’s wrestling… until she came along. Banks claims that she made Becky Lynch into a name overnight, and she can end her *snap* just like that.

    -William Regal is greeted by a face we’ve never seen before. It’s Uhaa Nation. Get hyped. He says it’s an honor to be here in NXT and Regal hands him a contract to sign. Fade to black and a video package with Uhaa talking about the great champions that came before him – cut to footage of Seth Rollins winning the NXT title. We don’t get a name yet, but seriously…get hyped.

    -Michael Cole is backstage with Sami Zayn. Sami says he’d like to be able to sit there and say this whole thing is just business, that nothing bothers him and it’s all about providing for their families. Unfortunately that’s not the case. He turns from Cole and says he’s addressing Owens right now. Zayn calls out Owens next week, and challenges him to come out to the ring and be a role model to his kids, and tell him the real reason he did what he did. Another great interview.

    -They show footage of Sami on Raw this week wrestling John Cena. They bring up his injury and question his health, but we don’t have any updates yet at this point.

    -William Regal is in the ring for the NXT Women’s Championship contract signing for the match at NXT Takeover. Becky Lynch comes down followed by Sasha Banks. Becky cuts a promo about all the sacrifices she’s made, travelling all around the world and working various jobs to get to NXT and become the new champion. Banks doesn’t say anything, but signs the contract with a big, gold stamp she brought with her. The crowd chants “like a boss”. Banks attacks Lynch and throws her over the announce table.


    Finn Balor comes down to ringside to watch this match.

    Hideo is totally in control, as Breeze continues to beg off and roll to the outside. He keeps saying “I’m not getting kicked!” Itami connects with a few takedowns until Breeze attacks him from behind. He begins the typical heel beatdown, hitting a neckbreaker and putting the boots to him in the corner. Tyler slaps on a side headlock and holds it for several minutes, taunting Balor.

    Eventually the crowd claps Itami back into the match. He breaks the hold and delivers a few kicks and running dropkicks, then connects with a neckbreaker over the top rope that stuns Breeze. Hideo looking for the running kick but Breeze rolls to the outside. He goes for it again but ends up taking out Finn Balor and sending him over the barricade. Itami and Breeze fight back into the ring. Itami ducks under the Beauty Shot and connects with the one-leg droppkick for the win.

    Winner: Hideo Itami

    -Hideo celebrates his win as Finn Balor gets up and shakes off the kick. Breeze attacks from behind and lays him out, but Balor makes the save. They tease Balor turning on Itami, but it ends with Tyler hitting the Beauty Shot on both of them.

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  2. Decent episode. 6/10

    - Charlotte vs Emma was an alright show opener.
    Heel Emma is decent, I couldn't stand Emma as a face, with all those lame bubbles and stuff.
    Bayley coming out after the match, hugging Emma and then turning it into a Hug-Plex was a nice moment!

    - Kev-O/Cole backstage segment was decent.

    - Rhyno vs Dempsey was short, but okay.
    Rhyno wants Corbin at Takeover, eh? I hope this is where Corbin gets to have his first real match.

    - Sasha's promo was aight.

    - Liked Uhaa's vignette.

    - So, I guess by attacking Zo and Cass, Blake and Murphy are officially heels now. I can dig that.

    - Zayn/Cole segment was aight.

    - Sasha/Becky contract signing segment was okay.

    - Riley's promo was aight.

    - Dana Brooke's promo was downright awful.

    - Itami vs Breeze was a good ME. Looking forward to the triple-threat (Itami/Breeze/Balor) at Takeover!
  3. It was better than the past couple of weeks have been, IMO.

    Charlotte Vs Emma was a good watch
    Skipped Rhyno Vs Bull, I just don't care.
    The Kevin Owens, Becky Lynch, Uhaa and Sasha Banks segments were pretty good.
    Enjoyed the contract signing for the NXT Divas title match at the next PPV.
    Dana Brooks sucked, again. I just can't see anything positive with her ring or mic work.
    The main event was really great. I really got into that.
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    Let me ramble on here forever...

