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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Mar 8, 2016.

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    Please rate this week's Monday Night Raw and leave your comments below.

    Raw Results (open)

    1. Shane McMahon addresses the Chicago Crowd. Vince McMahon comes out to disown his son and sends security to take Shane out of the ring. Shane takes out all four security guards.

    2. Kevin Owens defeats Neville after a rollup. When Owens attacks Neville after the match, Sami Zayn comes to the ring and brawls with Owen.

    3. Steph confronts Ziggler backstage and puts him in a handicap match vs the League of Nations

    4. Summer Rae vs Brie Bella. Summer whens when Lana comes to the ring to distract Bella.

    5. Ambrose has an in ring promo which is interupted by Triple H. The COO then puts Ambrose in a match with Bray Wyatt as the main event.

    6. League of Nations defeats Dolph Ziggler when Sheamus pins Ziggler after a brogue kick.

    7. A backstage promo has Sasha Banks telling Becky Lynch that Lynch has only gotten into the Wrestlemania Diva's title match due to Ric Flair.

    8. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch defeat Tamina and Naomi by submission. Charlotte proceeds to attack the competitors after the match.

    9. The New Day defeats Y2AJ by pinfall when Big E pins Jericho after the big ending. Jericho then turns on AJ, hitting him with a code breaker and sticking a Y2AJ shirt in his mouth.

    10. Jericho has a promo where he claims he was unhappy that the fans were chanting for AJ all night.

    11. Kallisto defeats Tyler Breeze by pinfall in a very quick match.

    12. The Big Bossman is introduced as the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

    13. Ryback pins Curtis Axel

    14. Dean Ambrose defeats Bray Wyatt by DQ when the Wyatt Family intervenes. Afterwards, HHH comes to the ring and the Wyatt Family leaves. HHH intends to attack Ambrose, but is quickly hit with dirty deeds and Ambrose ends the show with the WWE title in his hand

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  2. 7/10. This Raw was a huge improvement on last week's abyssmal episode.

    My opinion (open)
    I liked:

    Shane vs Vince Promo

    Neville vs Owens

    Sami Zayn's appearance

    Banks and Lynch vs Naomi and Tamina

    New Day vs Y2AJ

    Jericho's heel turn

    Wyatt vs Ambrose was all right.

    I didn't like:

    Pointless Kallisto and Breeze match

    Pointless Ryback and Axel match

    Summer Rae vs Brie Bella

    I was indifferent to:

    Ziggler vs the League

    All in all, this was a MUCH better Raw than we have seen lately, Shadow told me if it were a two hour show, he would have given it a 9 and I agree.

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  3. Yeah, basically meaning any good 3 hour Raw will always have some bad.

    Shane's opening was great, made a mistake yet flowed through it with such ease. Nothing much others can do. Most of the matches were good, Sami being on the main roster is great. Pretty cool they somewhat built it up on SD, Owens saying he has no one to face etc etc. They at least tried.

    So so so glad Y2AJ is over, kinda wish AJ was the one to turn, though. Portrays him as a gullible rookie, trusting someone you just came out of a feud with. He's a killer heel, just want to see it happen. The match was at least really well done, especially with a clean finish.

    Ambrose and Triple H burned wayyy too long, but their altercation at the end was nice. And you heard them, WWE. Bray needs to wait main event act, treat him like it.

    Let Kalisto have the ladder match, him, Breeze, Ryback, and a couple others and it'd be real nice.

    The whole Ziggler/LoN thing was done in spite of Barrett it feels like. Didn't do Ziggler any favors though.

    It was good, but it still warrants a 7/10.
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  4. 7/10 that was a pretty good show

    -great Ambrose promo
    -looks like Zayn is on the main roster to stay
    -great tag title match
    -good Jericho heel turn
    -Neville vs. Owens was good
    -good opening promo
    -No Roman or Stephanie!!
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  5. This week's show was good. As stated above, it was a huge improvement compared to last week's abysmal episode. 7/10

    - Shane-O Mac vs Vinnie Mac in the opening segment. I enjoyed Shane's quasi-shoot promo about the current state of the WWE, but it's also weird, 'cause they rarely do anything about it.

    - KO vs Neville was good.

    - Marked for Sami Zayn. Olé Olé Olé! :zayn: I wanted KO vs AJ Styles at WM, but having KO vs Zayn is equally excellent!

    - The New Day vs Y2AJ was darn good and MOTN, I enjoyed it.

    - I loved Y2J turning heel and I'm so glad the whole Y2AJ thing is over. So, Y2J vs AJ IV at Mania? Or perhaps they'll end up being in the US title ladder match. I guess we'll see.

    - Ambrose vs Wyatt was decent.

