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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. What the title says.

    This episode gets 9/10 from me. Great commentary, divas competition (those two were better than most of the current diva roster.) Two new debuts, one tag team and one singles and two storylines started. The only problem I have is that it is just one hour long. Great episode.

  2. Kassius Ohno is awesome. I agree, 90 minutes would be superb.

    Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) was also great.
  3. I like that they are setting up guys like McGillicutty, Hunico and Mahal as major heels as well. Allows them to grow so they also can be easily moved onto SD or Raw when needed.
  4. Solid 7/8 for me. Rollins' gimmick I see as being the most successful out of NXT, it has so much potential. NXT needs more storylines though. Personal feuds, but it's brand new so I understand why it doesn't have it yet. How long is it going for though? Isn't it ending in two weeks or something?

  5. They've already recorded more episodes Crayo. Instead of recording every week they record once a month and do one months worth of episodes at once.
  6. I hope it's on TV here. I mean, NXT is on TV, but there's a big possibility that they're one or two weeks late in comparison to the actual progression of the show.
  7. Ah brilliant, no wonder the crowd seems quiet at times. 4 hours in one shoot lol.

    YouTube man.
  8. Still has 5GB/month cap bandwidth Crayo. :haha::haha:
  9. was alright
  10. I thought the Divas match was as awful as the WWE ones. They don't even know how to do an irish whip. And it's a shame that the matches aren't usually long. I liked Rollins vs. Camacho and Ohno vs. that blonde guy, can't quite remember his name.
  11. I hope that after all the debuts take place, the squashes stop. One of the best things about the old NXT were the long matches, everyone had time. I think it's just a matter of time, after everyone debuts, the storylines/longer matches will be back to NXT.
  12. 8/10

    Lets just put it this way. After this episode, I want to see less of Camacho, and Jinder Mahal showed nothing as usual.
    Everyone else on the show really impressed, even the Divas' had a great showing.

    They're clearly putting the pieces in place for this show to really take off.
  13. another sick week from NXT. i give it a 1trillion/10 since the regular wwe headlines are so horrible.
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