Spoiler Rate Raw 03/14/2016

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Mar 15, 2016.

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  1. Rate Tonight's Raw and put your comments below!

    Raw Results (open)

    Raw Results

    1. The New Day defeated the League of Nations when Xavier Woods pinned Rusev. Afterwards, the LON beat down the entire New Day.

    2. Dean Ambrose came to the ring to talk about how close he came to beating HHH at Roadblock. He was interupted by Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Heyman gave a promo and left, but Lesnar advanced on the ring. Ambrose revealed he had a crowbar and Lesnar still tried to get into the ring until Heyman stopped him.

    3. Ryback defeated Sin Cara by pinfall following a Shellshock. After the match, Ryback challenged Kalisto for the US title at Wrestlemania.

    4. Stephanie McMahon came to the ring and introduced Triple H. While they are knocking the fans, Ziggler comes out and approaches Stephanie and HHH. Stephanie tells Dolph he can choose his match at Wrestlemania, other than a WWE-WHC match if he can beat HHH in the main event.

    5. Sami Zayn defeated the Miz by pinfall. During the match, Kevin owens was about to confont Zayn but got blindsided by Miz.

    6. The League of Nations challenged New Day to a championship match at wrestlemania.

    7. Tamina Snuka and Naomi defeated Brie Bella and Alicia Fox when Lana distracted Brie, allowing Naomi to double team Brie. Tamina pinned for the win.

    8. JoJo interviewed Paige and is confrontedby lana. Team Bad then confronts Lana.

    9. Charlotte gives a promo about the Wrestlemana triple threat Diva match where she says that she does not recognize sasha Banks as the Boss.

    10. The Usos defeat Bo Dallas and Heath Slater and are confronted by the Dudleyz during the match.

    11. Mick Foley approaches Dean Ambrose in the lockerroom and gives him a present. Ambrose opens the present, which is Foley's barbed wire baseball bat "Barbie."

    12. HHH defeated Ziggler after hitting a pedigree. Afterwards, HHH is violently beat down by Roman Reigns. Reigns beats him down backstage, eventually busting HHH open. Reigns only quits when the Usos, Mark Henry and Jack Swagger make him stop.

    13. R. Truth asks Goldust to be his partner and Goldust turns him down.

    14. Neville defeated Chris Jericho by DQ when Jericho pushed referee Charles Robinson.

    15. Vince McMahon comes to the ring and introduces the Undertaker. Vince tells the Undertaker that he made a mistake last appearance and he better never lay his hands on Vince again. The Undertaker removes his hat and a scared Vince apologizes quickly. Shane McMahon joins them in the ring. Shane and Undertaker trade comments about their legacy... Shane mentions the WWE and Taker mentions his fists. Then, Shane calls Undertaker Vince's puppet and Taker asserts that no one, not even Vince controls him. Shane then calls Undertaker Vince's bitch. Undertaker moves to attack Shane and the two of them brawl. Shane is successful dodging Undertaker until Vince pushes Shane from behind and Undertaker chokeslams him. Undertaker is then about to go after Vince but Vince escapes the ring.
  2. Looks good on paper. Gonna watch it later.
  3. 6/10.. opening tag match was good.. most people won't agree with me but I thought the Dean Ambrose and HHH promos were very good, Heyman was, of course good... that goes without saying.

    HHH vs Ziggler was a very, very good match... match of the night without a doubt.

    Roman's beatdown of HHH was just okay, brought back memories of the Attitude Era and it's love of the backstage area. But it lacked something.. perhaps Roman just isn't all that believable as a person who can be that... bad?......

    Moment of the night for me was Foley and Ambrose and the passing of a legacy.. the barb wired bat! That was a great moment and I can't wait to see it used at Wrestlemania! THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

    The end was crap really.. that have to set this match up better than they are doing now... why Undertaker is actually taking part in the match makes zero sense.
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  4. I gave it a 7

    I liked:

    New Day vs the LON. I don't like either team, but the match was enjoyable

    Ambrose Heyman and Lesnar

    Zayn vs Miz... wasn't spectacular but it was great when Miz blindsided KO.

    Foley giving Barbie to Ambrose

    HHH vs Ziggler

    Undertaker, Shane and Vince segment

    I didn't like:

    Diva tag match

    Jericho vs Neville

    Usos vs Outcasts.

    Ryback vs Sin Cara

    Charlotte promo

    All in all, the enjoyable stuff was better than the crap stuff so I gave it a good grade.
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  5. The show was great because of the chat going on during the show.

    Most of it was shit as usual, however, the good outweighed the bad.

    Ziggler did great in the spotlight and, although he was beaten, he proved a lot in a great match.

    Shane and taker was good.

    Brock segment was good.

    Roman attack was okay. He needs to be heel though. He feels out of place more often than not. Don't understand why Vince keeps pushing what feels 100% unnatural for a star.
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  6. Neville injured on Raw

    I called it. Knew he was really injured.

    WWE is not doing something right, obviously, if all their stars can't go more than a couple years or so without injury. This is seriously insane. I would've loved seeing Neville in the ladder match.
  7. Reigns pretty much solidified himself as the top HEEL by beating our King of NXT to a pulp there.
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  8. This week's RAW was good, largely thanks to a great time I had in the LD last night. 7/10

    - The fact that RAW opened with an actual wrestling match instead of the usual 20 minute promo!

    - The New Day vs The League of Booties was a solid show opener.

    - Ambrose/Lesnar/Heyman segment.

    - Sami Zayn vs The Miz was decent.

    - HHH/Steph/DZ segment was a'ight, but it went a bit long. HHH's promo was good, though.

    - Mick Foley passing the torch to Ambrose by giving him the barbed wire bat was nice. I hope it's used at WM!