    - This was nice:
    [​IMG] as well as Ambrose hitting Dirty Deeds on HHH to end the show.

    - Summer vs Brie. Best thing about this was Lana coming out post-match.

    - The League of Nations vs DZ. Meh.

    - Sasha & Becky vs Naomi & Tamina.

    - Goldust/R-Truth segment. That crap reeked of Vince and it was just painful to watch.

    - Kalisto vs Breeze.

    - Ryback vs Axel.
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  6. Just finished watching and giving it a 6/10 cause I'm still pissed about last week's shitshow. Was it an improvement? Absolutely but fuck me if they could have done any worse.

    Opening segment was great and listening to Shane and some of the things he mentioned (the talent for example) almost felt like our voice was being heard through him...

    Tag Team Championship was by far the match of the night. As for Y2J turning? Well, we all knew it was coming given his hisory and character so apparently no surprise there and I guess this means these guys will go at it again at Mania once more. The possitive thing about it? Of course AJ going solo again cause as I mentioned recently (and I'm sure most agree) this tag team thing felt like a waste of time and talent.


    - What do you know, we still have a U.S. Champion...

    - Welcome Sami Zayn !!!

    - Loved the staredown between Bray and Triple H; WWE should take notice of the crowd reaction those couple of minutes...

    - Lana looking damn hot....

    - KO vs Neville the next best match of the night and I continue to wonder what Neville still has to do to get a decent push...

    - No Roman...awwww...
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  7. Figure with this new opportunity, I should get back to catching actual Raw instead of highlights.

    Shadow, Jacob Fox, you're right on the money. Thought this was a 9/10 show on Hulu. *obligatory plug*
    It's weird though, usually when we say "Raw was good", it's because of one big blowaway segment. This was just lots of good stuff.
    Saw the opening segment, Owens vs Neville, Zayn's debut, Ambrose's promo, Sasha and Becky's squash, New Day vs A2J, the promo, the heel turn, Ambrose vs Wyatt, the postmatch...
    All good
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  8. Should've had something between Ryback and Axel, like had them do one long stare at each other. To remember just how much they used to be best friends. Then Ryback holds out his arms to embrace the Axe-Man(YEE), and then just clocks him when he's going in for the hug.
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  9. ^YES. Haha

    Wish they'd bring up the history between Dean and Bray too. Match would have felt much bigger if we remembered that was the one feud Bray won... Then again reminding us of exploding TVs and crushed trachea no-sells and smoke-filled ambulances and teleporting ghost lanterns was probably a worse idea, never mind :dawg:
  10. It wasn't much, but Bray did mention at the start of his promo that their fates seemed "forever intertwined"... Sounded like a reference to their past three rivalries to me (Shield vs Wyatts in early '14, Dean vs Bray in late '14/early '15, Roman and Dean versus the reunited Wyatt Family mid/late last year.)
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  11. :damn: you already watched? You missed out on an Aids Rain LD day.
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  12. Call me Willy Wonka and give me a golden ticket. Give me a heads up about this.
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  13. I expected another shit show, how do I give you a heads up when we don't even know if it's worth watching?

    I wiped my ass with your golden ticket, but you can have it back. I'll watch alone. Also is @Testify dead?
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  14. I didn't watch... 10/10

    But seriously, from what it sounds like it did improve but not enough for me to watch again. Wrestlemania should be good though. I might tune in to Roadblock for my LOL Ambrose WINS LOL hope.
  15. Go watch the show, you idiot teenager jabroni. :rock:
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    Mofo do I look like someone who lives in Nashville to you!?

    We can do a different show Thursday or Friday yo

  17. @Dolph'sZiggler

    Don't care how much you guys hate the guy this was an incredible promo. Seriously.
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  18. That was actually a really good promo. Best promo he's cut in years, for sure. It's a shame it wasn't on TV, though.

    Now all's he gotta do is drop the 80's metal bullshit gimmick and he'll be a-okay in my book again.
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  19. Really, really good promo. Shane's promo at the start of the show addressed exactly this, I wonder, if Shane does win, does it mean that Ziggler, Ryder, and others will have a legitimate shot.

    Only time will tell.

    Anyway, I just watched (a couple matches, promos.. fast forwarded through the rest) RAW and I'm going to give it a 6/10. Opening promo by Shane was good, Y2AJ vs New Day was a very good match though I think Y2J's heel turn was a little too soon. Ambrose standing(?) tall was good to see but ultimately means there's a slim to none chance that he'll win Saturday night. Everything else was ok fillers.
  20. Aren't Fallout promos (as well as promos done for the WWE App) straight from the heart and not just what some monkey writer wrote down on paper for them to memorize and recite? Explains why a lot of the Fallout promos you see (even ones involving Roman Reigns!) are usually better than what you see the guys give on TV.
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