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Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Feb 17, 2015.

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  1. You know the drill.
  2. 6/10. It was actually pretty decent- especially compared to last week's turrible effort (or lack of) I barely skipped anything this week.


    Ambrose being Ambrose.
    Two matches featuring Divas (albeit one of them being by stealth) Neither were awful.
    Sandow Vs BNB probably could have been better, but it was good for what it was.
    The Reigns and DB brawl.


    Show Vs Bryan and Reigns Vs Kane, not really that bothered about seeing Show or Kane tbh.
    Ziggler Vs Rollins was promising but fuck J&J. This is has gone on for too long.
  3. Gets a 6/10, I enjoyed some of the fights, that John Cena beat down on Ruzev in the beginning was pretty interesting. I think what brings the rating down is how bad that crowd was, it was so dead. When I saw that PTP reformation I would of went hell of more A-wall if that crowd was more alive. The Reigns-Bryan fight was cool too, as for the Rowan/Ryback/Ziggler feud on Rollins my question is where is the 6-man tag at fast lane? This feud seems stale with one person from the 3 just facing Seth only for J&J to show up, end the match and the other 2 friends to come in and start of fight. As for the Stardust heel turn goes, it couldn't get enough heat due to the Seth Rollins nudes last week, I was pretty interested in it because we will get that Rhodes brothers match, which will hopefully get on the Wrestlemania card, once again the crowd has to be more alive. WWE crowds aren't like how they used to be anymore.
  4. Wasn't too interested in anything I saw.

    Haven't watched more than 30 seconds of the Cena/Rusev shit. Match may be decent (more than likely not) but does anyone need to watch this feud unfold to know what is going on? Most cliche shit ever.

    HHH/Flair was one of the highlights. HHH wins Raw like most weeks.

    Ziggler/Rollins was good and Ziggler looked surprisingly very strong. As everyone has pointed out though, Rollins recipe for matches was stale a long time ago. Why not switch it up, even if you just tweak things? Would have been great to see Ziggler get the 3 w/ the zig zag and Jerkoff security scrambling to the ring and getting their a split second too late. A lot more interesting than another DQ loss for wiener boy

    Bryan/Reigns feud still somehow being semi-focused on Show/kane is the drizzling shits. 99% of this build has featured those two, and nobody is better off for it. The brawl at the end was... something. Not horrible, but not great. Reigns no selling Bryan's attempted chair beatdown was cool. What is up w/ Reigns mouth bleeding every damn week lol. It is a cool visual, but doesn't really fit in with his badass persona. Nobody should make Roman bleed his own blood.

    The rest was filler bullshit.
  5. Paige in the rosebud gear. :yes:
  6. Giving it the same rating as the past two weeks. Although it was slightly better than the previous two episodes, but still, a lot of BS on the show. 6/10

    - Ambrose simply being Ambrose. His match against Harper was quite alright.

    - The backstage segment including Dusty, Gold & Stardust, as well as Stardust's official heel turn afterwards. I also liked that backstage promo with Dusty and Stardust talking and Stardust telling Dusty 'Cody is dead and so is his father'.

    - Reigns' backstage promo was alright. Something he said piqued my interest and that was something like had he been in the same situation as Bryan, he would've declined the offer to possibly enter the ME of WM. Yeah, right. LOL - I don't know where they're going with this (a possible heel turn or whatever), but okay.

    - Rollins' promo.

    - HHH/Ric Flair segment.

    - The reunion of Prime Time Players. Hopefully they'll be utilized well this time around, but... Hahahaha.

    - The DB/Reigns brawl.

    - Boring openning segment, there was no need for a 10 minute recap, should've just skipped to the brawling part after 4-5 minutes of promos. Rusev/Goody Two-Shoes match at Fastlane had better not look like two septuagenarians fighting each other.
    - Reigns vs The Useless Turd. What a snooze fest.
    - DZ vs Rollins was turning out to be a real good match, but they just had to go with the stupid DQ Fest.
    - BNB/Mizdow/Miz segment was meh.
    - DB vs The Useless Junk.

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Whatever divas match was on.
    - Couldn't care less about Kidd/Natalya vs Jimmy Uso/Naomi.
  7. ^Rollins/Ziggler was over. Superkick/Zig Zag and a 2.99 count before the interference.

    Dolph > Seth
  8. DZ getting the win would've been much cooler than the stupid DQ Fest. It was some good stuff before the DQ happened, that right there has just annoyed the fuck outta me.

    Now, they're gonna do DZ/Ryback/Rowan vs Rollins/J&J Security at FL, I'm sure of it.
  9. Clearly.

