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Grievous 3D

Iron Forged Orgasmatron
*Looks Around*

Hey Guys, Girls & (especially those) in-between...
& I'm still "1 week late since 1998"

That's my new catchphrase by the way...

Buy the T-Shirt at www.GrievousIsAnIdiot.com

So...TakeOver New York then...

And we open with War Raiders vs. Tommy End & Prince Puma for the tag titles...
and these NXT TakeOver tag title matches are always a highlight for me...
~ Aleister looks a little "leaner" these days...
~ That "Double Sit Down Taunt" was great...
~ I'm honestly still not sold on the War Raiders...they are talented...
but I honestly thought Sanity did the "brutal, hairy thug" gimmick better.
~ Wow...that Ricochet fall away slam was awesome...
~ These two team have incredible chemistry...and the crowd is hot...which
makes it even better...
~ And the War Raiders retain in an incredible match...and I'm curious to
see who their next opponents will be...

Next up is the Velveteen Dream vs. Matt Riddle for the North American title...
and I have to believe this was going to be triple threat match with Adam Cole
involved...but...injuries really, REALLY suck...
~ I have to admit I'm a big fan of the Velveteen Dream...but I cannot stand
Matt Riddle...I just find everything about him annoying...even his weird
"Porn Music" entrance theme...and put some fucking shoes on!
~ I still wish that made the strap purple on the North American title for the Dream...
~ Karate Kid Crane Kick reference?
~ The German Suplex on the outside was pretty nasty...
~ I swear Riddle is going to break one of his feet soon...
~ Man..."they" are making Riddle look REALLY good in this match...
~ I'm not a big fan of wrestlers "no selling" German Suplexes...
~ Matt Riddle spits & drools a lot...I mean so do I...but only when I'm in the shame corner...
~ I'm sick of the Dream throwing out these Hulk Hogan references...
~ I will admit this match has been better than what I expected...
~ AND THE DREAM RETAINS!!! HELL YES!!! But seriously...that match was 75/25
Riddle...which seems a little uneven to me...

And now we have Pete Dunne vs. Walter for the UK Championship...and I have to
be honest & say I was hoping to see this match on another UK TakeOver...I really
enjoyed the first UK show...
~ I am REALLY curious to see the result of this match...mainly because I can see
the benefits of both men winning...and thankfully I have avoided spoilers for this
show...even if I'm a week late...
~ Symphony of Destruction?! Megadeth reference!
~ So...Walter is a big man who can actually wrestle...color me impressed.
~ Walter wrestles with a very "old school" style...and I like that...
~ The Brits really are the best mat wrestlers these days...
~ I'm still hoping I get to see Dunne "fight" Styles one day...
~ Powerbomb ON Walter!
~ Those chops are brutal...
~ Despite the size difference...these two have really good chemistry...
~ Fuck You! Nah Fuck You! Nah Fuck You! Nah Fuck You! Nah Fuck You!
~ TOP ROPE POWERBOMB!!! HOLY SHIT!!! TOP ROPE SPLASH!!! 1, 2, 3!!! Walter did it!
What an amazing match!!! It get 5 Fucking Stars from me!!!

And now we get the Women's Fatal 4 Way...and I'm really not sure how I feel about this one...
~ Yay! Kairi has a new outfit...& now she really does look like Mini-Asuka...Ha!
~ Bianca Belair still does nothing for me...I mean she is talented but I just don't "get" her...
~ We need to get Kairi & Io on the main roster with Asuka, have the team up,
destroy everyone & win a main title/s & the tag titles...


You know what...don't do that...all three of them will just end up being buried & turned
into Charlotte's Japanese Harem...

*Thinks in vivid detail & starts to spit & drool*


~ I don't know baseball...but that was cool...
~ Jesus! Shayna basically ate that ring post...
~ You have to think Kairi & Io are going to win those women's tag titles at some
point...hopefully its when they are still in NXT...
~ I love it when Kairi screams...it gets me...excited...

*Starts drooling again*


~ OH MY GOD!!! That DDT! I though that may have broken Io's neck!
~ DOUBLE K.O.D!!! WOW!!!
~ And Shayna retains...cleanly...making Bianca Belair tap out...so...does that
mean Io or Kairi gets a 1 on 1 match at the next TakeOver...

~ And now the main event with Adam Cole vs. Johnny Tweener for the vacant NXT
title...and honestly...I want to see Adam Cole win this. The recent booking of
Gargano has really tainted him as a character for me...so give it to Adam Cole...

Ugh...I can't believe I just typed that...

