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Amigo Seto

The Fastest Gun
North American Championship: Amazing match, though Ricochet didn't win I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ember Moon vs Shayna Blazer: found this match pretty boring honestly, but then again I don't like Blazer

Tag Team Championship: This was a pretty decent match, and I loved the ending.

NXT Championship: Aleister Black won, which always awesome

Ciampa vs Gargano: One word Perfect.

This show would have been a 10/10, but due to the Tag match and Women's I gave it an 8/10
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Chillin' with the snowmies.
An easy 10/10 for me. If you have a match that you'll be talking about for years then you've gotta give it that right?

That was probably the best ladder match I've ever seen, and I love how even on the Triple H show it still comes down to building up to the big dudes squaring off... and when you have Killian Dain and Lars Sullivan, why not? I loved the bits of story here along with the spots and how so much of the sports elements of each character came in, Lars as this uncontrollable sea monster filled with rage, Dain as the speedier giant, Ricochet as just being f'n awesome, Velveteen Dream being fearless, EC3 being a comical pussy, and Adam Cole also being there aside from the Superkick Party spot that was awesome. Everyone got a spotlight and grabbed a hold of it, and it was a 30 minute match that felt like 10. There was so much good stuff here and it really reminded you in one match how this is done. Props to everyone involved!

I dug Ember Moon vs Bazler more than most - go figure I like Ember Moon more than most, but hey - and the simple callback from previous spots was well done. Bazler got over huge as a badass slinging her arm against the wall and Moon played the role of vengeful babyface really well

speaking of people I like more than most, watching AOP ragdoll people and Kyle O'Reilly flying around at 100 MPH trying to do everything on his own was a blast, and watching Pete Dunne get a hot tag was just mindblowing haha. NXT's tag division is arguably my favorite thing in wrestling and I hope it still goes strong... and that heel turn was a little quick but shocking and well done. Undisputed Era sucks and I'm not sure about this.. guess I need to catch up on the weekly shows to find out huh

The interference in Almas vs Aleister was great! But this felt like a Pringles match to me as with most of Almas' work otherwise. The last few minutes were cool and that's what you remember because other than that and Vega's interference I remember nothing of this but...

I remember so much of Ciampa vs Gargano still as that was about an hour of wrestling heaven! Everything from the entrance. To Ciampa's destruction. To the physical hope spots. The building of momentum and the crowd and the poetic spots and callbacks and all this drama building and building into this emotionally awesome finish...

Anyway, I was talking to a coworker talking about his love of Ric Flair. And how his feud with Dusty got him into wrestling, and hasn't been paying attention to most of the current stuff since none of those guys ever spoke to him like common man Dusty did... and it really just shined a light on how if there's a product that can turn wrestling mainstream, it's because the "internet fans" have the right ideas. Put LU and especially NXT on network TV and wrestling has a much better chance.

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