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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 20, 2012.

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  1. Rate it out of 10.

    Solid 6.5/7/10 for me.

    Pros: Christian returning to win Battle Royal, tag-team title match being fantastic, divas match being better than expected and having 7 minutes+ which is great, Cody vs Christian with Christian winning was good, Ryback appearing, Punk vs Bryan which is easily a MOTY candidate already that was fucking fantastic, best match I've seen all year and I actually lol'd during the main event, Cody & Miz got mic segments, crowd being hot as fuck for Punk/Bryan

    Cons: Miz jobbing to Clay, timing of Ryback match, Big Show being in the spotlight.
  2. 5/10

    Simply because of two great title matches and Christian's epic return and face turn.

    The ending justtotally took the shine off the PPV sadly, absolutely nothing interesting about it at any point. Terrible stuff.
  3. My thread says: 04:51

    Your thread says: 04:53

    Come on dog, be for real.. You're too late..
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  4. Jose's thread was up first. Crayo on dat power trip
  5. I went to the page looking for the ratings thread, found Jose's but not yours.
    Jose won.
  6. You serious, Crayo?
    Closing my thread?

    Well, take it.
  7. It's my thread - my legacy!! Just rate the PPV.
  8. 1/10

    Pros: Almost everything else.

    Cons: Big show, the only reason I watched was to see who interferes. Which is why I rate 1/10.
  9. So everything other than Big Show is a pro, but you rate it 1/10?
  10. I refuse, you can't take losses.
    Just like when City won against United. All over again..
  11. Pros: Good matches
    Cons: Retarded ME, predictable outcomes, me not giving a fuck because the build was horrendous, Christian being relegated to the mid card, Crayo ego tripping and stealing Jose's thread
    edit: forgot to list DZ taking the pin instead of Swagger. why? why can't Swagger ever eat the pins when they tag.

    I don't want to give it a rating really. In a vacuum it was good, but all things considered I just didn't give a damn, and it damn sure didn't make me interested in things that will happen in the future.
  12. Wish I kept those reps on now. #LastTimeIDoAnythingNice
  13. Everything you said. :dawg: And the interference was the draw for me. But it was disappointing. To make a match like this the main event and have Big Show be the 'best 'part of it. I lost so much respect for WWE. I wanted more than the world for Batista to interfere. :upset: That show you how disappointed I am? The PPV was good but the Big Show part was so disappointing it completely sunk me from liking this PPV.
  14. Think as a casual. As we speak Big Show is trending on twitter and it's full of casuals saying "OMG WHY DID HE DO THAT I HATE HIM NOW?" and stuff. We can predict it, they can't. I hate it as much as you do but i ignore it. I ignore most Cena feuds unless they're good, this sucks. Punk/Bryan deserves the spotlight from this PPV though not Big Slow. Forget about him. You just said affectively there was more positive than negative, that's two good PPV's in a row. How often do we say that?
  15. Ugh I still don't know. The match quality was high but I wasn't even remotely interested in any of the matches apart from the title ones purely because of the superstars involved. I also managed to get every winner correct as well.
  16. The match quality got me interested.

    Couldn't give one fuck over the tag-team title match, once it was on, I was on the edge of my seat proud of my two boys Dolph and Kofi who were on so much fire tonight.
  17. Pros: Two phenomenal title matches, a Divas' match that was an actual asset to the card, Tyson Kidd's moment of glory, Christian finally turning face, Hawkins and Reks look like they are getting pushed, finally, Christian and Cody had a good match, of course, and the tag team contenders put on a good show.

    Cons: Gtfo Brodus and Ryback. I'm sick of you guys... and what in the blue hell was that main event? When you call the finish on Tuesday, that's not a good thing. WWE Tag Team Matches are all the same, and the build for this PPV was inexcusable. When was the last time Rhodes won a match?

    7.5/10 for me. Given the low expectations, getting the fantastic title matches we did made this PPV for me. Lets hope Christian shines again as a face, Hawkins, Reks, and Tyson are followed up on, and that the Big Show drama doesn't drag down the follow-up too much.
  18. You mean it's rare for WWE to put on 2 good PPVs in a row? But I guess it was a pretty good PPV by OTL standards. :dawg:
  19. Yeah. Normally when one is good the next fucksucks. We were talking about OTL being one of the worst PPV's for years a few days ago - and now it's getting some fairly good ratings. I said earlier, PPV matches are getting better.

    Come on bro, ignore Big Show and enjoy Punk/Bryan! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  20. I mean it was a 5 star match. :dawg:
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