    Okay, I haven't been doing Rate NXT stuff as much since it's hard for me to judge a show with Emma on it unbiasedly or without digging into 18 paragraphs, but watching this whole saga has been the weirdest thing. It starts with a relatable - to me - story of horrible depression and failure and, in your warped way, trying to help a friend from going down that road, before they had that weird match that went over everyone's heads with confidence swings and insecurities and feeling unsure, but that doesn't work well in wrestling so the next week it became every Raw Divas' feud for the last 10 years of "ooooh I stole your headband, bwahahahaha!" and I turned off an episode of NXT early before praising a Nikki Bella segment on Raw and having to re-evaluate my life because what the f*** is wrong with me. Now she's coming out like Generic Heel Diva and Hey Look it's Charlotte and... Yeah, being a blind mark for stuff like "taking control of a match by accidentally kicking Charlotte in the face while falling outside the ring" helps, but this was a really good lil' match featuring some damn brutal knee strikes! Loved Charlotte's perfectly-timed, random kip-up into a great big flurry of offense, the finishing sequence was cool... Yeah, this was a great way to start the show! Then post-match crap happened and... *sigh* can this feud end now? :downer:

    The Kevin Owens interview was... well... a Kevin Owens interview. Need I say more? Couldn't believe Michael Fucking Cole of all people had the AUDACITY to talk back to the champion like that! Little mongoloid lookin' midget mofucka trying to say he deserves some respect, :gtfo:

    Best Line of the Night: "Got anything else to add?" "Yeah, follow me on Twitter at-sign FightOwensFight"

    Hahahahahahaha I love NXT Rhyno and have absolutely no idea why and feel bad for doing it... welp, back to re-evaluating my life. :okay: Is Bull Dempsey in the CJ Parker role now? Pleasesayyespleasesayyespleasesayyes...

    I actually LOVED the Becky Lynch video package this week... while Sasha's? Not... so good. Just hit on her main character traits. As Majour said, the fact that she's not doing more stuff on our TV is unacceptable atm.

    Uhaa Nation walked in and the video package played and... This... kinda felt too much like recent Impact. So many people on this show just have this "burning desire to become the champion" and not much else to them. That's great and all, if you can be a Kevin Owens and get a little bit more out of it than just that. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what Uhaa can deliver! Hear a lot of hype around this guy, and people who are this hyped up deliver 95% of the time. Sorry, Chris Hero.

    The Lost TNA Midcarders beat up the Jersey Boys backstage to keep us from getting our weekly deprecating of the entire damn country of Australia. No buys

    Sami's interview was good, and it's FANTASTIC that they aren't BS'ing their way out of this and going ahead and announcing the injury NOW and not overselling it or anything else stupid. Think this is the first time they've not screwed this up ever. Thank you, Based Hunter.

    The Sasha/Becky contract signing was the highlight of the show! Recapping this doesn't do it justice since it's tame and lame on paper. GO WATCH THIS

    Actual Best LIne of the Night: "You won't be seeing me for a while, because that's what the people want" :lol1: ALEX RILEY SUCKS :lol1: :lol1: :lol1: This had me roaring... even if... it was the most depressing thing ever... but I laughed and laughed and laughed and... I think I was supposed to laugh at this poor miserable dude who lost everything and took chances and blown it all and... Pro wrestling is the weirdest thing ever. :lol1:

    2010 Create-A-Diva was backstage and I muted her no-talent ass. Did she throw out any more nonsense as she poisons this all-too-perfect well of women's wrestlers? *looks over* Oh, she insulted Devin Taylor? DAMMIT THAT'S TYLER BREEZE'S GIMMICK! You. Are dead. To me.

    I'll disagree with you all here and say the Main Event... most of it... was pretty lame. Wasn't too into the match itself - possibly because of how often we've seen it - but everything from the kick to Balor to the closing credits was absolutely incredible! Sweet action sequences all the time, does anyone have a GIF of Breeze's two shots to close the show? Awesome stuff.

    I'll rate this one a 8/10 as the hype for the next special was off the charts. But what is the main event of Takeover going to be?

    Also, kudos to WWE for sticking an NXT special on the free month of the Network, finally. That way they have a hook to get people to want to keep it. :dawg:
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  5. Awesome rant as always!

    Aaand, here you go...
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