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  1. You know what to do.
  2. 8/10 RAW. I was expecting something better, but aww well.
  3. 9/10... only disliked 2 things about it... the Fandango/Santino match and RVD's return... other than that it was a very, very good episode.
  4. I'll give it a 9.5.
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    Probably a not very deserved 9/10, but screw it it's getting one. That final hour was absolutely incredible television. So was the Heyman promo and the Bryan promo and ahhhh too many things to name. Between this and Wrestlemania, I've never been this happy to be a wrestling fan. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Edit: Oh, and fuck RVD.
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  6. 10/10 I think the crowd stole the show again. I loved when the crowd started singing during the Wyatts match. Cesaro is the new Paul Heyman guy, Aw man Swagger destroyed that awesome trophy. :emoji_slight_frown: Paige beating AJ was awesome. The Ultimate Warrior coming out, RVD returning. Finally that ending. Daniel Bryan and the Shield together in the ring. My top guys standing tall. That spear to Triple H. I kind of hope I'll get to see a match between Roman Reigns and Triple H someday.
  7. Raw was good, didn't skip anything tonight. 9/10 (for a raw)
  8. By the way, I'm loving the Shield's new gear they are coming to the ring in... the hoodies and skull masks are pretty cool.
  9. Pretty good Raw. 9/10.
    Crowd marking out for DB at the start with the "You deserve it" chants.
    Match wise, Santino/Fandango was a toilet break match and RVD returning.. well im not really sure what to make of that yet.
    The rest was gold. Heymans Promo/Paige debut/Wyatt Family/Decent matches.. Hopefully they keep this momentum up to Extreme Rules and beyond!
  10. I really enjoyed this RAW 9/10
  11. 8.5/10. Very well written. The future got pushed.

    It just lacked that big moment we've enjoyed on Post-WM RAWs before.
  12. I agree with this. It was a well-written and well-executed show and I was entertained for most of the 3 hours.

    There were a lot of tremendous segments and some tremendous matches (particularly for a Raw where there wasn't a lot of actual wrestling). But it just felt like there was something missing. I think it's more that we've come to expect huge returns/debuts on the post-Mania Raw and last night didn't measure up to that.

    Still, Bryan opening and closing the show (with the Shield at the end of the night), Rusev's first match, the return of RVD (fuck the haters....it was a good, short match and quite entertaining), Paige's debut (and title win), Cesaro becoming a Heyman guy, and the Brock/Heyman promo (among other things) were all solid television.


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    2/10, Cesaro becoming a Heyman guy highlighted the night for me.
    EDIT: 3/10 totally forgot BNB had his reappearance in the ring.
  14. A few negatives for me: Didn't care about the RVD return- skipped it. Paige getting the Diva's title- I'm glad AJ's stale reign is over, but Paige was a shitty choice considering there are a couple of established Diva's worthy of the title (Tamina, Naomi, Natalya etc.) and Paige hadn't even debuted on the main roster yet.
    On the other hand, there was more good than bad. Heyman was incredible, loved his speech about Lesnar's win. Cesaro continues to shine and finally starts to get recognition. I loved The Shield kicking authority ass and the new gear looks awesome. I'm glad BNB is back in the ring, love that guy.

    9/10- It's been my favourite Raw in a while.
  15. I thought it was an excellent Raw and probably one of the best ones that I've seen in a long time. There was hardly anything on the show that I disliked or didn't care for. I especially enjoyed seeing The Shield come to Bryan's rescue, as it really brings things full circle from last Summer considering The Shield started out (as far as being tied to The Authority goes) as the hired muscle who were out to make sure the championship stayed away from Bryan's grasp and now they're out to do the opposite by making sure that the title doesn't immediately just find it's way back into The Authority's grasp via an unjustly screw job. It's looking like we're getting Bryan-HHH and possibly The Shield-Orton/Batista/Kane at Extreme Rules.
  16. I think that big moment that was missing was replace by all the NXT people debuting. Did not expect to see Adam Rose in the upper tier of WWE yet, thats for sure.
  17. I have to say, the Best, BEST Raw I have ever seen. That's mainly because I´m close to 1 year in WWE :emoji_grin: But still, loved it all ! Didn't skip almost anything and the night was just AWESOME !
  18. Excellent show, have to give it a 10/10.
    Great stuff overall but first off, props to the fans for creating an awesome atmosphere; hell, those 15000+ were a lot noisier last night then the 75000+ at Mania the night before. Simply put, the house was rocking all night and they truly helped the show look as great as it did.

    Everyone already mentioned most of the highlights so I'll just add Bad News Barret's ring appearance and win over Rey Rey (enough with the 619 already) whilst it was kind of nice to see RVD again. Also, this Rusev guy looked quite impressive, though, ok, they may have just had Spike Dudley against him. Nevertheless, this guy seems to have some good stuff to offer.
  19. A good 9/10 for me...heyman's promo was a thing of beauty and belongs in it's own museum for all to bask in its glory! -.5 for the santino/fandango match and -.5 for that Paige Turner :/ looked pretty shitty honestly BUT glad AJ no longer has the title because unfortunately she bores me right now. I'd rather someone from the main roster get it though instead of someone just coming up from nxt
  20. Hoodies are the Order's thing in IWT! RIPOFF! JK. The masks are dope though
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