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Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Shadow, you have one fucking job. Rate RAW.
  2. 8/10. Best Raw in a while. Starts off strong with HHH crushing the marks dreams, and the main event is set up. We get a good match between the Usos/Real Americans and also a good one between ADR and Kofi. The tag match was good, and Brock showed his dominance again. The main event was great, I want to know of we are finally gonna get the Shield vs the Wyatt's. Great show overall.
  3. I was just about to make it ok.:downer:

    I'll give the show an 8/10, it would just be an 7/10 but it's really bumped up for me when I factor in the LD because it was awesome tonight.
  4. 9/10, i expect to see orton and batista but Brock coming out was markworthy. The rest was great as well. I have 0 complaints.
  5. You think Brock's gonna fight next week?
  6. I dont care when he does, unless the undertaker gets him a cheap loss that works too, but if taker does you can bet Brock still smashes Orton or Batistas face in after it happens. Either way they both look weak compared to him, same as HHH looks like a coward vs Bryan. The good news for HHH is punk is a bitch too, so HHH wins. They did an amazing job for a Raw after RR, except for Dolph vs miz, lol, but at least he won. Battle of the lowest on the ladder.
  7. Yes or No are not options to Aids, lmao. I'm not sure when Brock would even have contact with Taker at this point, considering the whole #1 contender storyline. Dolph vs Miz was only good because Dolph got the win. Wonder if Miz's dad was there.
  8. 7/10. My highlight, Believe it or not was the diva's with that triple fucking suplex.

    Amazing job by the ladies. I wish it were longer however.
  9. I dont write for WWE how would I know bro.
  10. 7/10. LD was fun like usual.
  11. 7/10. Fun show. Where was Punk, Kane, Big E and probably a few more, though?
  12. These are some high Ratings.. I'll go..
    Some things just made ABSOLUTELY no sense..
    Like if the Authority refused to grant Brocks wish of a match v Batista or Orton then why would he not go after people associated with Hunter and DX like NAO and instead go after Cody & Goldust who have already been having a shitty past few weeks and are against that family.
    Also why do the Wyatt family keep going after John Cena? Soo random.. Especially during the RR after Randy Orton called Bray a duck dynasty looking motha fucka.

    Not a huge fan of how things are being set up at the moment for WM.. Hopefully this changes.
    Honestly the 4/10 came from the 3 2man Tag Team matches that took place.. Brotherhood rematch, Usos v RybAxel and Real Americans vs Sinsterio.
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  13. No punk. 1.
  14. an underwhelming 6/10. passable show, but I was expecting more for some reason after the Rumble. Reigns in the ME was fucking awesome doe
  15. 7.5/10 I was disappointed that the main event was won by DQ.
  16. 7/10 wasn`t that bad
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