    - HHH vs DZ was good and MOTN.

    - Y2J's "AJ Styles, who's your daddy? Me!" line had me cracking up!

    - Shane-O Mac messing up his lines was hilarious.

    - Ryback vs Sin Cara. Man, Da Big Guy vs Kalisto at Mania doesn't sound too appealing, I'd prefer a multi-man US title ladder match.

    - Naomi & Tamina vs Brie & Alicia.

    - The Usos vs Social Outcasts.

    - Goldust/R-Truth stuff.

    - Charlotte's promo.

    - The final segment with Shane-O Mac, Vince and Taker. I really don't know what to make of it. On one hand, it was okay and gave us another chapter as we head to WM. On the other, there's still no logical explanation as to why would Taker side with/fight for Vince.
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  9. The way I see it, a 5/10 feels just about right for this week's edition of RAW...

    While I can't argue with most of the good points made by our fellow members above, I personally can't consider "good"...good enough given this is Wrestlemania season. These final shows towards Mania ought to be a lot more than good. Call me a difficult customer to satisfy if you want but that's just the way I feel so instead of talking about the obvious possitives, I'll just stick to the negatives:

    - New Day vs League of Nations was a good opening match but in all honesty, I can't say I am thrilled with the idea of another matchup between them at Mania for the belts. Would have much preferred a multi tag team match but most importantly, who gives a shit about League of Loosers anyway? Why are they still considered important? Just a waste of time in my opinion and a waste of talent especially when it comes to Rusev.

    - Why should we give a rats ass if Ziggler has a match at Wrestlemania? Don't get me wrong, I like the guy but they've made him look so insignificant for so long that I couldn't care less if he has a spot in the Mania card or not...

    - The Wyatt burial continues...Unless I missed something, where were they? How on earth do the League of Assholes continue to be pushed and a legit heel faction like the Wyatts treated like shit is beyond me. The only reasonable explanation I can think of is that WWE may be preparing Bray to turn face. If that's the case, I won't complain again...

    - Ryback vs Kallisto at Mania for the US Championship? Seriously? That's the best you can do?

    - R-Truth/Goldust thing has just go to end. It was fun for a while but now they are dragging it to a point it's getting annoying...

    - Another bad promo with the Undertaker...This is just sad, cutting such horrible promos with one of the legends of the business...

    - The commentary. I mean, it just gets worse and worse every week, doesn't it? Please join me in prayers hoping that Cole and JBL catch a sour throat or something the night before Mania so they are forced to miss it. #MauroforMania#


    Saxton: "Sami Zayn did eliminate you during the Royal Rumble..."
    Kevin Owens: "How about I eliminate you from this announce table" :21-1:

    By far the line of the night....
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  10. I just couldn't put this match into the negatives category simply because Neville got legitimately injured.

    It's sad to see another talented guy injured. Now, he didn't scream in agony when the injury happened, so hopefully the injury isn't too serious, although it did not look pretty. Hopefully Neville will make a speedy recovery.

    Also, kudos to Y2J for improvising and making the most out of a situation like that.
  11. No, you're right. This episode didn't really deserve to be called GOOD, but having fun in Chat while watching the show made it 'good'.

    A 5/10 or 6/10 is a proper rating, though.
  12. Can't argue that and I guess that's just unfortunate for me - not being able to join the fun in the Chat that is - since I live overseas (Greece) and the time difference is a no no. When RAW starts at 8:00 E.T, that's 3:00 in the morning for me and by the time it's over, that's when I pretty much get up and ready for work so, yeah, sucks for me....
  13. Reigns laying the smacketh down on HHH was great, tbh.
  14. It was great. Perfect if he was heel
  15. I still fail to understand why they didn't have Roman help Ziggler beat chicken legs. A Ziggler W over HHH is far more worse than getting hit by a TV. Not to mention the crowd might would've reacted better. It really is like they're trying to make him a heel at this point.

    Oh, and Foley giving Ambrose Barbie is great. +10 if he actually gets to use it.
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  16. Well, hello there, brother! I'm from Serbia.

    DST (in USA) started on the 13th, so the shows start an hour earlier here. Meaning they start at 1 AM here in Serbia and an hour later in Greece.

    I used to stay up in Chat for the first hour of RAW only, but I stayed up for the full show last night.
  17. Because Vince thought Reigns attacking an-already-spent HHH would receive a better reaction! :lol1:

    Oh, I can't wait! There will be blood at Mania!
  18. Just feels phoned in at this point. They could at least try to lessen the reception he'll get. Reigns vs HHH will no doubt be good, but they're giving absolutely 0 reason for the crowd to get behind Roman.

    Also, Jericho vs Neville in that Tokyo special was pretty good. Who would've thought giving people time could warrant a good match.
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  19. This Raw gets a 7

    I liked the tag title match which opened the show, also establishing a face New Day, heel Jericho on Robinson. Triple H competing on Raw and winning clean, I also liked Roman's beat down. He used the regular entry way and we got the beat-the-living-shit-out-of-people Roman, but the crowd still couldn't get behind him since we know this Reigns never sticks around. Also Roman talking to security when hitting Triple H with the TV didn't sound right either he was like "oh yeah i'm gonna do it" when he should of said "SHUT UP GET THE HELL AWAY" like he was pissed. I also realized Roman wasn't wearing a vest, just a tank top. The ending segment wasn't right either, I honestly feel this whole Taker story line is just McMahon sheneanigans all over again
  20. No spoilers please, but thirty minutes in and at this Triple H promo that's pissing me off. Yes, that's what it's supposed to do, but it's striking way too close to home and I just shut the show off. Any reason to try to get through this thing? What about the rest of the show?
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