    Maybe this can somehow lead into Ziggler vs Rollins at Mania in a gimmick match to address jerkoff security.
  10. Why would they give DZ something meaningful at Mania? Doesn't make any sense to give one of the most over guys something for the people to actually look forward to.
    Rollins will maybe end up facing Ambrose, although Orton is a more probable option at this point, and DZ will be involved in something irrelevant like Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Just splendid stuff. lol
  11. I don't think Rollins match is going to be anything meaningful at Mania, nor do I think they will randomly dust off an old feud like Orton or Ambrose the month before Mania. Ziggler is a much more likely opponent for him than those two.
  12. If this whole tag team with Ryback turns out to be just a rumor and DZ ended up facing Rollins at WM, totally fine by me.
  13. They haven't really shown any signs of the Zigback tag team the last few weeks on tv. Maybe they are waiting until after Mania for them to start teaming regularly.

    If they want Rollins to cash in after the ME, we all know Ziggler is the guy to make him look like a million bucks earlier in the show. Ziggler will probably sell the curb stomp by convulsing in the ring after the pin
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  14. Too stacked in favor of the opposition to the authority's prizeholding asset.. I can't see them doing that, there has to be another piece to Rollins' side.
  15. Yeah, I get that. I was just implying that DZ/Rowan/Ryback will team up against Rollins and his goons from The Authority. They'll prolly add Kane or Big Show, or both of them. We'll see on SmackDown, though, seeing as how DZ and Rollins have a rematch there.
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if they rolled with Rollins/Ziggler at Wrestlemania and decided to hold off on Orton's return until later. All depends on how Orton feels about whether he gets to work a match at Wrestlemania or not. Imagine Orton returning at Wrestlemania 31 itself and spoiling a sure-to-be-successful cash-in by Seth. If Bryan won the title and it was him that Orton was saving from being cashed in on, that would be all kinds of ironic. (Even though Orton would be doing it to hurt Rollins, not help Bryan, but I digress.) They could start the Rollins/Orton rivalry then since Orton stopping Seth from cashing in on the big stage would be a hell of a way to stick it to him.

    As for Raw, I skimmed through it, but it looked like a pretty solid show, HHH/Flair being the best part. I'm not really into the product that much right now, though.
  17. I ended up giving it an 8 of 10. Although it may not have been the most spectacular show ever, I was entertained throughout. Some of that may have had to do with the live chat, which was pretty enjoyable (even when accused of being old :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: ).

    I liked:

    Rusev getting his ass kicked, even if it had to be done by the narrator. I liked Rusev in the Royal Rumble 2014, but since then the man has grated on my nerves. I know it's not his fault, it's the idiotic gimmick he has been given. But at the moment, I am so tired of him.

    Luke Harper vs Dean Ambrose. This was a solid match. I really think Harper could be the next really good monster if given the right push.

    "Old" Dust talking to his kids.... it was anything special, but I was happy to see the old guy.

    Paige in the fairy costume. It was priceless and she actually looked good in the costume. Too bad she didn't have a manager named Oberon. The match was decent too.

    Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler. A great match spoiled only by the idiotic interference at the end. I always hate the DQ in place of a pinfall loss. What is it JBL always says, history will show that "name" won, not how he won. Sort of applies reversed too.

    THE NATURE BOY! It's always a pleasure to see the greatest wrestler in history. HHH did a great job when he knocked Flair over and his face turned deep red. No one, and I mean no one, wrestling today can sell like HHH.

    Seeing the PTP back for a moment was all right.

    Sandow vs Barrett. Okay, the match was pure and utter crap, but the buildup for when Sandow finally snaps and beats the hell out of Miz is important.

    Daniel Bryan vs the Big Show. Okay, the best part of this match was Roman Reigns. I absolutely loved how he disrupted the match. When he began to throw t-shirts out to the audience, I was ready to give the guy a Slammy award. It was priceless.

    The Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns brawl. Absolutely fantastic way to end right before the PPV.

    I didn't like:

    John "The Narrator" Cena doing what he does best... recapping everything.

    Not getting to hear "The Common Man Shuffle" because Dusty did not come out to the ring.

    Roman Reigns vs Kane match. Bryan's antagonism of Reigns was not nearly as good as Reigns's antagonism of Bryan.

    New Day vs The Dust Boys. Boring as hell.

    Tyson Kidd and Natalya vs Uso and Naomi. Boring match and please end the idiotic Tyson and Natalya bullcrap. It's uncomfortable. It bugs me that number one WWE is trying to show friction in a real marriage in order to promote a reality show. It's insulting to imply Natalya would put up with so much bullshit and even though there's no physical stuff going on, Natalya is coming across TO ME like a battered woman. I don't like this and it really must stop.

    Darren Young and some guy vs the Ascension. The reunion of the PTP was nice but it was otherwise filler.
  18. It was a good show
  19. Actually wasn't as bad as usual. Not sure if I just woke up in a good mood on Tuesday to watch it or what
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