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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Shadow, Dec 12, 2014.

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    NXT: R Evolution recap:

    - Kevin Owens defeated CJ Parker, Kevin was busted open

    - Corey Graves once again explains why he's a commentator, he retired earlier in the Kickoff show

    - The Lucha Dragons retained against The Vaudevillians

    - Baron Corbin defeated Tye Dillinger, he had a stare down with Bull Dempsey post match

    - Finn Bálor and Hideo Itami defeated The Ascension

    - Charlotte retained against Sasha Banks

    - Sami Zayn defeated Adrian Neville for the NXT Title

    - Kevin Owens attacked Sami Zayn post celebration

    Full results: PWMania
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    Just done watching this! R Evolution was a splendid show! Giving it a 10/10 'cause I still have goosebumps from all the awesome moments.
    Realistic rating: A very strong 9/10.
    The past couple of main roster's shows can't hold a handle to this one by NXT! Fact.

    - I got goosebumps when I heard that music, man! Even though it's generic as hell, I knew it was Kevin Owens and I absolutely loved that moment! I totally marked out. Plus, his debut was bloody good, I enjoyed it! If they let him use the Package Piledriver or Package Fallaway Powerbomb somewhere down the line, that'd be swell. I also liked the combination he used to finish off CJ Parker, nonetheless!
    Pumphandle Neckbreaker followed by a Pop-Up Powerbomb = Awesomeness!

    - The Lucha Dragons vs The Vaudevillains for the NXT Tag Team Championship was good, the closing moments of the match, especially! Kalisto stole the show in this one, he is just amazing.

    - Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger. Wow, what a nice 40 second squash match, this must've been Corbin's longest match. LOL
    Dat finisher, tho! I love that they've been teasing Corbin/Dempsey lately. Even though I haven't been impressed by either of these two, this could be a good feud that'd (maybe) make me like these two... And which matches, hopefully, will take more than a minute or two.

    - Finn Bálor & Hideo Itami vs The Ascension. First of all, I loved every bit of Finn's entrance, I got goosebumps, it was uber-fantastic! Just like the crowd was chanting, I, too, was marking out! I am so glad they let him use the face/body paint and all, that brought a huge smile on my face. My life is complete! The match was great, I enjoyed it. I loved that Finn used Reverse Bloody Sunday and Itami teased GTS! Fuckin' A, man!

    - Charlotte vs Sasha Banks for the NXT Women's Championship was a good match, no doubt about it. It was so damn good! Both Charlotte and Sasha delivered, and both of 'em have grown on me a lot lately, too.

    - Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship was highlight of the night, and MOTY material, as I expected it to be! Zayn and Neville stole the show, again! The whole match was uber-fun-tastic, I enjoyed every second of it and of course, I got goosebumps when Sami won the title! It was a glorious moment. Plus, I totally predicted (way back) Owens would attack Zayn on his debut night. Ahh, this feud is gonna be fantastic, just like the old days.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing more of NXT! The rest of 2014 and 2015 is gonna be a golden time for NXT, for sure!
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  4. great
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  5. Kevin went ham last night on his debut, I like it. Baron Corbin still squashin dudes, finally looking like they will test his endurance in a real match with Bull soon.. glad to watch Zayn win the title.
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  6. I totally predicted (a couple of weeks back) KO attacking Zayn. He was added to the ME scene right away, this feud is gonna be awesome! If they do Owens/Zayn on the main roster later, as well... That'd be awesome!

    Yeah, Corbin's been nothing but an awesome finisher for me, tbh. Hopefully this feud with Dempsey would make me like these two guys.

    Zayn winning the title = Awesomeness!
  7. Never even realized his initials were KO now. Sweet
  8. Yes. Too sweet.
  9. Not to sound mean, but is this some sort of badge of honor for you?
    That you predicted something happening that was fairly easy to see.

    Again, not trying to be mean. But I have noticed that you tend to throw the "I predicted it" line out a fair bit.
  10. The next BLFFL?
  11. Nostrabryan
  12. Nah, it's cool.

    Yeah, I tend to throw that 'I predicted it' line when I was the first one to mention a particular thing and if it actually happens, all the better then. Sorry if it's annoying to you.
  13. God, no...

    I wish I could take that as a compliment, though.
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  14. Haha, you just made me chuckle.
  15. Finn has risen!

    LOL, this is priceless!
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  16. I've gotta give this a 10/10 because it had one of my all-time favorite matches on it.
    And the debut of Owens.
    And the best women's match of the year + probably top 10 match of the year.
    And the awesome finish.
    And Balor's greatness.
    And... This show was wrestling nirvana.
    (Not without it's flaws, for instance, Roman Reigns can fuck right off.)
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  17. :lol1: Hideo has great facial expressions.
  18. Yeah, that was priceless :happy:
  19. Easily a 10/10.

    Every match was incredible. The NXT women's championship match is probably one of my MOTY as far as WWE goes, same goes for the NXT championship match.
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