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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, May 1, 2016.

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  1. You know what to do m8's.

    Results :
    Show Spoiler

    WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Roman Reigns (c) def. AJ Styles
    WWE Women’s Championship Match
    Charlotte (c) (with Ric Flair) def. Natalya (with Bret Hart)
    Dean Ambrose def. Chris Jericho
    Intercontinental Championship Match
    The Miz (c) def. Cesaro
    Kevin Owens def. Sami Zayn
    WWE Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contenders’ Tournament Final, sponsored by Booty-O’s
    Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. The Vaudevillains ended in a No Contest (Enzo suffered a concussion)
    United States Championship Match (WWE Payback Kickoff)
    Kalisto (c) def. Ryback
    WWE Payback Kickoff
    Dolph Ziggler def. Baron Corbin

  2. I gave it a 3.

    1 point for KO vs Sami
    1 point for Roman winning cause #RomanEmpire
    1 point for Ambrose & Y2J's match

    I assumed Vince was going to have both Steph and Shane take control of Raw.
    Most results were predictible.
    Hated how the Women's match ended.
    Sucks Enzo got injured, glad it was only a concussion and not a severe neck injury.
    Miz winning was meh worthy.
    Dolph winning was a suprise but not worth it.
    Ryback losing again, eh.
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  3. Gave it a 7 but I'm usually pretty optimistic. Enjoyed most of the matches just hated almost all of the endings. The McMahon segments were annoying to me. In the back of my mind I was just hoping Vince would say "One of you can run RAW, the other Smackdown" but nope he went the predictable route as usual. I think the next few months of WWE are going to be more exciting than this PPV but overall, i'm pleased.
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    3. I really didn't like it. Matches were good but the whole thing felt anticlimactic. It lost points for that pathetic Montreal Screwjob thing. The women have the best match on the Wrestlemania card and it's followed with that crap.
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  5. Reigns da champ. 10.
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  6. PayKO, that's what it was. First half was all him and it was all great.

    Jericho vs Ambrose was alright, but probably the weakest full fleshed out match on the card. Although, I did skip the Women's title match since I knew it wasn't going to end in an interesting way.

    McMahon's segment could've been done in under ten minutes, really brought the show down. Decision was the definition of anticlimactic. They're going to outdo each other on Raw? Alright, guess that makes sense because it isn't like they have another show.

    Roman vs AJ was cool, something more should've happened though. Like Anderson and Gallows turning on AJ after they beat up Roman. I dunno, two restarts and it all amounted to nothing. Might as well ended clean.

    Wrestling was a 7, rest was a 2.
  7. The woman's match was better than the WrestleMania match.. The ending didn't make any sense at all though, what was the point in doing a Montreal screwjob finish just because Bret Hart was at ringside.. hopefully it continues to Extreme Rules.
  8. Well, I literally got done watching the PPV just moments ago and decided to start typing immediately with things still as fresh in my mind as they can be and I have to say, it was a pretty solid show overall, even though there were a few things that baffled me. A 6/10 sounds just about right and here are my notes/thoughts:

    - Enzo getting injured was certainly a big blow for the opening match and at least the good news is that it wasn't something very serious so thank God for that. Should we assume that since this match was basically a no contest, that these two teams (provided Enzo is good to go), will go at it at Extreme Rules? I's say it sounds like a fair assumption.

    Oh, and by the way, I loved how New Day were enjoying their pizza at ringside during that match. Found it hillarious, though unfortunately the fun part was obviously cut short due to what happened with Enzo.

    - KO vs SZ was, as expected, the MOTN and I guess it didn't really matter who would win. As Snowman put it nicely yesterday, quite frankly us fans were the winners for this one. Funnily enough, I originally had KO penciled in to win before changing my mind but that doesn't really matter anyway.

    - The Miz retaining was something the majority of us expected, however I guess we all thought that his wife would be the key here and not actually KO and SZ causing the distraction. Either way, I loved how things went down and, well, I guess it's rather obvious that we are looking at a Fatal 4way at Extreme Rules.

    Speaking of KO, once again he was as usual awesome during commentary and I loved his mocking of Michael Cole, as I'm sure you all did. The man just speaks for all of us and I just wish WWE would just listen. Get Renallo and Corey out there already....

    - Ambrose and Y2J I thought put up a pretty decent match and I was glad to see the obvious happening, thus Dean getting the win.

