Spoiler Rate NXT TakeOver: Respect

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Oct 8, 2015.

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  1. You know the drill, ladies and gents. Vote above and give your thoughts below!

    NXT TakeOver: Respect Results

    1. Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi-Finals Match: Finn Balor and Samoa Joe defeated Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson. Finn and Joe won after a Muscle Buster/Coup de Grace combination. Finn’s knee was injured during the match, which became the story for the finals.

    2. Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi-Finals Match: Baron Corbin and Rhyno defeated Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. Corbin pinned Gable after countering a headscissors tornado DDT attempt into the End of Days.

    3. Asuka defeated Dana Brooke. Asuka won her NXT debut with the Asuka Lock, a crossface chickenwing with a bodyscissors.

    4. Apollo Crews defeated Tyler Breeze. Crews pinned Breeze after a powerbomb.

    5. Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals Match: Finn Balor and Samoa Joe defeated Baron Corbin and Rhyno. Balor pinned Rhyno after a Muscle Buster/Coup de Grace combination.

    6. 30-Minute Iron Man Match for the NXT Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) defeated Sasha Banks. Banks took the first fall by raking Bayley in the eyes and rolling her up. Bayley tied it up with a Belly-to-Bayley. Sasha went up 2-1 by throwing Bayley into the LED screen in the entrance area, leading to a countout. Bayley was able to counter a Boston crab into a rollup to tie it up 2-2. The two traded submissions in the final minutes, but Bayley was able to counter a Banks Statement into a brutal armbar to win the final seconds.


    Full results can be found HERE.
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  2. Prince Bálor's NXT Journey
    Destination: NXT TakeOver - Respect
    Date: 10/7/15

    - Finn Bálor & Samoa Joe vs The Mechanics was a good show opener. ***
    I honestly thought The Mechanics were advancing to the finals, as a result of Joe turning on Finn here. But, that was not the case.
    I'm interested in what direction they'll take with Bálor and Joe from here on out and when they'll pull that trigger.
    As far as the match goes, they told the right story for later in the show. At one point, Bálor ate a Chop Block and The Mechanics worked over his leg for a good amount of time, before Joe got the hot tag and ran wild with his signature moves. Joe was setting up for a Musclebuster and then Finn asked for a tag, that right there was a tiny hint of dissension between the two, and was a nice touch, as well.
    With Bálor & Joe advancing, I thought we were getting a Joe heel turn or Bálor Club formation later in the finals. But nope, that didn't happen either.

    - Rhyno & Baron Corbin vs Jason Jordan & Chad Gable was good. ***¼
    Even though I was upset at the outcome and was 95% certain JJ & Gable were winning the whole thing... Everyone looked good here.
    Even Corbin stepped out of his lame ass territory and suddenly became watchable. Holy smokes, Gable is so over and he is money!
    The crowd chanting GABLE to Angle's "You Suck" tune was awesome! Also, how impressive was that Chaos Theory Suplex on Corbin?
    I don't think Corbin got any lift-off. I'm fairly certain Gable just straight-up hoisted him. It was awesome!

    - Asuka vs Dana Brooke was better than I had expected, thanks to Asuka. **¾
    Asuka's great and a beautiful death machine. Never followed her Japanese career, but that was good, and Dana surprisingly held her own.
    I believe Dana's backstage instructions were like "Just stand there and let Asuka do all the work." That worked out well.
    Damn, Dana getting Suplexed by Asuka with her leg still trapped was some boss-level stuff. Asuka looked like a Super Saiyan.
    One of my favorite moments, as well, was when Dana slapped the taste out of Asuka's mouth. Asuka just smiled at her.
    The crowd started a "YOU FUCKED UP!" chant, because it was just appropriate. I also dug the speed of Asuka executing some basic stuff.
    I mean, I'm already a fan of hers. Can't wait for Asuka vs Bayley.

