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Jeffry Fucking Mason

Your Local Sports Team Sucks
LDW Management
The end was a mess and probably should've been done either at the end of the USA portion or saved for the ending in 2 weeks when both hours are on USA, but other than that i really liked the show. Debuting Imperium was awesome and the Rush/Lorcan match was a really fun sprint (and not just because it was 2 former CZW World Champions xD). Can't wait for more 205/NXT stuff, should be a lot of fun little interactions like that.

Amigo Seto

The Fastest Gun
Io lost to who?

I'm two weeks behind on NXT by the way...

Last week & this week...
Fatal Four-way to determine who will face Shayna H.
Seth, id tell you that you missed some true greatness, like the NA Title match, but I know your weeb gimmick won't allow you to believe me, so I won't bother.

Carry on eating your Raymond noodles while reading your mangos
You do realize it was a joke, right? I mean, Jesus fuck I feel like I have to explain my jokes now. Yes, I did see the North American title and thought it was very good.
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The Sheik

The Architect
6/10 average show.. This is my first NXT. I didn't know anyone on the show.. This Velveteen Dream guy is the only dude that caught my attention.. His match with Roderick was good to.
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