    - Charlotte and Natalya match was in my view the second best match of the night behind KO and SZ and while, again, we all pretty much knew Charlotte would retain, I do wonder which clown came up with the Montreal screwjob idea. I mean, seriously? Granted, I get that this was a way to keep this feud going since I do still believe that Charlotte will carry the belt till Summerslam before dropping it to Sasha but I found it distasteful, to say the least.

    - So, both Shane AND Stephanie running RAW, huh?. One would say typical Vince but hey, I actually like the idea cause it surely brings a lot of intrigue, not to mention a future confrontation between Shane and HHH which ought to be interesting, whether it results in a match between them or not. To be honest, I don't really see Shane wrestling again (I think Mania was the last time) but never say never I guess...

    - The main event was pretty good for the most part. I mean, given that there was no chance for a different outcome, I thought it went down okay and even though nothing major came out of it in terms of a heel turn or Balor showing up or a new Roman Empire faction and whatnot, the fact that they immediately talked about a rematch at Extreme Rules certainly leaves the door open.

    - As far as the preshow goes, I honestly don't understand why Kalisto retained yet again since WWE are not doing anything with the guy anyway and I certainly don't understand why Ziggler got the win over Corbin. Quite frankly, I didn't even like the idea that this match took place at the preshow to begin with but the outcome? Give me a break...

    - I cannot tell you how fucking annoying it is watching Cole read the stupid script while calling the action and I'm not talking about the various stats that they throw every now and then but the action itself. Even the "Congratulations Roman" in the end I think he read off the paper. Seriously? You can't even memorize a stupid single sentence like that? As for JBL and Byron, meh, fuck it, not even worth it...

    All in all, a good PPV. Dare I say better than Wrestlemania last month? Sure, why not, it was better and with that said, definetely looking forward to RAW...
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  9. A rope break in a no dq match? Also Regins taking out his own cousins twice. :booker2:
  10. Rated it a five. The good wrestling was, unfortunately, balanced by bad wrestling and poor booking choices.

    • Corbin vs. Ziggler: Whose bright idea was it to move this to the pre-show? Decent match, but why the hell did Ziggler win, even if it was a quick pin? The whole point of this show was the new generation of wrestlers making a mark.
    • Kalisto vs. Ryback: Okay big vs. small match. They gotta find something interesting to do with the US title, though, becuase it is getting lost in obscurity again. Maybe Cena can get it again when he returns. It worked pretty well last year.
    • Enzo & Cass vs. Vaudevillains: The match was looking good until Enzo's injury. That was a damn scary moment, too. Hopefully Enzo will be okay for a do-over at Extreme Rules. At worst, Enzo could always be a manager while Cass does a singles run.
    • Zayn vs. Owens: MOTN, easily. Really, it's matches like this that keep me watching wrestling after all these years. I would have had Zayn go over, myself, though.
    • Miz vs. Cesaro: Okay match helped tremendously by Owens being on commentary. Still, I pretty much predicted the ending once Owens decided to stay to call the match. I didn't expect Zayn to show up again, but still. I guess we're getting a 4-way IC title match. I'm kinda sick of seeing Miz, though.
    • Ambrose vs. Jericho: SLOOOOOOOW match. I was expecting so much more from these two, and it was barely passable. The right guy won, at least. Now that think of it, when was Ambrose's last PPV win?
    • Charlotte vs. Natalya: Okay match (though their NXT match was better) capped with yet another Montreal reference. The duel Sharpshooters didn't help things, either. Hell, it's like Bret was there just so the Montreal Screwjob would make an ounce of sense. If the announcers were remotely competent, they would've been talking about Charle Robinson's history as "Little Naitch" during the match.
    • The McMahon segment went on way too long for a rather anti-climatic result. I did like Stephanie starting to get a passive-agressive air about her at the end of the show, tough, so maybe this will work.
    • Reigns vs. Styles: Better match than I would've expected thanks to Styles carrying Reigns. Almost literally, since Reigns was gassed a few minutes into the match. The constant restarts were a little too Vince Russo for my tastes, but whatever. I really could've done without the overbooking, especially since I knew it meant the title wasn't going to change. Styles gets another shot at Extreme Rules, so let's hope he can grab the belt there.
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  11. There were no real bad matches. All matches delivered, in my opinion. I'm surprised that nobody mentions this. The two big minuses were the ending to Natalya/Charlotte, which is like the MILLIONTH FUCKING TIME THEY'VE DONE THE MONTREAL SCREWJOB ENDING FUCK ME, and the over-booking of Styles/Reigns. I truly believe, from what I've seen, that if Styles/Reigns didn't have any interference, it would be the best WWE match of 2016 so far. ****3/4 or maybe even *****, but because of the whole over-booking, all it was was a good main event. This wasn't a bad show, but because of the idiotic booking, it wasn't great either. It was just above average, it was decent: 7.

    Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler: **
    Kalisto vs. Ryback - WWE United States Championship: ***3/4

    Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Vaudevillains: NR
    Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn: ****1/4
    Cesaro vs. The Miz - WWE Intercontinental Championship: ***1/2
    Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho: **3/4
    Charlotte vs. Natalya - WWE Women's Championship: **3/4
    Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles - WWE World Heavyweight Championship: ****
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  12. Payback had a massive potential to be a good show, but WWE gonna WWE and ruin it. 4/10

    - Corbin vs DZ was decent. **
    IDGAF about Corbin, but the finish made no sense whatsoever.

    - Kalisto vs Ryback was a fun little match. ***
    THE PRE-SHOW STOPPER on the back of Ryback's gear was hilarious, as well as his little "tribute" to CM Punk.

    - The Vaudevillains vs Enzo & Cass was just starting to be fun and then Enzo got a concussion and scared the shit out of me.

    - KO vs Zayn was great and MOTN. ****
    I was expecting Zayn to pick up a cheap win via roll-up or small package or whatever and then KO would go apeshit mode on him after the match, but this was a nice surprise, I guess.

    - The Miz vs Cesaro was good. ***
    Not a fan of the finish. Cesaro should've won via DQ. Also, KO was great on commentary.

    - Ambrose vs Y2J was solid, but it went on 5-6 minutes too long. **½

    - Charlotte vs Nattie was solid for what it was, a bit clunky at times, but the finish was shit. **½

    - The McMahons segment was lame and could've been done in under 10 minutes, but noooo. Gotta make Payback feel like RAW.

    - Reigns vs AJ Styles was a very good ME. ***¾
    I liked the match, but the DQ and count-out finishes were hella lame. Also, no Gallows and Anderson turning on Styles? No Bálor? WHY? BECAUSE FUCK YOU, THAT'S WHY!

    All in all, I'm never getting my hopes up for a main roster PPV again.

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  13. I gave the show a rating of 5/10.....It had some flashes of potential but lacked a lot as well. Show overall missed a big spark which it badly needed especially after the disastrous beginning.

    Corbin v Ziggler - This was a half decent match, but the ending made no sense with Ziggler getting the win. I thought this was a new era of superstars making their step up from NXT and solidifying their position on the main roster?!?!? Ziggler shouldn't have won but neither should he be jobbing on the pre show of an event. How he has stuck around WWE I don't know.

    Kalisto v Ryback - Another entertaining match and absolutely should have been on the main card!!!! Since when did the U.S Title become so irrelevant that its matches aren't even televised anymore?!?!? WWE need to take a serious look at this. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

    Vaudevillains v Enzo & Cass - Started off the show with a bang (LITERALLY LOL). New Day and Enzo & Cass blew the roof off the place with their respective entrances and promos and got the crowd more than fired up for the show but it was so cruelly brought to a hault due to the injury sustained by Enzo. Thank god it wasn't serious. Was a frightening moment for all.

    Zayn v Owens - Easily MOTN. I agree with the majority on this one. It was always going to be with these two, fans would have expected nothing less. Personally I would've preferred Zayn to capture the victory as I don't think Owens would've been affected by the loss. Zayn was needing the win more as he's had a few high profile losses since WM32 which isn't doing his immediate future prospects any good. Hopefully he doesn't become the next next Dolph Ziggler!

    Miz v Cesaro - Was a decent match but I did expect more from it. Another match that lacked a bit of flair and wow factor. It was basically used as a building match for a fatal four way which I didn't like as I don't think PPV events are made for that kind of angle. That's what RAW and SmackDown are there for! However, I like that Miz won as the IC Title has chopped and changed hands far too much in the last 6 months which has sort of harmed the attraction of the Intercontinental Title scene I think and doesn't help attract interest from fans as it makes a bit of a mockery of the whole thing.

    Ambrose v Jericho - Easily the biggest let down of the night this match. As much of a fan I am of Jericho, this match showed him up for how slow and over the hill he is. I don't think it's stood out before as much as this is the first event where he has had to blend in with new younger talent who are all faster and more athletic than him by some distance. The match was sluggish and lacklustre at best. The only thing right about it was Ambrose winning which he badly needed after the WWE terribly booking of him lately.

