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You Can't Beat my Meowcenaries
Rate NXT Takeover Toronto and leave some comments to let us know what you thought of the show!

NXT Tag Team Championship: Champions The Street Profits vs the Undisputed Era

The Street Profits retained by pin fall

Io Sharai vs Candace Lerae

Sharai won by submission when Lerae passed out

North American Championship Triple Threat: Champion Velveteen Dream vs Pete Dunne vs Roderick Strong

Dream retained by pin fall

NXT Women's Championship: Champion Shayna Baszler vs Mia Yam

Baszler retained by submission

NXT Championship 2 of 3 falls: Champion Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano

First Fall Classic Wrestling: Cole won by DQ
Second Fall Street Fight: Gargano by submission
Third Fall Barbed Wire Cage: Adam Cole by pin fall

Winner and still champion is Adam Cole


You Can't Beat my Meowcenaries
Tag champ much was pretty good. It had some good moments when I was even on the edge of my chair. ***1/2

Io Shirai vs Candace Lerae **** WOW. Just wow... what a great match... no dull part at all.

North American Championship ***1/2 Another really good match. There was never a slow moment at all.

Women's Title **1/2 Baszler's run with the belt has taken the NXT women's division, which used to be the best in the Takeover shows, and just made it the worst part. Why they keep the belt on this no talent crappy wrestler, I will never understand. This was the worst match on the card and the ONLY match to not get a "This is awesome" chant from the crowd. In fact, they seemed bored. I was too,.

Championship match... an hour long, three falls, Cole retains.. loved it *****
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President of DAOKO Stan Club
I gave it a 8. Io's match was the only one I cared for and even though the set up was dumb the match was good. This would have been a 7, but Gargano's Wolverine attire from X-men the animated series won me over to a 8, and the match wasn't bad though I didn't for the last two parts.
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white crow

The Serbian Butcher
Gotta admit it was good. Matches were a little bit too predictable but damn the match script was just on point, I had a feeling I was watching mid 2000s Ring of Honor
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Grievous 3D

[Title Redacted]
1 Week Late Since 1998...

TakeOver Toronto II Notes! GO!

+ Street Profits vs. Undisputed Era +

Another great NXT tag match...these are always my favorite TakeOver
matches & the Street Profits continue to improve every time I see them
wrestle. I have to say the Street Profits remind me of Harlem Heat...&
I believe Montez Ford could be a future World Champion.

+ Shirai vs. LaRae +
This was a great match & clearly out shined the later Championship
match between Baszler & Yim. While I don't like Io covering her lovely,
lovely thighs...she looked great in this match...and the more unhinged
she became the better the match was. I have to believe that Candice
has been filling in for Dakota Kai during this feud...but she looked really
sharp in defeat here.

+ Riddle/Dain Brawl +
I can't stand Riddle...& I was happy to see Dain drop his bro ass off the
stage through a table. Of course I know Riddle is eventually going over
in this "feud" but this was fun to watch.

+ Dream vs. Strong vs. Dunne +
This was a lot of fun. I'm a big fan of all three of these guys but I have
to admit I was hoping that Roddy would get the win. The Dream really
is a true star & I hope he gets a chance to wear the top title in NXT
before he's drafted to the main roster.

+ Baszler vs. Yim +
Okay...so...while I like Shayna Baszler...every match she wrestles is the
same & always seems to end with her opponents tapping out. Its boring
as hell. At least when Asuka was Champion the matches were always
fast paced & entertaining...but every Baszler match is the same old shit.

Honestly...I do not think Baszler will work on the main roster if she is
going to be wrestling these kind of matches.

The crowd was also completely dead for this...and I just watched it
hoping "Gang Member" Mia Yim (seriously WTF?!) would get the win...
but No. Another Baszler victory with an opponent tapping out after a
slow & somewhat flat match.


+ Cole vs. Gargano +
You know I didn't even watch their match at XXV so I was probably
a lot "fresher" than most...but this was their third straight TakeOver
main event...and...well...what do you want me to say?

Both guys are great workers & would have to deliberately try to put on
a bad match...but...I saw this during New York...and the street fight &
cage with weapons didn't really make it "new or fresh" to me.

And of course...once again Johnny Gargano is Johnny Loser...and all
I can do is shrug my shoulders & wait for the next AEW show.

+ Final Thoughts +
The first 3 matches were excellent...but I honestly didn't get much out
of the final two. Montez Ford, Io Shirai & Velveteen Dream were the
true stars of the night for me...but I think I'm just kind of over the WWE
as a whole & I'm more excited about the AEW simply because it isn't
a WWE product in any way, shape or form.

And I'm Done.
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