    - Apollo Crews vs Tyler Breeze was rock solid. **¾
    This was AC's first real match in NXT and it was a solid back-and-forth bout, but there wasn't much to this match to take it to another level.
    Crews won after a nice flip-around Powerbomb. Also, that Enzuigiri AC hit on Breeze sounded like someone took a racket to a wet blanket.
    Now, on to Breeze... I'm confident they're going somewhere with him. Hopefully he's booked against Regal at TO in London, where he gets his mojo back. Think about it. NXT has booked people to lose over and over and then go on redemption arcs (Read: Sami Zayn, Bayley) and I think that's where we're going with this one, too, but prolly in a heel direction where Breeze goes nuts and gets a mean streak.

    - Finn Bálor & Samoa Joe vs Rhyno & Baron Corbin was solid. **½
    I was a little bit irked that an actual tag team didn't win the Dusty Classic tourney, but at least Rhyno and Corbin didn't win.
    Musclebuster/Coup de Grâce combo got Bálor and Joe the win, as well as the trophy. Post-match, the Rhodes family presented the trophy to the winners and Cody had a good, emotional speech about his daddy.
    - I have to add that I'm loving the direction of Bálor's new, edgier character. He's slowly morphing into his REAL ROCKNROLLA character from NJPW.
    I've been bouncing this idea in my head for a while now. I think that in storyline, he knows Itami will be back soon to reveal that it was actually Bálor who was behind the parking lot assault, and he's pre-emptively dropping the babyface mask. I think that's why on last week's NXT episode he made it too obvious and heeled a bit too hard on Enzo, so the match had to be edited and cut short to like 4 minutes.

    - Bayley vs Sasha Banks was a great ME and MOTN! ****¼
    I'd say their Brooklyn match was better, but that's just a matter of personal preference. Anyhow, both matches are proof that women can main event any company's event. Sasha played the perfect heel during the match. I honestly loved the Izzy heat spot. Sasha blatantly taunted Bayley's biggest fan... And stole her headband! And then made her cry! What a beatiful display of evil. Bayley has also shown us she can get as vicious as Sasha. The final fall was prolly a tribute to Zack Sabre/Timothy Thatcher and I loved it. Bayley stomping Sasha's head while having her in a submission hold was so awesome! Gotta admit, though, I got teary eyed after the match. I was just so damn proud of both Sasha and Bayley.

    OVERALL THOUGHTS: Repect was a great show with absolutely nothing bad on it. It was a ton of fun and had zero BS booking.
    Things happened logically and organically. Characters learned from their mistakes and then capitalized on it. Take notes, main roster.
    And last, but not least... The Full Sail crowd was awesome, and yet they didn't feel the need to tell us so. :emoji_wink: Take notes, post-Mania Raw crowds.
    This is how you use your voice to enhance the show and not do self-promotion.

    9/10 for this fantastic, thoroughly enjoyable show!
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  3. I didn't watch the entire show to be honest. Didn't watch Asuka match and Crews match just skipped it and looked a little bit. Other matches a bit disappointed me. I hate when a part of wrestler gets injured and heel works on them entire match, focus on there. Can be good sometimes but hated it now. Maybe they wanted to show Finn and Joe as the glorious team in the tournament and overcoming the odds despite everything but that is also a bit weird and non-sense. This is a tag team tournament and in the final there were two teams that weren't actually tag teams. I hated that. Maybe they wanted to honor Dusty by making the tournament won by main eventers but I still prefer a real tag team winning it, Chad & Jordan is what I wanted. Also seeing Vaudevillains or Mechanics against them would be even better. They could have gone for Joe turning on Finn for NXT Title but they didn't. Maybe they prefer Joe as face or maybe they will keep him NXT or maybe the didn't want to take that into the tournament, wanted everything clean, nothing but to honor Dusty. Still it should have been Chad and Jordan. The tag matches were not good but Chad & Gable vs Corbin & Rhyno was good. Loved how fans remixed Kurt Angle theme's you suck into "Gable" chant. Loved it.

