Spoiler Rate NXT Takeover Brooklyn III

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Jacob Fox, Aug 19, 2017.

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  1. Rate NXT Takeover Brooklyn III and let us know what you thought of the show!

    Andrade Cien Almas vs Johnny Gargano

    Almas won by pin fall.

    NXT Tag Team Championship: Champion Authors of Pain vs Sanity

    Sanity won the tag team championship by pin fall. They were attacked by Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly after the match.

    Hideo Itami vs Aleister Black with Jim Ross on Commentary

    Aleister Black won by pin fall

    NXT Women's Championship: Champion Asuka vs Ember Moon

    Asuka retained her title by submission

    NXT Championship: Champion Bobby Roode vs Drew McIntyre

    Drew McIntyre pinned Bobby Roode to become the new NXT Champion After the match he was attacked by ReDRagon and Adam Cole.
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    Edit: I guess ill turn it into a full show Review thing,

    Gargano v Almas: I thought it was solid I have to watch it back later got pretty choppy for that one.

    Sanity v Aop: Was a good match the Eric young switch was a nice touch to it they really told a story, Hell of a bump by cross through the table.

    Black v Itami: my down point of the night Not that it was a bad match I just was not very invested in it.

    Ember v Asuka: they KILLED it Abouslutley tour the house down match of the night.

    Roode v Mcintyre: Good back and fourth Drew was really impressive but so was Bobby long story short it was awesome,

    Adam Cole Debut: Well It's Adam Cole Bay Bay.
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  3. 10/10

    That was honestly the greatest takeover event that WWE/NXT have produced.

    Gargano and Almas was great, the finish was wonderful.

    Sanity winning the titles was good, the post match stuff as well.

    Black vs Itami was amazing and that Black Mass kick was incredible.

    Ember vs Asuka was good, Ember should've gone over though.

    Roode vs McIntyre was another amazing match, and the ending... oh my god the ending.

    Absolutely amazing event, and to think I was initially going to sleep through it all...
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  4. I gave it a 10. This was a solid show and no reason to rate it lower.

    I liked:

    Gargano vs Almas ***1/2 Good and fun match that I enjoyed every moment of.

    Authors of Pain vs Sanity *** Another good match... this was fun and I was happy to see Eric Young who did a great job.

    Aleister Black vs Hideo Itami *** the weakest match on the card but it was still good... wanted Itami to win though

    Asuka vs Ember Moon **** the match of the night. This was great and I REALLY expected Ember to win... I was nervous with EVERY pin attempt. Great match.

    Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Roode **** Another great match. It was so weird seeing a man Roode's size being manhandled. I was totally shocked how he was dominated and thought he could win.

    ReDRagon and ADAM COLE BABY!!!!! *********** I love Adam Cole. He is in my top favorites and I loved seeing him and ReDRagon take down McIntyre... God I love Adam Cole...best part of the show!

    I didn't like:

    An ugly woman and an ugly guy in the crowd
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    10.Along with AJ Styles Adam is one of my favourite wrestlers and I usually don't watch TakeOvers but with the rumours of him debuting I watched and honestly its was better than I thought BAYBAYYYYY
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  6. Didn't watch the show but from what I hear:






    Also el Idolo got a win gotta rep L.I. forever and always.
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  7. I love you
  8. you too..?
  9. Tranquilo, Mi amor.
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  10. :booker: theres no escaping me
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  11. Anyone who loves ADAM COLE BABY that much, yes I love :emoji_slight_smile:
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  12. 10/10. There was almost nothing I did not like about this show. Everything was executed so perfectly but if there was one thing I could change then perhaps the outcome/how the Asuka/Ember Moon match ended. Ember was, in my opinion, the right person to take it off Asuka and now tha she's lost who's next? Perhaps the winner of the Mae Young Classic? That would be ideal but yeah, Ember fought hard but it's sad to see her lose to Asuka again but I am far from disappointed.

    As to the ending, it's time for a new era in NXT and it's time for the glorious era to (hopefully) come to Smackdown Live. I'm so glad Drew is the champ and I loved how they had the ending with O'Reilly/Fish/Adam Cole take out the champ and show that Adam Cole is in NXT to get some gold.