    Charlotte v Natalya - Very poor match compared with what we've seen from the womens division since the NXT movement. There was so many botches in this match I lost count. It was like (particularly Natalya) had no heart or apetitie for this match. Both lacked in chemistry and I'm not sure if Natalya's poor efforts rubbed off on Charlotte on the night or not. The ending in particular was absolutely laughable. Capped off a terrible night for the womens division and was amatuer booking at its worst. I'm extremely surprised Bret Hart agreed to participate in this angle.

    McMahon segment - Was clearly a show filler due to the abrupt stoppage of the tag match earlier in the night for Enzo. It was so obviously dragged out with a lack of planning or interesting material. I mean 20 mins to tell us that Shane and Stephanie will both run RAW which I'm hoping will eventually lead to a brand split in the near future.

    Reigns v A.J Styles - If it hadn't been for Zayn and Owens, this would have been match of the night. I was really impressed with the match itself. Thought both showed great ability and it was refreshing to see Reigns take on a much better suited opponent for him. Both worked together really well and put on a great main event match which is what recent shows have lacked big time. Especially WM32 which was a highly publicised disaster though the WWE keep insisting it was a success. Yes it made a lot of money and record breaking attendances/viewing figures etc but the content was mediocre to poor to say the least. Wasn't in favour of the McMahons involvement in the main event and thought the DQ and count out angles were silly. But the match was superb and I particularly liked the phenomenal forearm through the announce table which was pulled off to a T! ....Bravo to both!
  14. 6/10
    1 Point for Owens vs. Zayn
    It's sucks when a match ends due to a serious injury, but Owens and Zayn were sure to save the show
    1 Point for KO Commentary
    KO helping people cheer up from what happened at the start of the show is dope
    1 Point for Miz's victory
    Miz is the only heel we can't stand nowadays, him cheating after Cesaro destroyed him is always perfect. I for one am pissed The Miz always wins but aye. That's what they want right?
    1 Point for Mr.McMahon saying it's what he wants
    Vince spoke the truth
    2 Points for Main Event
    Even sides main event, Style will always be the better man, but at least Roman did good, no Balor debut though, that sucked, didn't get the whole no count out no dq but it just made the match so much better. They need it with Roman winning clean though and he commentators saying he's the best. Go figure.
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  15. Another one in the stretch of good ppvs WWE is on.

    8 out of 10 would watch again.
    Only thing that were letdowns was Enzo's injury and the women's match
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  16. I love how the idea of some people on this site is that WWE doesn't know what the fuck they're doing. ''Man, this show was gonna be so good but that goddamn SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT company (NO, NOT WRESTLING, BUT SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT!) has ruined the fun of this show once again with their sports entertainment. Ugh, don't these idiots know anything about how to book a good WRESTLING show?!''

    There are people that genuinely believe that fucking WhatCulture (!!!!) should just takeover the booking in WWE, because gosh, these writers who have worked on the biggest shows around the world don't know what they're doing! Just throw a little Adam in and a little King Ross and BANG! Best wrestling show ever. It doesn't work like that. Compared to the actual writing staff for WWE, WhatCulture's ''fantasy booking'' WWE storylines and PPV's would look like a mentally challenged 6th grader wrote them.

    A guy that wasn't advertised for this show in any way didn't come to the show? Man, this sucks~!
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  17. I personally gave a 7.

    I thought the corbin/ziggler match was ok, and I would have accepted the finish alot more if they had corbin start destroying ziggler after the loss. But it was a surprise to most people, good or bad.

    Kalisto nearly got fucked up doing that flippity dippity move over the ropes about mid match. Anyone else catch that? Surprised they had him retain though.

    That tag match injury really sucked. But glad it wasn't too severe. Looked alot worse when it happened though. Love the shit emoji on his ass too haha.

    Zayn vs Owens was gold too. Great match, imo the right person won... these guys will have an epic feud over time.

    And it was awesome that ko stayed out for commentary and they carried the action into the next match. Funny way to end that one also, figured miz would win too.

    Ambrose vs Jericho was slow. Really slow. I skipped through most of it tbh.

    Womens match was ok, fuckin shitty end though.

    McMahon segment had such a great build up! To a rather flat decision. Although I'm very interested in how they're going to top each other on raw for the next couple months they better not waste this.