    Main event was great. I liked it more than Brooklyn match, maybe because of they hype, I don't know. Iron Man stipulation added a huge hype, expectation and excitement in it. Sasha had the match going for more than 20 minutes. He had a great heel spot on that little girl which I really liked as she made her cry. Yeah, I don't like Bayley and all her hug stuff etc. I find her overrated actually. She is not that good enough. Not on mic, not as charisma nor in the ring. She is not terrible in ring but she mistimes the spots and she kinda botches the moves sometimes. Not only at this match. I don't think she the best women's wrestler NXT has right now, excluding Sasha as probably now she is out from NXT after this match.

    As I said, matches were not like what I have expected, but the main event was awesome. I give a 7 out of 10.
  4. Gable and JJ not getting to the finals was absurd. I could understand them losing to Joe and Finn in the finals, but losing in the semis is total no buys. They looked AWESOME and the crowd went crazy for them. Asuka is great, she got a good match out of Dana. Also a Shibata Backhand shortly followed by a Crossface Chickenwing finish is just perfect for me. Marvelous. Not really much else to say other than how great it was.
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  5. I loved almost everything about it/10 :emoji_grin:

    Also, this.

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  6. It was a good show but I wouldn't say the best.
    The Brooklyn match was better than the iron man match in my opinion. I'd also say that Sasha vs Becky from Unstoppable was better.
    Dana looked the best she's ever done, granted all she did was get her ass handed to her.
    The Shooters vs Sad Wolf Biker Rhino match was a bloody hoot and had the best finishing stretch in a WWE match in a long while.

    The show was good, as Takeovers are, but it just did not click fully with me
  7. I don't have to add anything, my fiancee put it perfectly. I agree and gave it a 9/10. There was nothing about the show i didn't enjoy.

    And I loved the crowd reaction during the main event. I am always happy when i get to watch people appreciate great women wrestling. Very excellent.
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  8. It really isn't fair to compare the two Sasha vs Bayley matches. The first was this intense emotionally charged match full of emotion and excitement, while this was more of a continuation/celebration of what the women have done. :emoji_slight_smile:
    They didn't try to top it, but they played off it. When Sasha landed on her FEET from that poisoned 'rana this time, I marked like crazy!
    Loved the "Bayley reverses the Banks Statement" spot turning into Sasha reversing the reversal, Bayley injuring Sasha's hand this time and how she couldn't fully lock in the move in the end, while Bayley has the innovative submission. As a match this kicked all sorts of ass! Maybe it struggled since it "couldn't follow the first one", but neither could Owens and Balor in a friggin' ladder match. This was wonderful on it's own.

    Anyway, I'm kinda with Stopspot here though. Asuka vs Dana was pretty nice and got over the way it should, but it had that Matanza issue where I just wanted something completely off the wall to happen and it didn't. Poor Emma :emoji_slight_frown: Apollo Crews had his first real match and he held his own really well with Prince Pretty, they told a story throughout the show with Balor's knee, and swerved us by not swerving us... Idk. Can't really grade the tag tournament since I'm not the biggest tag fan, but if you don't mind the style then surely this was enjoyable... but hell... a freaking Chaos Theory suplex made it ALL worthwhile and that End of Days was... like... RKO at WM levels of good.

    My only complaint when watching this is seeing these little toys learn to dance as they're built and molded with care and love, just to be sold to some asshole kid who smashes them into each other over and over until they're completely destroyed.. :please: Bayley and Tyler, please never leave us! :why:
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    Other than JJ and Gable LOSING IN THE SEMIS FOR NO REASON, great, great show. Asuka was awesome. Just the fact she uses the Crossface Chickenwing as a finish makes me love her.
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  10. Sasha Banks/Bayley was frickin' awesome.
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  11. 9/10
    When a women's WRESTLING match closes the show, and its an IRON WOMEN match, then you know you're watching the right promotion.
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  12. It was a great show! A great performance from Jason Jordan And Chad Gable, even Balor and Samoa Joe were awesome. The main event was legendary!
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  13. Heard the other night that Sasha tapped with 3 seconds left, which was a callback to Sasha's line about how Bayley "was only better than me for 3 seconds"

    A week after this event people are still finding awesome things about it. I love NXT
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