    I've never really watched some of Adam's matches/promos/works, but I have heard nothing but good about him and seeing the pop he got when he said "Adam Cole BAY-BAY" just makes me excited for what he has to bring.
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  13. Who is Adam Cole?

    No seriously...I have no idea who he is...

    ~ Nice to see Almas getting a win...instead of constantly putting
    everyone else over.

    ~ I'm stoked SAnitY claimed some gold...
    but I have no idea who Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish are...

    ~ I'm not surprised to see Aleister Black defeat Hideo Itami...
    I would not be shocked if Black is on the main roster by the
    end of the year.

    ~ And Asuka retains...Good! It was too predictable to have
    Ember Moon win here...plus she isn't ready in my opinion.

    This match was so much better than their first TakeOver

    I'm guessing NXT will be building towards that dream match
    of Asuka vs. Kairi Sane...I can't say I blame them.

    ~ And Drew McIntyre is the new NXT Champion...and then
    that guy who I don't know came out with those other guys
    I don't know and did some stuff.

    Okay...some Ideas:
    ~ Will Bobby Roode show on SmackDown and challenge
    the new WWE World Champion Shinsuke Nakamura?

    ~ Will the Authors of Pain show up on SmackDown and
    beat the piss out of the New Day?

    ~ Will Asuka just start appearing on the main roster with
    the NXT title?

    ~ Will SummerSlam even come close to being as good
    as this show?

    That would be a big fat NO to answer those 4 questions...

    I miss Ruby Riot...
  14. Adam Cole is one of the best wrestlers in the world, IMO. Well, maybe I should rephrase that. Adam Cole's personality and wresting ability combined make him one of the best. There are MANY wrestlers who are better and more skilled, but Adam Cole is talented in the ring and can be a real douchebag or a phenomenal face at the drop of a hat. His best known work is in Ring of Honor, where he was the first person to win the world championship there three times. And, most importantly, his butt looks awesome in a nice tight pair of jeans.

    All you need to know is he is ADAM COLE BAY BAY!

    In response to your other questions, you'll have to turn in tomorrow... Same Bat time, same Bat channel...
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  15. I agree with all of this (yes including the butt thing)
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  16. Okay...so he's a great "all round" performer with a nice butt...

    No wonder you like him..
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  17. So...that's two votes for Adam Cole having a great butt...

    I'm learning so much today...
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  18. I'm super tired, so if I do a full review I'll do it later, but here's the gist

    I used to play a lot of GM Mode, and sometimes I'd have a ppv made up of five star matches. I've always wondered what a show like that would be like in real life. I no longer need to ask that question

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  19. I learned from your admiration of Charlotte, Jedi Master.
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  20. Nothing is gonna beat that TakeOver for me. It was worth staying up until 3AM to watch it.

    Gargano/Almas - I really enjoyed the match, loved the finish with the t-shirt. Really good stuff, but was outdone by better matches on the card. Caught me off guard with Almas winning, but that makes it more fun.

    AOP/Sanity - What a match! The Eric Young being able to tag situation was really cool, as was Paul Ellering/Nikki Cross and Nikki being absolutely destroyed into that table. Good work on making Sanity the champions, they deserve them.

    Black/Itami - Let's just stop for a moment and appreciate the match-ending Black Mass, because jesus christ it nearly took the man's head off. Match of the night for me tbh, such a brutal and hard-hitting match.

    Asuka/Ember - One of the best matches of the night, for sure. Was really expecting Ember to win, so to see Asuka continue her record-breaking reign makes me wonder who can beat her. Probably Kairi Sane.

    Roode/McIntyre - Loved the match between Roode and Roddy Piper Jnr with his entrance, good to see that McIntyre got the championship because he finally deserves to get some gold. Hopefully Bobby goes to the main roster now.

    Let's not forget the best part of the entire night....ADAM COLE BAYBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I marked so hard, it's so clever to team him with reDRagon. God, Triple H is a mastermind.

    Overall, 10/10. Best show so far.
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