    And the main event I liked. Figured reigns would win, and I wasn't overly upset about it.

    Overall I enjoyed it and I'm really.glad things are picking up in the wwe.
    Can't wait for raw tonight!
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  18. One more thing I neglected to mention in my post above: did Lilian Garcia simply have the night off or did her recent fuck ups have anything to do with her absence? Just found it odd, I guess...
  19. What were her fuck ups?
  20. Overall Rating: 5/10 due to the utter predictability of the whole show. The only parts that weren't predictable were an injury (I worried at his reaction that it was much worse than it's being reported that it was) and the unpredictable-because-it-was-stupid (maybe that should make it predictable, because....Vinny) ending to the Women's Title match. That ending coupled with the completely unnecessary overbooking of the main event really hurt the overall show.

    WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Roman Reigns (c) def. AJ Styles
    There were terrific in-ring performances from both men. It had a classic big guy vs. little guy feel, but Reigns sold well for Styles and played the babyface-in-peril role very well. Unfortunately, the audience hasn't been sold on Styles being a heel (and this was definitely going to be a problem in Chicago, where Styles was going to get cheered and Reigns was going to get booed by a segment of the audience anyway). The two faux endings gave it a very unnatural feel and, then, Roman Reigns won anyway with a "spear out of nowhere". This is the typical booking style that's gotten WWE bad reviews for several Cena-era main event matches over the last 12 years and it's good to see that they're consistently going to book this way going into the future.

    WWE Women’s Championship Match
    Charlotte (c) (with Ric Flair) def. Natalya (with Bret Hart)
    What. The. Fuck. I mean, seriously...did we need another Montreal Screwjob rehash? Was that just completely necessary? Had everybody forgotten that it happened? The really sad part is that the match was entertaining and didn't need that finish to give these two women an excuse to have another match. Charlotte has grown as a big-game player and obviously was going to work extremely well with Natalya. This, sadly, is also a hallmark of recent WWE booking: a great match ruined by a shitty ending.

    Dean Ambrose def. Chris Jericho
    This was a decent little match that had so much potential to be something great. I don’t know if it’s Jericho slowing down. I don’t know if we’ve all just overrated Ambrose’s ability to actually wrestle because he’s such a great brawler. I just know that Ambrose and Jericho, who click so well together in promos, didn’t click in this match. Maybe it was a one-time thing and another match would be much better, but I’m almost afraid to find out.

    Intercontinental Championship Match
    The Miz (c) def. Cesaro
    It’s sad when a match for the Intercontinental Championship comes across so poorly. This match had some good wrestling from Cesaro and some good heel tactics from Miz. The real saving grace, however, was the commentary of Kevin Owens. The distraction finish leads to a definite build to Extreme Rules and a fatal 4-way, which will, hopefully, be won by either Cesaro or Zayn, because they both need something.

    Kevin Owens def. Sami Zayn
    I’ll second (or third, or fourth, or whatever) the stance that seems to be the going thing that this was the match of the night. Owens and Zayn just have such great chemistry. It was a coin flip as to who “should” have won, but I know that the fans get to call themselves winners just for getting to watch this match.

    WWE Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contenders’ Tournament Final, sponsored by Booty-O’s
    Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. The Vaudevillains ended in a No Contest (Enzo suffered a concussion)
    I have nothing really to say about this match in review except to hope that Enzo recovers quickly and completely. It’s a scary moment when a legitimate, possibly very serious injury occurs during a wrestling match.

    United States Championship Match (WWE Payback Kickoff)
    Kalisto (c) def. Ryback
    How important is the United States Title? It’s important enough for Kalisto and Ryback to put in a very good effort in a classic big man-little man matchup even though WWE doesn’t seem to think it’s important enough to include on the main show. I don’t have a problem with Kalisto retaining as I’m not a fan of Ryback’s “big guys are better” gimmick, which seems to be just a rehash of his “bully” gimmick…and Sheamus’ “big guys are better” gimmick or Vince McMahon’s “WBF guys are better than WWE guys” gimmick…which is kinda his real-life stance.

    WWE Payback Kickoff
    Dolph Ziggler def. Baron Corbin
    This was a well-put-together match that had an odd ending. All I can say is that it does nothing for Corbin for him to lose this match and Dolph Ziggler’s career might be past saving at this point, so it doesn’t make sense to give him the duke…but they did it anyway.

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