~ The Undisputed Era want to be the NWO so bad I bet their balls hurt from the
desperation...but hey...at least the Undisputed Era can actually wrestle...
~ Mixed reaction for Gargano...the crowd appears to be behind Cole...as am I.
~ Its a real shame Ciampa was injured when he was...because this match would
have been so much more intense with him fighting Gargano again...
~ In saying that...these two are amazing workers & I'm sure this match will be
excellent...at least in terms of ring work if not emotion...
~ Seriously...does anyone else think Adam Cole is just like a young Shawn
Michaels? I believe he could be just as good.
~ Rest Hold time!
~ And Adam Cole (BAY-BAY! Why am I doing that?) gets the first fall...
~ I like how the commentators are not mentioning Gargano's recent heel-like
actions...he's just good old "Johnny Wrestling" again...its almost like it was
a mistake & didn't work so they've hit the retcon button...
~ And Gargano gets the second fall with a submission...
~ And I see some blood...
~ And why is tghere mid-match ring announcements? WTF?
~ Fuck You! Nah Fuck You! Nah Fuck You! Nah Fuck You! Nah Fuck You!
~ So...these two are giving us everything...and if you aren't impressed...well...
maybe you lack a brain stem?
~ And some outside interference...and I really hate that bullshit...
~ But they are stacking the deck against Gargano...
~ The crowd is literally ready to explode!!!
~ And Gargano goes over & is the new NXT Champion...and I guess he had to win
it eventually...I mean he had 137 shots at the bloody thing...


~ A fantastic match that deserved to main event the show...even if I enjoyed
Dunne vs. Walter more.
~ And Ciampa breaks character...did he just turn face?!

All in All:
Another amazing TakeOver...possibly one of the best ever with 5 great matches
filled with high quality wrestling & great in-ring storytelling.

11 Out Of 10

Oh...and as far as Wrestlemania goes...let me tell you what I know happened...
& how I "feel" about it...(No...I haven't watched the show...and I'm not going to)

Alexa Piss was the host...which makes me want to vomit just thinking about it...

HotButLame won the women's division pile on...because bury Asuka I guess?

Broke Le$nar was so keen to get out of the WWE he put Tyler Black over in 2 &
a half minutes for the big red belt...& I don't care...even though its what I've
been calling for since the belt was created...

Tommy End & Prince Puma have been on the main roster so much their actual
"draftings" will mean nothing at this point...& I'll be sad to see them both leave
NXT...because only disappointment awaits them on the main roster...

Silly Kay & Payless Royce won a couple of belts that mean nothing...& I don't
care...seriously...I don't care...and it just feels like a middle finger to Tenille
Dashwood to me...

And the women had the main event the show with Becky Lunch, Charlotte the Harlot &
Ronda Wifey fighting it out in a "winner takes all" (because again bury Asuka) triple threat
title match...in which Ronda broke her hand (I'm sure Charlotte will get the blame for that)

Nice work ladies...you make history & get the biggest match on the biggest pay per view...
and you fuck up the mot important moment in the match! But then again...I.DON'T.CARE.

I'm sure the Plank of Wood will be back in that spot next year...& hopefully the fans will be
booing him...especially now considering The Shield is no longer an option.

Are fans booing still him? Or is he getting a "free pass" because he had cancer?

Actually you know what...


Oh...and if you disagree with my opinions & views...that's fine...because you
guessed it...I.DON'T.CARE.

Well...that's me done until the next TakeOver.

Be sure to check out Godzilla, King of the Monsters on May 31st, listen to some
Rammstein (the new album is out May 17th) & watch the AMC series The Terror
in the mean time.

Man...May is going to be EPIC! New Godzilla & Rammstein?!

Life is Good...

Y'all take care & I'll see you all...when I see you.

Oh wait...

This is for Solid Snake Solid Snake


And this is for me...

Last edited:


The Showoff
Rising Star
Feel old with the Rammstein reference, Sennsucht was my 1st album of theirs I bought. Have not bought one of them since the 90's..... Hulkamania BAY BAY.

Adam Cole has buckets of charisma. Gargano I don't really get but he has had some crazy good matches with everyone so I can't really deny his talent. Still he is a babyface that is popular organically that is rare these days.

But Yeah Adam Cole, Shawn Michaels/CM Punk sort of star 2.0 IMHO. If they don't mess up his booking.

I thought there may have been 3 5 star matches on the card or at elast 2 and some 4.5's and the women's match was the worst one and it was still pretty damn good.


The Showoff
Rising Star
I know like hardly anyone would care, but Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano was given 5 1/2 stars by Dave Meltzer, making thins the highest rated WWE match in WWE's history.
Wrestlings got a lot better skill wise over the last 20 odd years, so yeah some of the old 5 star matches don't hold up as well.

The crowd was basically hot for everything though but I thought the 1st match was a 5 star one as well. Pete Dunne and Walter and Dream vs Riddle were around 4.5 as well maybe higher.

When you get a match average of around 4.5 its not perfect but its about as good as it gets in Wrestling hence a 10/10. You're lucky to get 1, we got 2-3 here IMHO. They actually managed to top some of the take overs last year. Up to date on NXT onthe network, stopped watching 205 live and RAW, and are 3 weeks behind on SD so that is about 7-9 weeks real time.

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